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What Does No Fault Mean In An Accident?

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No fault insurance, or state “no-fault” laws (no-fault policies are issued by only one company in some states), were designed to reduce the number of lawsuits arising from car accidents.No fault insurance allows you to recover damages if you’re injured in an auto accident, but it limits your right to sue the other party if you’re injured. If you have been injured in a no fault accident call NYIA, injury doctors in astoria.

There are two kinds of no-fault laws: (1) “mandatory” and (2) “optional.” Mandatory means that all drivers in the state must carry insurance to cover personal injuries resulting from an accident, while optional allows you to choose between carrying such coverage or not.

The no-fault concept was originally pioneered in the mid-1960s by New York State, which passed a law called “no-fault compulsory insurance.” The idea was that instead of having to prove fault following an accident, each driver’s own insurance provider would pay for medical treatment and wage loss up to certain limits.

No fault insurance can help keep insurance premiums down because it limits lawsuits.

The basic idea is that the person who caused the accident is responsible for your injuries, but not responsible for things such as damage to your car or other property. The no-fault concept has been adopted in a number of countries around the world and often applies to medical bills and lost wages as well as personal injury.

No-fault claims, however, can often be complicated and confusing to understand. If you were in a car accident and think that your injuries might be the result of it, you should see a doctor immediately so you can document any medical treatment and lost wages you may have received.

Emotional distress and pain and suffering damages, however, are typically excluded from no-fault benefits. Under certain circumstances, so too can punitive or “exemplary” damages.

The rules vary greatly depending upon the state and even the county in which you’re driving. For example, in New York State (one of the few states that still does not have “optional” no-fault), medical benefits are paid for by your own insurance company (up to the limits of that policy), but your right to sue for damages is limited to cases involving serious injury or death.

Many personal injury attorneys like to file claims with injury doctors in astoria against both parties so they can recover all available money, even if it means taking a no-fault carrier to court.

In another state with an “optional” no-fault law, such as Florida, you may face a threshold of serious injury or death before the at-fault driver’s insurance will cover your medical bills and lost wages under its policy, but once that threshold is reached there are no limits on damages.

The bottom line is that no-fault laws were designed to keep down the costs of insurance and not to provide a windfall for accident victims, so there are limits on what you can recover after an auto accident – regardless of who caused it – and those limits vary greatly from one state to another.

If you were injured in a car accident, it’s important to see injury doctors in astoria immediately so you can document any medical treatment and lost wages. While no-fault insurance allows accident victims to recover damages without having to prove fault, the rules vary greatly from one state to another. For more information about how your own state’s laws might affect your claim, talk to an experienced personal injury attorney at NYIA today.

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    Is This a No-Fault or Workers' Compensation Injury?

    What Are The Most Common Workers’ Comp Injuries

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    Work injuries can happen to any employee in any industry. They are oftentimes unavoidable, even with safety and protocols in place at the workplace. Workers’ comp is an insurance that helps the hurt employee and takes some of the burden off the employer. When one is out of work due to a work injury, they see injury doctors in astoria, then have workers’ compensation which usually covers accidental or careless damage to an employee’s health. 

    Common Types of Workers’ Comp Injuries 


    A strain can occur when a tendon or muscle is torn or stretched. This type of workplace injury can happen when an employee performs repetitive tasks at work, such as lifting and pushing heavy items or working in an awkward posture that causes strains. 


    A contusion occurs after a bump to the body or after a fall. These might look like bruises or marks on the skin that are caused by blood trapped under the surface. It crushes small blood vessels but doesn’t open the skin, so it appears as a bruise. This injury often happens when employees drop objects because of improper lifting or when they run into things. 


    Puncture wounds can occur when working with sharp tools like knives, scissors, nails, glass, or splintered surfaces. Working with tools that have dull blades can also increase the risk of a puncture wound. Improperly handling sharp items like broken glass might lead to this injury as well. 


    A sprain happens when a ligament is torn or stretched. Just like strains, sprains can result from repetitive tasks and awkward body movements. Injury doctors in Astoria can treat your sprains and strains from workplace injuries. 


    A laceration refers to a skin wound, like a cut. It can occur when a worker uses an inappropriate tool or one that has been kept in poor condition. Lacerations might also happen when a worker rushes to finish a job, loses concentration, or doesn’t wear the proper safety gear. 


    A fracture is a break in the bone due to force trauma or overuse. Broken bones are common in workplaces that require manual lifting and heavy equipment, but can happen in any industry. 

    Causes of Workplace Injuries 

    While work-related injuries can happen at any time to any person, there are several common causes for them. With so many injuries reported each year, there have been a number of predetermined causes that are common among them.  One of the most common causes of workplace injury is overexertion. This can happen with lifting, pulling, pushing, and other types of manual labor. Another common cause is same-level falls. These accidents can often be attributed to loose wires, wet floors, and many other accidental causes. Injury doctors in astoria are able to diagnose and treat your injury.  Being struck by an object or piece of equipment can cause a workplace injury. Additionally, slipping or tripping often occurs with employees who don’t have enough traction between their shoe and the walking surface, or when there’s an uneven surface or unexpected change in flooring. 

    What To Do If You Are Injured At Work 

    If you experience a workplace injury, the first and most important thing to do is report the injury. Some states require that the notice be made in writing, while others allow a verbal notice. See a injury doctors in astoria and get ready to file your workers’ compensation claim.  Filing this claim is similar to filing any other insurance claim. It is not a lawsuit against the employer, but instead a request for benefits. The complexity of your case will determine if you need a lawyer. If you are not sure, be sure to contact a workers’ compensation lawyer for assistance. 

    What is Considered a Workplace Injury? 

    Most injuries that occur on the job at work are covered by workers’ comp insurance. This includes accidents and illnesses caused by exposure to work activities and equipment. 

    On the other hand, workers’ comp generally does not cover things such as stress or other psychiatric disorders, self-inflicted injuries, injuries caused by fighting or horseplay, injuries incurred while committing a crime, while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or while violating company policies, and more. 

    Finding a Workers’ Comp Lawyer 

    If you are not sure where to start with your workers’ compensation case, call the New York Injury Associates, injury doctors in astoria today. Our office specializes in workers’ comp cases and serves a wide variety of New York areas. With a wide range of professionals who make up our practice, our team is ready to serve your personalized needs. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

    What Is Considered To Be A Personal Injury?

    Have you been involved in a workplace accident, car accident, or personal injury? If so, you may be able to file a personal injury claim. There is a lot that goes into these claims. The very first step is seeking medical attention from a personal lawyer chiropractor in Freeport to start your recovery process, but all to assess the severity of your injury. 

    What is a Personal Injury Law?

    Personal injury law allows an injured person to file a lawsuit to get compensated for damages, which include any losses as a result of an accident. The purpose of personal injury law, also known as tort law, is to allow the injured person to be compensated financially after having suffered harm from negligent conduct. Negligence is the failure to take proper care when doing something. In other words, the other party was supposed to act in a way that would keep you safe and not cause any harm. When they fail to do this, their negligence causes injury. 

    When Do Personal Injury Rules Apply

    There are several different situations where personal injury rules come into play. In some of the situations, you may experience physical harm that requires medical attention. If this is the case, visit a injury doctors in astoria.

    • Accidents: As mentioned previously, personal injury rules apply when someone acts negligently. This can be seen in car accidents and slip and fall accidents. 
    • Intentional Acts: Personal injury laws also apply when the defendant’s intentional actions cause harm to another. 
    • Defective Products: When a product, such as a vehicle component, medical device, or pharmaceutical, is defective and therefore dangerous, anyone who has been harmed by the use of the product can file a product liability lawsuit. 
    • Defamation: This is when there is a false statement made about you by someone else. This statement is published as a statement of fact and therefore causes harm to you personally, whether it be your reputation, financial loss, or emotional distress. 

    Why Hire a Lawyer?

    By trying to handle the situation yourself, you will likely complicate the claim process. Lawyers are professionals who have spent years studying the law and gathering the knowledge and experience to represent clients. Lawyers can give you insight and advice to ensure that you get fully compensated for your injury. For example, you may accept the settlement too soon. A lawyer will advise you to wait until the full extent of your injuries is known. They will be able to help you determine the right time to accept the offer so that you receive full compensation for damages. 

    How the Process Works

    • The plaintiff is injured. You first need to provide proof of your injury. You can get medical proof by visiting a injury doctors in astoria.
    • A complaint is filed and served on the defendant. The complaint is the first official document of the case. It lays out all of the details about the situation, including what the defendant did and how the plaintiff was injured. 
    • The defendant hires an attorney. This is not a difficult process as long as the defendant has assets or an insurance policy that applies to the situation. 
    • The case enters the pre-trial and discovery phase. During this time, both sides will gather evidence and witness information from one another. They also use this time to inform the judge about how the case will move forward, either through mediation or arbitration. 
    • The trial phase of the personal injury lawsuit now begins and lasts several days. First, the judge will determine if the defendant is at fault for the injuries. If they are, the judge will then determine how much money the defendant is required to pay out in damages. 
    • The outcome is most likely a settlement. Most personal injury cases will settle before the trial begins. The parties can agree to settle and end the case at any point in the process described above.

    Seeing a Doctor First 

    If you have been injured in an accident, the first step is seeing a injury doctors in astoria or any medical professional from our team to get an evaluation and treatment. There are two main reasons for this. First, your health and well-being are the number one priority. Second, you need to have verification from an expert of a significant injury. Without this, you may not have a valid claim. Your lawyer and the insurance company can assess the severity of the damages through proper documentation of a medical examination. The timing of when you see your injury doctors in astoria is also very important. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to establish a connection between the accident and the injury. To help strengthen your claim, you should keep the following medical records on file:

    • Medical bills
    • Receipts for prescription costs 
    • Hospitalization records
    • Proof of doctor’s visits and surgeries performed
    • Receipts for medical equipment, including wheelchairs or crutches 
    • Records of visits with a therapist or psychologist

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    Our team at New York Injury Associates will help you get the proper medical attention after suffering a personal injury. Our injury doctors in astoria and all of our other doctors will provide you with the best care and help you with your personal injury claim. If you have been in an accident, your first step is to call our team here at New York Injury Associates.