Car Accident Doctors in Medford

car accident doctors in Medford

Private Property?

Like all accidents, various things can cause accidents on private property. Some situations include:

All of these actions are dangerous and can result in injury. If you’re looking for car accident doctors in Medford, New York Injury Associates can help get you to the doctor you need. 

What Do I Do For Accidents on Private Property? Ask Car Accident Doctors in Medford

If anyone is injured, it’s important to assess that first. If anyone is injured, you would need to call for Medical attention. Depending on what kind of private property you’re on they may or may not have medical personnel on-site. If not, call 911. 

If you need treatment for injuries after the scene is settled, our] car accident doctors in Medford are well equipped and able to help treat you. 

After assessing injuries, it’s always a good idea and important to call the police and see if they can file a report. However, police, in some cases, do not have jurisdiction to do a police report because the accident may not be on a public road. If the police can’t help, you may have to notify a security guard or an employee of the establishment so they can help file an incident report. 

Next, assess responsibility. When on private property, it’s possible the property owner may also be held responsible in addition to one of the drivers. Owners may be able to provide evidence you can send to insurance, such as security footage, any reports filed, etc.

Accidents can be tricky. In the moment, it can be hard to know what to do. As long as you stay calm and alert the proper people, you’ll do fine.

New York Injury Associates: Car Accident Doctors in Medford

Here at New York Injury Associates, we care about providing the best care possible for you in a location that’s closest to you. If you’re looking for car accident doctors in Medford, look no further. We have amazing doctors dedicated to you and your recovery. Schedule an appointment with us today!

Car Accident Doctors In Jericho

Traffic accidents can be some of the most physically, mentally, and financially devastating events in one’s life. In the year 2018 in NYC alone, there were a total of 277,971 traffic collisions. That’s why at New York Injury Associates, our primary goal is to get those who’ve just been in a traumatic car accident both the medical and legal representation they deserve. To be clear, we are not a law firm, but when it comes to the legalities of a serious car accident, we make sure all the medical and legal documents are organized properly. We will work one-on-one with your attorney to make sure their process is just as smooth as your physical recovery. Our car accident doctors in Medford have years of experience under their belt and have tackled the worst injuries imaginable from car accidents. The specific doctors/facilities we refer you to will depend on the severity of the injuries sustained in the accident. 

What Happens To Your Body After Being In a Car Accident?

The type of both medical assistance and legal representation will all depend on how severe the car accident was. When your vehicle is struck by another, several things can happen. Many of one’s injuries stem from how violently your body is shaken during the accident. This is why something as simple as wearing a seatbelt will literally make a world of difference, not only for your physical health but for what your attorney has to work with as well. Nevertheless, whether you’re wearing your seatbelt or not, being violently shaken after your vehicle is struck can lead to broken bones. It can also lead to burns from the seatbelt, head trauma from violently striking your head against the wheel or window, and in worst case scenarios other than death, brain injury, and back and spinal cord trauma. In these worst case scenarios, we recommend you be rushed to the nearest emergency room immediately, but once the worst moments of all that are behind you, our car accident doctors in Medford will assist you in whatever physical therapy is necessary for your long term recovery. 

In terms of how your body reacts at the exact moment of the collision, you will experience an immense amount of adrenaline. Your pupils may dilate, and you may not immediately experience any physical pain due to how fast your energy levels and heart rate are. Although this immediate and increased sense of energy can, in turn, cause you to not feel the physical injuries you just sustained, this does not in any way make them less severe. This is what our car accident doctors in Medford specialize in. 

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    car accident doctors in Medford

    Almost everyone will be a part of a car accident at some point in their life, whether as a passenger or the driver. Over 6 million car accidents occur each year in the United States, causing over 35,000 deaths. One of the best things you can do to prepare for the event of a car accident is to understand what you should do after one happens, whether it’s minor or severe. Make sure at all times you have your license with you when driving and have your registration and a first aid kit in the car. Car accidents can cause anywhere from mild injuries to death, and it is important that even if you feel fine, you see a doctor clear you after an accident. Seeing an injury doctor will help you with more minor issues. At New York Injury Associates, we offer more orthopedics, pain management, chiropractic care, physical therapy, neurology, and much more. If you are suffering from pain after a car accident, check out New York Injury Associates, which offers car accident therapy in Jamaica NY.

    10 Things to Do After a Car Accident

    1. Check for life-threatening injuries 
      • No matter how minor the accident, the first thing you should do is check yourself and anyone else involved for injuries. If the injuries seem to be life-threatening, call 911 immediately and stay with that person until help arrives.
    2. Get your car and yourself out of danger
      • Once you have checked for any serious injuries, move your car out of danger if it is possible and turn on the hazard lights. If it is not possible to get your car out of the way, then just walk over to the side of the road and wait there. 
    3. Call 911
      • Once you and anybody else involved are safely on the side of the road, call 911 if you have not already. Many people try to avoid calling the police for minor accidents since they can handle them on their own. However, in some states, it is legally required to call the police no matter how small the accident is. 
    4. Wait for help
      • Once you have called 911 it is time to wait for help. Do not under any circumstances leave the scene of the accident. 
    5. Exchange information with the other driver
      • For insurance purposes exchange information with the other driver. Get their full name, insurance company and policy number, license plate number, the make and model of their care, and the location where the accident happened.
    6. Take pictures of the scene
      • Take pictures of your car, the other car, and the scene in general, as that will help you with your insurance claim. 
    7. Contact your insurance company 
      • Once help has arrived, contact your insurance so they can help you file a claim.
    8. Get a copy of the police report
      • The police report can help you with your insurance claim and also helo you in the future if you decide to sue.
    9. Always seek medical care 
      • It is important to go seek medical care after a car accident even if you feel fine because things can be going on beneath the surface. You also may have some minor soreness and pain that can be treated by a doctor.
    10. Keep a file
      • Keep a file with everything about the accident in one place. Include all the information you have gathered along the way about the other driver, pictures you took, and the police report.

    Car Accident Therapy in Jamacia NY

    If you are looking for car accident therapy in Jamaica NY check out New York Injury Associates. New York Injury Associates doctors can work with your attorney after a car accident if you plan on suing. Our doctors can help monitor you and provide all necessary documentation to deal with your no-fault injury case. New York Injury Associates has multiple locations throughout Queens and Long Island that all offer top-of-the-line care for all types of injuries. So if you’re suffering, then contact us and make an appointment today.