Auto accident doctor in Shirley

New York Injury Associates serves those who need assessments and treatments in many different specialties. This multidisciplinary group is driven to help provide medical assistance to those who are injured. With our large range of doctors here at New York Injury Associates, we want our patients to trust us with their care. We work closely with personal injury attorneys on workers comp and no-fault cases. The New York Injury Associates issue acupuncture help for those who are experiencing back pain. Our auto accident doctor in Shirley will provide treatments of acupuncture to those who have back pain from a previous car accident. 

When to come visit New York Injury Associates:

When you require medical assistance, we will provide you with the best doctors who will create a treatment plan specifically tailored to your personal situation. Our main priority at New York Injury Associates is to ensure recovery for those who are experiencing back pain or any other medical issues.

What we suggest for back pain post accident:

Acupuncture is our number 1 suggestion for a treatment plan that will be the most effective to relieve back pain. Back pain can be so unbearable that it affects everyday life. Our acupuncture treatments will decrease brain activity that is associated with pain and will get you back into your everyday routine. Our associates will evaluate you and will send you to our Auto Accident Doctor in Shirley for specialized acupuncture treatments.

Auto Accident Doctor in Shirley:

Our auto accident doctor in Shirley will help create a treatment plan personalized for you to start your acupuncture journey. We have full trust in our doctors who are highly trained and put the care of their patients above all. 

Is Acupuncture painful?

Some may question if acupuncture is a painful procedure, However, it is not meant to hurt you. 

  • You may experience sensations from the needles because this is the first time your body is experiencing this treatment. 
  • If one feels some sensations it is completely normal and not uncommon. 
  • Your first treatment may be a different experience than your last because your body becomes more used to the feeling of the needles.

Contact Information:

Those who are suffering from back pain should not hesitate to contact New York injury Associates and our Auto Accident doctor in Shirley or visit our website for more information. We want to be a part of your recovery journey with acupuncture.