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Even through our best efforts, staving off injury forever is impossible. Whether it be through working out or going about our daily business, there’s always a risk of injury. Thankfully most injuries can be treated at home without the need to visit a doctor’s office or hospital; car crashes and worker injuries may need specific considerations depending on the severity and how they were caused. If you’ve suffered from an automotive accident or work-related injury, then contact NY Injury Associates – not only can we create a case to help you – we have injury doctors in Glen Cove. Read more on how you can potentially treat common injuries below.

Common Injuries and Treatments

While specific injuries will need specialized treatments, there are home remedies and techniques to help them heal faster without the need for medical intervention. If an injury gets worse throughout a month or starts to change coloration to green, signifying an infection, visit our injury doctors in Glen Cove. Here are some helpful strategies for dealing with injuries.

  • Pain Medication – This will help reduce discomfort, and many painkillers also contain anti-inflammatory agents to prevent excess swelling.
  • Infection – While healing, it’s important to keep a wound clean and not touch it while it heals to reduce the risk of getting an infection. Antibiotics can also help prevent infections.
  • R.I.C.E – This acronym stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation and is used as a generalized set of instructions to treat sprains and other soft tissue injuries. Resting allows the damage to heal, while ice helps with pain. Compression and elevation have the goal of reducing swelling.
  • Exercise – This may seem counter-intuitive, but slowly moving injured body parts can help heal. You can put weight on ankle sprains and slowly start to walk to get the blood pumping through the injury and prevent muscle atrophy. Please don’t push it too hard, though. If doing the exercise is painful or feels wrong, stop and consult a physical therapist for proper exercise routines.

Visit Our Injury Doctors in Glen Cove

These tips are only meant to help with minor injuries, while medical professionals should look at anything more severe. Our injury doctors in Glen Cove are trained professionals who are more than willing to explain how to treat any given injury and will do everything they can to make the experience comfortable for you. Don’t wait; contact NY Injury associates today to get on the road to recovery.