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In the unfortunate event, you or a loved one are involved in a car crash, chances are it was definitely either you or the other driver who was at fault. That being said, what happens when it is not your fault? Regardless of who is at fault, both drivers need to be responsible, and both call the police and alert their insurance company to let them know what happened? However, should the accident not be your fault, there is such a thing as a no-fault case, where the insurance company will not charge you for any damages. New York Injury Associates, No Fault Chiropractor in Richmond Hill is always here to help.

At-Fault Accident vs. No-Fault Accident

Across the U.S., insurance companies use fault determination strategies to discern who is responsible for the crash and who is deserving to pay the other for financial compensation. Twelve states have no-fault laws, the other 38 do not. In New York, a no-fault state, your car insurance covers any and all expenses in regards to you and your car, covering medical and auto, respectively. Regardless of who is at fault, the expenses are paid by neither drivers and both insurance companies, even though the accident will still appear on their driving record. In an at-fault state, the driver who is directly responsible for the accident will need to consult their insurance company to provide compensation for whatever losses the other driver sustained.

In a no-fault state, it is mandatory for drivers to possess what is known as PIP, or Personal Injury Protection insurance. This is how the driver’s damages are paid no-fault. It is worth mentioning, however, both driver’s records will be impacted, as an insurance claim will have been filed. If you take money from an insurance company, as well as having filed a claim, that will be what makes the accident appear on your driving record, despite not being at-fault. PIP will always be available to you, but it does not forget your last accident. Car insurance claims usually last three to five years, unless is it a more severe scenario. For example, an accident instigated by a drunk driver can last ten years, possibly more depending on which state you are living in. New York Injury Associates No Fault Chiropractor in Richmond Hill can clarify any and all details you would like to know should you be medically affected by an accident and would like to seek action.

The Bottom Line

Car accidents can definitely be no-fault, as it depends on the state in which you live. New York happens to be a no-fault state, so your car insurance is to be liable, regardless of who is at-fault. Knowledge like this can go a long way in the future should you ever find yourself in a situation such as a major car accident, as financial costs are always a sensitive subject when it comes to those involved.

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No fault insurance, or state “no-fault” laws (no-fault policies are issued by only one company in some states), were designed to reduce the number of lawsuits arising from car accidents. No fault insurance allows you to recover damages if you’re injured in an auto accident, but it limits your right to sue the other party if you’re injured. If you have been injured in a no fault accident call NYIA, No Fault Chiropractor in Richmond Hill.

There are two kinds of no-fault laws: (1) “mandatory” and (2) “optional.” Mandatory means that all drivers in the state must carry insurance to cover personal injuries resulting from an accident, while optional allows you to choose between carrying such coverage or not.

The no-fault concept was originally pioneered in the mid-1960s by New York State, which passed a law called “no-fault compulsory insurance.” The idea was that instead of having to prove fault following an accident, each driver’s own insurance provider would pay for medical treatment and wage loss up to certain limits.

No fault insurance can help keep insurance premiums down because it limits lawsuits.

The basic idea is that the person who caused the accident is responsible for your injuries, but not responsible for things such as damage to your car or other property. The no-fault concept has been adopted in a number of countries around the world and often applies to medical bills and lost wages as well as personal injury.

No-fault claims, however, can often be complicated and confusing to understand. If you were in a car accident and think that your injuries might be the result of it, you should see a doctor immediately so you can document any medical treatment and lost wages you may have received.

Emotional distress and pain and suffering damages, however, are typically excluded from no-fault benefits. Under certain circumstances, so too can punitive or “exemplary” damages.

The rules vary greatly depending upon the state and even the county in which you’re driving. For example, in New York State (one of the few states that still does not have “optional” no-fault), medical benefits are paid for by your own insurance company (up to the limits of that policy), but your right to sue for damages is limited to cases involving serious injury or death.

Many personal injury attorneys like to file claims with No Fault Chiropractor in Richmond Hill against both parties so they can recover all available money, even if it means taking a no-fault carrier to court.

In another state with an “optional” no-fault law, such as Florida, you may face a threshold of serious injury or death before the at-fault driver’s insurance will cover your medical bills and lost wages under its policy, but once that threshold is reached there are no limits on damages.

The bottom line is that no-fault laws were designed to keep down the costs of insurance and not to provide a windfall for accident victims, so there are limits on what you can recover after an auto accident – regardless of who caused it – and those limits vary greatly from one state to another.

If you were injured in a car accident, it’s important to see No Fault Chiropractor in Richmond Hill immediately so you can document any medical treatment and lost wages. While no-fault insurance allows accident victims to recover damages without having to prove fault, the rules vary greatly from one state to another. For more information about how your own state’s laws might affect your claim, talk to an experienced personal injury attorney at NYIA today.

Have you recently been in a car accident and have now been experiencing neck or back pain? New York Injury Associates can help! Our No Fault Chiropractor in Richmond Hill offers evaluations and treatment plans for orthopedic, chiropractic, physical therapy, pain management, neurological care, and many other treatment options! New York Injury Associates offers help to patients by providing medical assistance and legal cases. 

Treating Neck and Back Pain After A Car Accident 

Treating your back and neck injuries after an accident is very important to ensure that the injuries do not worsen and to make sure patients have a full recovery back to normal. Many different types of injuries can affect someone after an accident, the most common are neck and back injuries. Injuries from car accidents can extremely vary in severity and it is important to have a good doctor to help you along the way to recovery. It is also important to have an attorney that can help with compensation. Our No Fault Chiropractor in Richmond Hill provides both because it is important to have good medical attention and top medical care paired with good law advice. 

Common Back and Neck Injuries

Some back and neck injuries that can occur from an accident include: 


Whiplash occurs when a sudden forceful forward then backward quick motion in the neck causes a strain. Symptoms of whiplash include pain or stiffness while moving your head, tenderness, headaches, decreased range of motion, and or tightness. Whiplash can vary in severity but some ways to treat the pain include taking painkillers like ibuprofen, icing your neck, a neck brace, and applying heat after icing. It can also be helpful to see a doctor if the pain is bad or worsens and they can prescribe stronger medications like pain killers. Physical therapy can also help, by exercising in a healthy and safe way patients can strengthen and recover their muscles from whiplash. For most patients, their whiplash symptoms last for a couple of days to a couple of weeks or longer depending on how severe the whiplash was.

Lower Back Injuries

There can be many different types of lower back injuries that can occur, it typically includes lower lumbar or lower back strain. Symptoms include pain such as muscle and nerve pain in the lower back area. Treatment includes rest and easy exercises to keep the muscles moving and strong. Patients can also take pain relief medication such as ibuprofen or Tylenol to help. Physical therapy is another treatment option to help your muscles back to normal motion.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries are usually the worst and more serious type of injury. This type of injury can be caused by vertebrae injuries that put too much pressure on the spinal cord. This can cause paralysis, autonomic system damage, and nerve damage. Medical treatments can help, doctors can prescribe stronger pain relief medications, rest and therapy can help towards recovery.

For more information about back and neck injuries that can occur after car accidents click here and contact our No Fault Chiropractor in Richmond Hill. 

No Fault Chiropractor in Richmond Hill

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