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Jobs With High Rates Of Workers’ Comp Claims

Workers comp is a system for compensating workers who get injured on the job. The employer typically pays a comprehensive insurance premium, and though state-by-state variation is high, it’s usually a fraction of what an equivalent worker would make in lost wages after getting hurt. In return, the insurer agrees to cover medical expenses and at least some percentage of lost earnings. If you are looking to find out more about workers compensation claims contact NYIA, a Injury Doctors in Bethpage NY at our Hicksville office.

Injury Doctors in Bethpage

Most workers who get hurt don’t have to deal with the system directly. But for about half a million workers, injuries are so severe that filing a claim is mandatory.

Workers comp insurance companies in the U.S. do not disclose what causes these injuries. However, they are likely due to extensive training requirements for professionals in some of these occupations and strenuous physical demands in others.

More than 80% of all workplace injuries are thought to result from “non-routine” actions taken by workers when something out of the ordinary happens. These actions can include everything from slipping on a wet floor, to trying to move an object in an awkward position, or being struck by falling equipment.

The following are the 10 highest-risk jobs for injured workers. The numbers are drawn from insurance claims data collected by the nation’s largest insurers representing 30% of all workers’ comp business. These rankings show that risk perception can be very different from reality. Check out the top 10 list below to see if your job is among the most hazardous.

The 10 Jobs With The Highest Injury Rate 

10. Occupational Health and Safety Specialists – 7.5 injuries per 100 workers;

9 . Supervisors of Construction Trades and Extraction Workers – 8.7 injuries per 100 workers;

8 . Insurance Sales Agents – 8.8 injuries per 100 workers;

7 . Farmers, Ranchers and Other Agricultural Managers – 9.5 injuries per 100 workers;

6 . Bus Drivers – 10.4 injuries per 100 workers;

5 . Painters (Construction and Maintenance) – 11.0 injuries per 100 workers;

4 . Automotive Service Technicians and Mechanics – 11.4 injuries per 100 workers;

3 . Crossing Guards – 12.5 injuries per 100 workers;

2 . Truck Drivers (Over-The-Road) – 13.7 injuries per 100 workers;

1 . Roofers – 21.9 injuries per 100 workers.

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    Is This a No-Fault or Workers' Compensation Injury?

    What Does No Fault Mean in An Accident?

    Injury Doctors in Bethpage

    No fault insurance, or state “no-fault” laws (no-fault policies are issued by only one company in some states), were designed to reduce the number of lawsuits arising from car accidents.No fault insurance allows you to recover damages if you’re injured in an auto accident, but it limits your right to sue the other party if you’re injured. If you have been injured in a no fault accident call NYIA, Injury Doctors in Bethpage NY at our Hicksville office.

    There are two kinds of no-fault laws: (1) “mandatory” and (2) “optional.” Mandatory means that all drivers in the state must carry insurance to cover personal injuries resulting from an accident, while optional allows you to choose between carrying such coverage or not.

    The no-fault concept was originally pioneered in the mid-1960s by New York State, which passed a law called “no-fault compulsory insurance.” The idea was that instead of proving fault following an accident, each driver’s insurance provider would pay for medical treatment and wage loss up to certain limits.

    No fault insurance plan can help keep insurance premiums down because it limits lawsuits. The basic idea is that the person who caused the accident is responsible for your injuries, but not for damage to your car or other property. The no-fault concept has been adopted in many countries around the world and often applies to medical bills, lost wages, and personal injury.

    No-fault claims, however, can often be complicated and confusing to understand. If you were in a car accident and think that your injuries might be the result of it, you should see a doctor immediately so you can document any medical treatment and lost wages you may have received. However, Emotional distress, pain, and suffering damages are typically excluded from no-fault benefits. Under certain circumstances, so too can punitive or “exemplary” damages.

    The rules vary greatly depending upon the state and even the county where you’re driving. For example, in New York State (one of the few states that still does not have “optional” no-fault), medical benefits are paid for by your own insurance company (up to the limits of that policy), but your right to sue for damages is limited to cases involving serious injury or death.

    Many personal injury attorneys like to file claims with Injury Doctors in Bethpage NY at our Hicksville office against both parties so they can recover all available money, even if it means taking a no-fault carrier to court. In another state with an “optional” no-fault law, such as Florida, you may face a threshold of serious injury or death before the at-fault driver’s insurance will cover your medical bills and lost wages under its policy, but once that threshold is reached there are no limits on damages.

    The bottom line is that no-fault laws were designed to keep down the costs of insurance and not to provide a windfall for accident victims, so there are limits on what you can recover after an auto accident – regardless of who caused it – and those limits vary greatly from one state to another.

    If you were injured in a car accident, it’s important to see Injury Doctors in Bethpage on Long Island our md medical center immediately so you can document any medical treatment and lost wages. While no-fault insurance allows accident victims to recover damages without having to prove fault, the rules vary greatly from one state to another. Talk to an experienced personal injury attorney at NYIA today for more information about how your state’s laws might affect your claim.

    What Can I Claim In a No-Fault Accident?

    Injury Doctors in Bethpage

    Accidents occur when you least expect them to and can be costly and stressful for all parties involved. The stress, not only in the moment but also in the aftermath, while dealing with any injuries that may have occurred can be very overwhelming. In most states, financial responsibility is placed upon the person who caused the accident to occur. However, twelve states, including New York, require drivers to have no-fault insurance, but exactly what this means can become confusing. If you or a loved one are looking for Injury Doctors in Bethpage, New York Injury Associates can help at our Hicksville office.

    What is No-Fault Insurance?

    Having no-fault insurance means that if one is injured due to a car accident, their car insurance will cover the costs. This is the biggest difference between a no-fault and a fault-based insurance system. In states that do not have a no-fault policy, you can normally file a claim for compensation against the at-fault driver through their insurance. However, to do this, you need to prove that it was the other person’s fault and not your own to the insurance company, which can be a long, complicated process. No-fault claims are much simpler and are made through provisions of a car insurance policy called “personal injury protection” (PIP). PIP is required, on top of basic liability insurance, by no-fault states to drive legally, however, the rules differ from state to state. If you are located in a state that does not require PIP, you can usually add the coverage to your insurance. The purpose of no-fault insurance is to save time and money while also reducing the likelihood of lawsuits. You also do not need to worry about your claim being denied by the insurance company if they feel there is no proper evidence of it being the other party’s fault. If you require medical assistance after an accident or orthopedic, a PIP payout can help you to pay for any treatment you may need. If you have been involved in an accident and need Injury Doctors in Bethpage, contact New York Injury Associates. 

    ​​Claims You Can Make

    A no-fault insurance claim is also frequently called a PIP claim. It covers various financial burdens that may have occurred due to an accident. The following list includes different claims that can be made under no-fault insurance:

    • Payment of medical bills that come from treatment and doctors’, surgeon visits
    • A portion of the lost wages or earnings from when the person involved in the accident was too injured to go to work (there is a limit on the amount that can be paid)
    • Certain out-of-pocket costs of damages
    • Transportation costs to and from appointments
    • Cost of necessary medical equipment
    • In-home help (at-home nurse, at-home doctor’s visits, etc.) 

    It is important to understand that while you can file a claim for all of the above reasons, you cannot file a claim to get compensation for pain and suffering.

    Injuries in No-Fault Claims: Treatment and Doctor’s Role

    A common misconception about injuries in no-fault claims is that any doctor is qualified. When involved in a no-fault injury claim, you must receive treatment from a no-fault injury doctor. If you’re looking for injury doctors in Bethpage, contact us at New York Injury Associates. We can provide you with proper treatment from a qualified no-fault injury doctor near me in bethpage. 

    Injury Doctors in Bethpage

    No-Fault Claim Injury Treatment

    After an injury, a no-fault doctor will perform a variety of checkups and diagnostic tests to see what has been injured and to what severity. These tests can range from x-rays to MRI scans, CT scans, and more. With these tests, they will check for brain damage, organ damage, fracture, arthritis, nerve damage, herniated disks, broken bones, severe whiplash, sports medicine, orthopedic surgery and more possible injuries from the accident. 

    Following the initial appointment, you and your doctor will schedule follow-up appointments to perform whatever necessary treatments and ensure your health is stable. If you are looking for injury doctors in Bethpage, contact us at New York Injury Associates for information on how we can find the perfect care solution for rehabilitation.

    No-Fault Claim Injury Documentation

    During this entire process, it is crucial for the doctor to document everything and draft you a detailed medical record. They will keep a detailed record of all the injuries discovered during their tests while confirming they were caused by accident for injuries in bethpage. All treatments that are performed for the patient will also be documented. This is so they can be sent to the patient’s insurance to be covered fully. 

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    This documentation is also important in court when receiving workers’ compensation. Documentation and a detailed medical record from a qualified no-fault doctor are crucial for your lawyer to receive lost wages. A no-fault injury doctor can greatly help you through the entire process. If you are looking for injury doctors in Bethpage to help you receive proper documentation for your lawyer in your work-related or personal injury case, contact us at New York Injury Associates to discuss setting up an appointment with our highly trained specialists. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you today for the best doctors in nassau county!