What is an IME?

Relating most closely to a workers’ compensation case, a common insurance company requirement would usually be to get an IME or an independent medical examination in order to assess the damage caused by a work-related injury or illness. When looking for no fault doctors in Smithtown for you or a loved-ones independent medical examination, there is no better place to turn than New York Injury Associates. If you’re looking for quality, affordable care for your examination, our associates have to get you covered from head-to-toe. These independent medical examinations are the most sensitive areas of your workers’ compensation case as it can drastically determine the landing of your case. Understanding this, you want your no-fault doctors, like our doctors in Smithtown, who can be thorough and precise with their examination. 

The best thing to consider when searching for a no-fault doctor is to find one who can be your best advocate when it comes to your workers’ compensation case. Our thorough, no fault doctors in Smithtown are highly-rated for their experience when it comes to being precise and giving in-depth looks into your on-the-job injury or illness. For more information on how New York injury Associates can help you advocate for you or a loved ones’ worker’s compensation case, visit our website and contact us, today!

The IME and You

There are plenty of reasons as to why an IME is necessary in a workers’ compensation case. The most apparent reason is resolving any questions that could arise when considering your medical condition during your case. Having little to no unanswered questions when facing a workers’ compensation case is the best scenario to have, and at New York Injury associates, we pride ourselves with our no fault doctors in Smithtown leaving no stone unturned. The next point of contention that is true to all worker’s compensation cases is the hearing officer or judge assigned to your case may want to use an IME to resolve any issue or questions surrounding your case. Thus, the IME works in your favor by allowing thorough examination to provide indisputable evidence towards our workers’ compensation case.

Furthermore, a large part of the IME is the actual process of the examination and the best way to ensure great avocation from your examination. Firstly, doctors like our no-fault doctors in Smithtown will be sent your medical records and, depending on the case, view them before or after the examination had taken place and any mail had been sent to the doctor by the insurance company involved with the case. Next, several questions will be asked by the doctor inquiring about your condition. There will be questions about your diagnosis if the injury or illness was directly related to what you were doing at work as compared to the condition developing through personal activities if you think you’ll be able to return to work, and to what extent you may have permanent disabilities.

After the typical assessment required to be completed by the doctor, you should continue the conversation by reviewing any information sent to the doctor by the insurance company through the letter. This will allow you to correct any factual mistakes presented by the involved insurance company. This will allow you to become the best advocate you can be in your case as you want to ensure that you’re given the best opportunity in your workers’ compensation case. Our no fault doctors in Smithtown are well-experienced in their field and will help you work out any trouble experienced during the IME procedure as it is commonplace in their line of work.

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Understanding the IME is important to becoming the best advocate you can be in a workers’ compensation case. We implore you to visit our website for more information on how our no-fault doctors in Smithtown can help you achieve your case goals.