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An automobile accident can be a tragic occurrence, a terrible inconvenience, and a serious accident can be life-changing. It is vital to be aware of the common causes of auto accidents to ensure that you and your family never have to experience the problems associated with car accidents. Driving is almost necessary for most places and especially on Long Island. Being aware of how to prevent an accident from happening beforehand is essential to the knowledge of any driver. However, being prepared with the right insurance policy is vital because you never know what can happen on the road. If you’re seeking an auto accident doctor in Hempstead, NYIA has you covered. Providing the best service possible is what we’re good at, and we promise you a stress-free experience that leaves you satisfied.

Common Causes of Auto Accidents We See at An Auto Accident Doctor in Hempstead

An auto accident can happen to just about anyone, and most of the time, an accident doesn’t even have to be your fault. Malfunctions in your vehicle can cause an accident, and other drivers can ruin your day or even more, and you’ll have no control over it. However, it is essential to know the common causes to ensure you place yourself in the best position to prevent an accident from happening beforehand. Prevention is the most important topic when it comes to accidents and having knowledge is the best way to start. If an accident happens and you are in need of an auto accident doctor in Hempstead, look no further than NYIA! However, here is a list of some common causes of automobile accidents:

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is one of the top causes of auto accidents for many reasons. There are many factors that can cause someone to take their eyes off the road. One example is texting or being on the phone while driving. Texting can completely take someone’s attention away from the road for multiple seconds, and when you’re going up to 65MPH, anything can happen in seconds. However, distracted driving doesn’t only include being on the phone; it also includes eating, drinking a beverage, dropping something and picking it up, talking to others, applying makeup, and anything else that takes attention away from driving.

Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is something that can’t be talked about enough. It is the most dangerous cause of accidents across the country, and it’s so essential that you and your loved ones are aware of the dangers of drunk driving. If you or someone you know has had anything to drink, it’s your responsibility to ensure nobody is getting behind the wheel. Solutions include taking an Uber, or a taxi, calling a friend, or walking if close enough. However, getting behind the wheel intoxicated should never be an option.

Vehicle Malfunction/Design Defects

An accident can occur due to a defect within the vehicle itself, which can be completely unexpected. A vehicle malfunction is not something you can always avoid but making sure you are covered is possible with the help of NYIA. It’s important to ensure your vehicle is running smoothly and put yourself in the safest position when driving. If you’re experiencing any flaws within your car, contact your auto accident doctor in Hempstead at NYIA to schedule an appointment.


Speeding not only puts others at a major risk but also puts you at the highest risk of serious injury. The faster you’re going, the worse the accident is going to be. Speed can be easy to lose track of sometimes, but it’s important to stay within limits to ensure both your safety and the safety of others on the road.

Popped Tires

Popping a tire can be an unexpected experience on the road, causing your car to lose traction and leading to an accident. It’s important to be aware of your surroundings, such as objects on the road or potholes, to be sure you don’t blow a tire out. However, if you’ve experienced damage to your vehicle and are in need of an auto accident doctor in Hempstead, be sure to contact us at NYIA.

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When it comes to accidents, it’s key to be as preventative as possible; however, being preventative is not always a guarantee. Our team of professionals at NYIA is here to help you with any accidents you’ve experienced. We prioritize our customer experience and promise you to exit our facilities with a smile. Here at NYIA, we promise our customers the quick and efficient service you’re seeking. By choosing NYIA to provide you with the auto accident doctor in Hempstead that you’re seeking. Visit our website to learn more about how we can help you!