Have you suffered from a work related injury? If so, consider contacting our team at New York Injury Associates; we will direct you with a professional who will work to get you back to your full strength. Workers’ compensation is payment assistance for those who have received an injury at their place of work. If you have suffered an injury at work that was of no fault of your own or have gotten sick from work, then you will be entitled to workers’ compensation. If you are looking for a New York personal injury doctor, then contact us at the New York injury Associates.

Workers’ Compensation Doctor

A New York personal injury doctor is not a typical doctor. Unlike an ordinary doctor, workers’ comp doctors do not treat or deal with your injuries. Their job is to perform an IME, Independent Medical Examination, and give their expert opinion about your case. Their response will  include a discussion on whether it is worth pursuing your case or not. When it comes to a workers’ comp case, a persons’ company will try to avoid paying for any medical expenses. That is why it is a workers’ comp doctor’s job to determine the person’s injury and if they will be able to win a case against their employer or not. 

Who Is Required To Pay?

The objective of a New York personal injury doctor is for the victim, the employee, to have the burden of medical payments lifted off of their shoulders. If a case is won the medical payments will be the company’s responsibility and not the employee’s. The company will usually choose which IME, or workers compensation, doctor the worker filing the claim will be required to see. 

What Is Workers’ Compensation

When a person receives workers’ compensation, their medical expenses will be paid for by the company’s insurance and their wages will be paid while they are unable to work. The rehabilitation that they will receive will be taken care of as well. Workers’ compensation takes all financial burden away from the employee who is suffering from an injury.

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If you have suffered an injury at work or have developed an illness resulting from where you work, you may be entitled to worker’s compensation. Contact us today to schedule an appointment, and we will assess your claim and connect you with a professional to begin your recovery journey.

New York Personal Injury Doctor

At NYIA or New York Injury Associates, our team is dedicated to helping you or a loved one get the help you need. We can help our clients in workers’ compensation, accident-related cases, and provide you with one of many of our New York personal injury doctor. Our business currently has 14 locations spread across Long Island and Queens staffed with the best doctors to give you the help you need. 

What is a No-Fault Doctor?

New York personal injury doctor are individuals who take care of your injuries after an accident and will help you bill the medical insurance company. These doctors can help you find the coverage and financial means to pay for the medical bills that came along with your injury while also treating you. At NYIA, our team can help you arrange to work with one of our New York personal injury doctor; helping you get the coverage and treatment you need. 

When a person gets injured at work and receives workers’ compensation there are many reasons as to why he or she may want to return to work.  

  • Getting back to work and an active lifestyle can help some people feel better and recover faster.
  • Your overall and long-term compensation can be benefitted as well. If you return to work you have a better chance of not missing out on raises, promotions, and seniority status. 

When to Return to Work After an Accident? 

In every medical case, each patient is different and recovers from an injury at a different pace. The most important factor when it comes to knowing when you should return to work or not is if you feel you are recovered and feel good. However, there are different steps to be taken to ensure you are ready to return to the workplace.

If you are fully healed and receive clearance from your doctor then it is okay to return to work. The next step would be to notify the insurer from which you received workers’ compensation; and set a specific date you will be returning to work. 

However, in other cases, there may be some restrictions when it comes to returning to work. 

  • Light duties or new tasks may be assigned to you as you continue to heal or if you have new medical restrictions. 
  • You may need new training or help in finding a new job or task at work.

New York Personal Injury Doctor : 

New York Injury Associates or NYIA can help you or a family member get back on your feet and return to work. We can help provide you with the care and medical assistance you may need as well as finding you the best New York personal injury doctor.

New York Personal Injury Doctor

At New York Injury Associates, our team is dedicated to helping you and your family in times of need by pairing you with the best New York personal injury doctor. With 14 locations all over Long Island and Queens, our team and associates can help assist in medical care and legal cases for you. Our practice specializes in no-fault, workers’ compensation, and accident-related cases. 

What is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is for employees who were injured while working on the job. These employees are eligible under certain circumstances and requirements, to collect benefits from the employer and insurance company. The purpose of workers’ compensation is to help families who may experience hardship or struggle after losing an income due to an injury that prohibits them from working. The benefits from workers’ comp are supposed to help the family pay bills and cover the medical costs from the injury. 

What is a Workers’ Comp Doctor / How Can They Help You?

In your workers’ compensation case, finding a good doctor that can help you is very crucial. The doctor you chose for your case is very important and will not only help you in medical care but will also help determine how much you should be receiving in workers’ compensation benefits. In some cases, a workers’ compensation doctor can be assigned to you based on your employer or you will be given a list to choose from. 

Where to Find the Best Workers Comp Doctor?

Finding the right worker’s compensation doctor can be difficult, but it is extremely important for you and your case to find the right one for you. Here are some tips for finding the best New York personal injury doctor : 

  • Make sure your doctor understands your medical condition and has the means and knowledge to help you. If they don’t know how to treat you or help you, then that doctor probably is not your best choice. 
  • Is your doctor willing to accept the worker’s compensation medical fees and the schedule that comes along with it? 
  • A key tip is to make sure your doctor knows the claim process in workers’ compensation cases. 
  • Finally, make sure your doctor is willing to help you whether that be through available medical appointments or supporting your claim with detailed reports. 

New York Personal Injury Associates

At NYIA or New York Injury Associates, we have a dedicated and hardworking team that can help you find the best New York personal injury doctor. We will provide guidance and assistance every step of the way in your workers’ compensation case to ensure you get the care and assistance you need AND deserve.