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Unfortunately, car accidents are prevalent for those who drive. They are one of the most common causes of physical injuries. It is essential to remain vigilant and practice defensive driving while on the road to prevent accidents and damage. If you find yourself in the event of a car crash and experience a physical injury, it is essential to see a doctor, especially if you have neck pain. Neck injuries are common in car accidents as your neck is vulnerable to impact. If you have neck pain from a car crash, New York Injury Associates is here to help! We recommend that you see our Accident Injury Doctor in Astoria for your neck pain needs. We will get you back to feeling pain-free! There are a few common neck injuries that we will discuss below. 


Neck injuries can be excruciating and debilitating. A common neck injury is Whiplash, a familiar term to many people. Essentially whiplash is a type of neck sprain/strain. The forceful movement of the neck in a back and forth motion causes a neck sprain like Whiplash. Whiplash is most common in a rear-end car accident as the vehicle’s impact causes the neck to move in this motion. Those who have experienced whiplash may experience the following symptoms: 

  • Neck Pain
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness

The neck connects the brain and spinal cord. Therefore, the symptoms involve more than just pain in the neck area. It is essential to visit our Accident Injury Doctor in Astoria if you have been involved in a car accident and are experiencing neck pain. Our doctor can provide you with an accurate diagnosis and get you back to feeling pain-free.

Pinched Nerve

Pinched nerves can be extremely painful as they involve nerves, which are the source of communication throughout the nervous system. The pain associated with a pinched nerve can range from slight discomfort to extreme pain that makes daily tasks difficult to complete. If you are experiencing neck pain after a car accident, you may have a pinched nerve. A pinched nerve is the compression of a nerve. The extreme impact of a car accident can cause compression and pressure on a nerve. Some of the symptoms associated with a pinched nerve are as follows: 

  • Pain that radiates beyond just the neck
  • Muscle Weakness
  • Tingling/Numbness

It is vital to see our Accident Injury Doctor in Astoria if you believe you have a pinched nerve and the pain has lasted for more than a few days. Our doctors can help provide a diagnosis and treatment plan that is best for you. 

Stiff Neck 

A stiff neck is a highly frustrating and debilitating condition. The most common characteristics of a stiff neck are the difficulty of moving the neck side to side and general soreness. These pains and discomfort cause problems in daily movements such as looking around, driving, and making quick movements. Strenuous activities or a severe impact can cause a stiff neck. We recommend visiting our Accident Injury Doctor in Astoria if your stiff neck symptoms have persisted for over a few days with no improvement. Additionally, symptoms accompanying stiff necks such as fevers or headaches are signs that you should see our office immediately. 

Neck Fracture

Neck fractures are extreme outcomes after a car accident. A fracture is a partial or complete break of the bone in question. More specifically, regarding the neck, the bones involved are the cervical vertebrae. Again the neck is the connection point between the brain and the spinal cord. These body parts are associated with the central nervous system, which is responsible for communication throughout the body. A traumatic blow to the head, such as an airbag being deployed or hitting the head on the steering wheel, can cause a neck fracture. Neck fractures are extremely dangerous and require immediate treatment. Typically a neck fracture is accompanied by severe pain that spreads to other body areas.

Additionally, it is vital to remain still as neck fractures can cause paralysis. If you have been involved in a car accident and have any of the above symptoms, please call 911. Emergency services will ensure to use the proper precautions and treat you for this severe injury. 

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Your neck is one of the most critical parts of your body due to its location and connection between the brain and spinal cord. Therefore, it is vital to take any associated injuries seriously. We recommend making an appointment with our Accident Injury Doctor in Astoria if you have any pain after experiencing a car accident. New York Injury Associates is here to help you get back to being pain-free. Contact us today to make an appointment at our office!