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Injuries on the job could occur in any industry at any time, causing recovery and financial problems for employees. Getting the appropriate medical assistance saves you from recovery and financial hassles. At New York Injury Associates, our workers comp doctor in Hicksville, we will find the best care solution for you. 

What Are Common Workers’ Comp Injuries?

There are many types of injuries and illnesses that can result from work. Here are some of the most common Workers’ Comp Injuries:

  • Strains: This type of injury could happen when workers perform repetitive tasks such as pushing or pulling heavy objects, working in an awkward posture, or reaching overhead. 
  • Contusions: Contusions refer to the bruising that can occur after a bump to the body or after suffering a fall. 
  • Lacerations: Workers may suffer a laceration or cut at work if they use an inappropriate tool or a tool that is in poor condition.
  • Sprains: Sprains could occur when a ligament is torn or stretched. 
  • Punctures: Workers may suffer from puncture wounds when working with tools such as knives or scissors or items such as nails, glass, or splintered surfaces. 

What Does A Workers Comp Doctor In Hicksville Do?

Patients who have been injured at work are treated by workers’ compensation doctors. This may include doctors listed or recommended by a workers’ compensation insurance company, doctors requested to examine a patient as part of an independent medical examination (IME), or a patient’s regular primary care physician.

A workers’ compensation doctor has a crucial role in processing a workers’ compensation claim. His or her reports are used to document your injuries and the treatment you need, which would be a factor in determining whether you are eligible for benefits and how much the benefit will be. Your workers’ compensation doctor will provide a medical report on whether your injury was caused by the work accident, how your medical history affected or caused the injury, and whether you could work at all or with restrictions, etc.

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