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It is very often people get injured while at work. If that has happened to you, we advise you to call a workers comp doctor in Smithtown; New York Injury Associates can help you. Some accidents that commonly occur at work are tripping, slipping/falling, electrical shocks, and repetitive motion injuries. A work injury does not need to be severe in order to file a claim; even small accidents at work can qualify you for workers compensation. 

Some common ways of getting hurt while on the job include:

– Tripping on debris / trip hazards

– Slipping on wet / oily spots

– Caught between objects/equipment

– Struck by moving equipment, parts, or objects

– Burns from hot objects/spills/electrical shock

– Bitten or struck by an animal

– Fractures, sprains, strains

– Hearing loss due to excess noise levels at work

The first step in filing an injury claim is reporting the incident to your employer immediately. You should document the date, time, location of the accident as well as any witnesses involved. You should also note any pain or discomfort, and seek a workers comp doctor in Smithtown as soon as possible.

The next step is to file a claim against your employer. This can be done by contacting your local workers’ compensation board. They will then provide you with the information that you need to complete your paperwork. You must then submit this paperwork, along with copies of your medical records, to your employer.

Finally, you have the option of filing a third party claim against any other individual or company that may be at fault for your injuries. These are especially common when another worker is responsible for causing injury to you. After completing this step, you will need to submit the paperwork once again to your employer.

Workers compensation is there to help protect you if you are injured on the job. Always check your policy for specific language before filing your claim. Workers compensation is  meant to provide some financial security for the injured worker and their family.

Being on a work site is inherently dangerous, as there is always heavy machinery, moving parts, chemicals, and other hazards. As a general rule of thumb, you cannot sue your employer if you are hurt on the job unless it was an intentional act from them. Workers Compensation will cover your medical bills, lost wages, and some other various costs associated with injury.

Some occupations that see a large spike in workers comp injuries :

– Construction

– Manufacturing/warehouse work

– Retail and service industry jobs

– Public transportation (including bus drivers, subway workers, etc.)

There are 3 types of workers comp claims: minor injuries, major injuries, and catastrophic. If you have a major injury or a catastrophic injury at work, you will need to file a claim for workers comp benefits.

Minor Injuries:  A minor injury is not a major injury but may require off-duty time from work, medical treatment from a workers comp doctor in Smithtown, or other care that could interfere with your regular activities.

Major Injuries: A major injury consists of serious damage to the body or loss of a body part that prevents you from returning to the job you had before the injury.

Catastrophic injuries:  A catastrophic injury is one that causes permanent disability.

Workers compensation claims are only available for on-the-job accidents and injuries, not people who are simply sick or have an illness. If your condition or illness is caused by something that occurred outside the workplace, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the responsible party.The biggest factor in whether or not you qualify for workers comp benefits is an injury that was directly caused by your work activities.  If your injury was caused because of something that happened outside of work hours and off company property, it will likely not count toward a workers comp claim.

If you want to be sure whether or not work injuries will qualify for a workers compensation claim, it is best to talk with an experienced lawyer who works in this field.  In addition, some states have stricter requirements than others regarding which accidents deserve benefits from a claims standpoint.

Be aware that if you want benefits for injuries incurred on the job, it is VERY important to report them immediately. Failure to do so can prevent you from receiving any workers compensation benefits at all.

The simplest way to determine if you are covered by workers compensation is to read your policy carefully. A general provision in most policies will state that the work-related injury must have occurred while you are acting within the course and scope of employment. This means that the injuries incurred were associated with job duties or work routine or were otherwise incidental to your employment.

If your employer classifies you as an independent contractor, you are not covered by workers compensation benefits . Workers compensation will vary from state to state, but generally it only covers work-related injuries; for this reason, if the injury was caused by actions outside of work (such as getting into a car accident on the way home), then  the injury will not be covered.

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