A common misconception about injuries in no-fault claims is that any doctor is qualified. When involved in a no-fault injury claim, you must receive treatment from a no-fault injury doctor. If you’re looking for injury doctors in garden city, contact us at New York Injury Associates. We can provide you with proper treatment from a qualified no-fault injury doctor. 

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No-Fault Claim Injury Treatment

After an injury, a no-fault doctor will perform a variety of checkups and diagnostic tests to see what has been injured and to what severity. These tests can range from x-rays to MRI scans, CT scans, and more. With these tests, they will check for brain damage, organ damage, nerve damage, herniated disks, broken bones, severe whiplash, and more possible injuries from the accident. 

Following the initial appointment, you and your doctor will schedule follow-up appointments to perform whatever necessary treatments and ensure your health is stable. If you are looking for injury doctors in garden city, contact us at New York Injury Associates for information on how we can find the perfect care solution. 

No-Fault Claim Injury Documentation

During this entire process, it is crucial for the doctor to document everything and draft you a detailed medical record. They will keep a detailed record of all the injuries discovered during their tests while confirming they were caused by accident. All treatments that are performed for the patient will also be documented. This is so they can be sent to the patient’s insurance to be covered fully. 

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This documentation is also important in court when receiving workers’ compensation. Documentation and a detailed medical record from a qualified no-fault doctor are crucial for your lawyer to receive lost wages. A no-fault injury doctor can greatly help you through the entire process. If you are looking for injury doctors in garden city to help you receive proper documentation for your lawyer in your work-related or personal injury case, contact us at New York Injury Associates to talk about setting up an appointment with our highly trained specialists. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you today!