Injury Doctors in Bellport

Injury Doctors in Bellport

injury doctors in Bellport

Quite often. On-the-job injuries are common in jobs requiring employees to operate or work with automobiles or trucks. If the injury was not your fault and simply an accident, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation and No-fault Benefits. If you are injured on the job, visiting a doctor and seeking legal help is critical. New York Injury Associates injury doctors in Bellport can help you get the Compensation you deserve. Continue reading below to find out what you should do if you are injured in an auto or truck accident while working.


It is unfortunately very common for workers who operate automobiles or trucks as a daily task in their job to be injured. Some of the most common types of injuries from these accidents are:

These types of injuries are very serious and can cause long-term damage, depending on the severity and whether they are treated properly or not. For amputations, if intense trauma is sustained to a limb, sometimes the damage is too much to save the limb and must be amputated. Burn injuries can come from chemicals being transported by trucks or from fires in an automobile, for example. Additionally, head and brain injuries are very serious because they can be caused by trauma to the head during a crash, whiplash, or hitting one’s head on a hard surface. Spinal injuries are also serious injuries because if there is a crash and damage to the spinal cord, it can cause paralysis and loss of muscle function. Lastly, orthopedic injuries, like broken bones, can happen during a crash, being stuck under a vehicle, etc. These injuries are also serious because they can affect our whole body and how we move. If you experience an injury due to an auto or truck accident while working, contact the injury doctors in Bellport at New York Injury Associates for help. 


The first thing you should always do if you are injured is to seek medical attention. The injuries listed above are very serious and can cause long-term damage if they are not treated properly and promptly. Workers’ compensation is an insurance benefit provided by your workplace which pays the injured worker medical and lost wage benefits. Workers compensation, however, only pays 2/3 of what your average pay is. Therefore, even though you are being paid while you recover, it is not your full paycheck. Therefore, you should also look into your No-Fault benefits. If the vehicle that you were in at the time of injury, or if the vehicle injured you, was owned by your employer, you are eligible for No-Fault Benefits under New York State. These benefits mean that your employer must cover a maximum of $50,000 medical expenses and lost wages. The No-Fault Benefits essentially cover the remaining 1/3 of your wages and medical expenses. Therefore, if you are injured due to your employer’s automobiles, the majority of your lost wages and medical bills will be covered. If you were injured and want more information on your entitled benefits, contact New York Injury Associates injury doctors in Bellport for legal help. 


Workplace injuries due to auto or truck accidents can be painful, stressful, and expensive. As a worker, you are eligible for workers’ compensation for your injuries, and if the automobile or truck was under your employer’s insurance, you are also eligible for No-Fault Benefits. Visit our injury doctors in Bellport for medical assistance, and then the lawyers at New York Injury Associates can provide you with legal advice to make sure you are getting the Compensation and benefits you deserve! To book an appointment, contact us today!

If you have recently got into a car accident, you need injury doctors in Bellport. Car accidents can be a scary thought. Every day millions of people put their trust in automobiles when they commute to work and other places. We do this because cars today are designed with many safety features to lessen the impact of a potential collision or other accident. While we can do our best to be good drivers and invest in safe cars, we can not always rely on the weather or other drivers on the road. 

Due to the unpredictability of the road, it is valuable to prepare for a potential accident by knowing the risk factors. We should not take our safety for granted on the road because an accident can occur to anyone. There are about 13 accidents every minute in the United States. If you have been in one of those accidents, and are looking for injury doctors in Bellport, book an appointment with us today!

injury doctors in Bellport


Many factors can cause a car accident since we live in a connected world. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, accidents are 56% more likely to occur in a rural area and 53% more likely in a city environment. Driver error causes many of these accidents, but other factors can also be involved. 

Another factor to look out for is whether you are paying attention to your surroundings. Most automobile accidents occur near the driver’s home. Drivers tend to feel more relaxed because they know the area, but being just as cautious in familiar territory is critical. Driving is a big responsibility. Even if you know your neighborhood, there can be unpredictable circumstances involving other drivers and pedestrians. If you happen to get into an accident, our injury doctors in Bellport can help you recover.

Other common factors that lead to accidents are the following: 

Some of these factors may seem minor at the moment. You may decide it is okay to slip up. However, this kind of thinking will increase your risk of an accident. If you have been in an accident and require injury doctors in Bellport, New York Injury Associates is ready to help!


Some of these risk factors you have control over. You are in the driver’s seat, and you get to make the call on how you behave and what conditions you drive in. 

It is critical to always check your surroundings before getting on the road. Choosing not to drive if you notice the road does not seem safe because of construction or bad weather could save your life. If you see poor road conditions, take a moment and look for a new route. Being late is always better than getting into an accident.

Actions you can take to eliminate risk factors include:


If you have been in a car accident, do not wait to get help, even if you feel okay. Enduring a traumatic injury can have lasting effects. It is crucial to get the necessary tests done. Additionally, having any damages recorded after an accident for legal purposes is valuable.  Check with a doctor after a car accident to get peace of mind and avoid a health scare later down the road. Our injury doctors in Bellport are ready to help you get back on the road after an accident. Check out our website to learn more about our services and our different locations across suffolk county, NY.

injury doctors in Bellport

Auto accidents can commonly cause injuries from the big impact of the accident. While receiving treatment following the accident is important, you may experience symptoms that last for years to come and need ongoing treatment. Our injury doctors in Bellport are well-versed in dealing with these injuries and providing treatment for a safe recovery at out Amityville office.


Types of injuries from accidents vary just like the accidents do as well. Some people can leave the accident with just a few bumps and bruises, and others can have effects from injuries that last their entire life. Long-term effects of auto accident injuries include physical effects along with emotional and psychological effects.


The following are some long-term physical effects our injury doctors in Bellport have dealt with at our Amityville office:

Traumatic Brain Injury – During an accident, your head can hit the steering wheel, windshield, dashboard, and windows. Head injuries can leave scars and mild to severe damage inside your skull. Mild damage can be a concussion, and severe damage can be a traumatic brain injury which is when brain tissue can be damaged or destroyed. Some symptoms of traumatic brain injury include depression, loss of memory, and not being able to think clearly. Most of the time, people in an accident don’t realize they have a brain injury right away due to the adrenaline of the crash.

Whiplash – Whiplash often happens during auto accidents, when the head is jerked backward and forwards quickly. Whiplash is an injury to the neck’s muscles, tendons, or ligaments and can also occur in the upper or lower back. Not too long after the accident, symptoms, including stiffness, pain, and headache, can be mild. Later on, the symptoms can become severe, including chronic pain, which lasts your entire life and limits your ability to do things you used to be able to do easily.

Skin Damage – During an accident, broken glass, debris, and items inside the car like a phone or mug can strike someone in the car and leave damage to their skin. Minor cuts, bruises, or burns can heal quickly, but more severe damage can leave permanent scars and require surgery.

Soft tissue damage – Soft-tissue injuries can happen from minor and major car accidents. Soft tissue injury can damage the muscles and ligaments in the knees, neck, back, chest, and arms. It also includes sprains and strains. Some of the long-term effects of these injuries are long-term pain, decreased mobility, and decreased ability to go about everyday activities and routines.


Back injuries often happen during auto accidents; one type is a herniated disc. These discs go down our back and protect our spine and nerves. A herniated disc is when the jelly of a disc in the spine goes into other parts of the spinal column. Long-term effects include tingling sensations, loss of strength and mobility, and possibly depression from long-term pain. These effects can take some time to develop and aren’t always present right after the accident.


These effects may not be seen on the outside but are just as serious as physical effects. Following accidents, many people suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression. These conditions can sometimes impact our ability to do and enjoy activities in our everyday lives.

Anxiety effects can include being afraid to drive or just rising in a car. Victims can also feel nervous or afraid when passing the site of the accident or seeing a car or road similar to the ones involved in the accident. Permanent scars can serve as a lifelong reminder of the accident to someone and make it hard to overcome their thoughts. Seeking help from a mental health professional is your best option if you still suffer from anxiety and have flashbacks to the event. These conditions are completely normal following an accident and something that you shouldn’t stay quiet about. To read more about emotional & psychological effects, click here.

Following an auto accident, please do not hesitate to seek medical treatment right away. You might feel fine, but long-term effects can take some time to show up and can’t always be seen on the outside,


Knowing where to go will save you from recovery and financial problems when you become injured due to a car crash. Thanks to our injury doctors in Bellport, New York Injury Associates can work to find you the practitioner who can best meet your recovery needs at our Amityville office. Don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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When it comes to healthcare, finding the right doctor can make all the difference in the world. This is especially true for patients dealing with injuries or chronic pain. Luckily, for residents of Bellport and the surrounding areas, New York Injury Associates is home to some of the best injury doctors in Bellport. At New York Injury Associates, patients have access to a wide range of healthcare services, including chiropractic care, surgical treatment, and comprehensive medical services. With a location in Patchogue, this medical center is conveniently located for patients throughout Suffolk County. One of the standout services at New York Injury Associates is their chiropractic care. The chiropractic team is led by a dedicated chiropractor who has specialized in this field of medicine for many years. Their focus is on treating patients with injuries and conditions related to the spine, ligaments, and joints.

Whether you were in an auto accident or suffered a sports injury, the chiropractic team at New York Injury Associates has the expertise to provide the care you need to get back to your daily life. They take the time to personalize each treatment plan for every patient, ensuring that they receive the care they need to achieve optimal health.

New York Injury Associates has a team of experienced surgeons for patients requiring surgical treatment. These doctors are well-versed in a wide range of surgical procedures, including knee surgeries, and have years of experience performing surgeries on patients of all ages. In addition to their chiropractic and surgical services, New York Injury Associates offers a wide range of medical services. The medical team is made up of doctors who specialize in various fields of medicine, including orthopedics and physical therapy. They offer a range of treatment options for patients dealing with many conditions, from acute injuries to chronic pain.

Patients who visit New York Injury Associates can expect to receive compassionate care from a team of healthcare professionals who take the time to listen to their needs. The team at New York Injury Associates is dedicated to helping patients get back to their daily lives, and they work closely with each patient to develop a treatment plan that is tailored to their specific needs.

Booking an appointment with New York Injury Associates is easy. Patients can visit their website to schedule a visit at their Patchogue location. They can also find and compare doctors in their area and read real patient reviews of the medical center. Whether you are dealing with a minor ache or pain or require more intensive treatment for a chronic condition, the New York Injury Associates team is here to help. They understand that every patient is unique and requires individualized care, which is why they take the time to get to know each patient and their specific needs.

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For patients near Bellport and the surrounding areas, NY Injury Associates is a top choice for injury doctors. With a focus on personalized care, a wide range of medical services, and a team of experienced healthcare professionals, patients can trust that they are in good hands. Book an appointment today and take the first step toward optimal health on Long Island!

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