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10 Things To Do After A Car Accident

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Almost everyone will be a part of a car accident at some point in their life, whether as a passenger or the driver. Over 6 million car accidents occur each year in the United States, causing over 35,000 deaths. One of the best things you can do to prepare for the event of a car accident is to understand what you should do after one happens, whether it’s minor or severe. Make sure at all times you have your license with you when driving and have your registration and a first aid kit in the car. Car accidents can cause anywhere from mild injuries to death, and it is important that even if you feel fine, you see a doctor clear you after an accident.

Seeing an injury doctor will help you with more minor issues. At New York Injury Associates, we offer more orthopedics, pain management, chiropractic care, physical therapy, neurology, and much more. If you are suffering from pain after a car accident, check out New York Injury Associates, which offers No Fault Doctor in QueensNY.

10 Things to Do After a Car Accident

  1. Check for life-threatening injuries 
    • No matter how minor the accident, the first thing you should do is check yourself and anyone else involved for injuries. If the injuries seem to be life-threatening, call 911 immediately and stay with that person until help arrives.
  2. Get your car and yourself out of danger
    • Once you have checked for any serious injuries, move your car out of danger if it is possible and turn on the hazard lights. If it is not possible to get your car out of the way, then just walk over to the side of the road and wait there. 
  3. Call 911
    • Once you and anybody else involved are safely on the side of the road, call 911 if you have not already. Many people try to avoid calling the police for minor accidents since they can handle them on their own. However, in some states, it is legally required to call the police no matter how small the accident is. 
  4. Wait for help
    • Once you have called 911 it is time to wait for help. Do not under any circumstances leave the scene of the accident. 
  5. Exchange information with the other driver
    • For insurance purposes exchange information with the other driver. Get their full name, insurance company and policy number, license plate number, the make and model of their care, and the location where the accident happened.
  6. Take pictures of the scene
    • Take pictures of your car, the other car, and the scene in general, as that will help you with your insurance claim. 
  7. Contact your insurance company 
    • Once help has arrived, contact your insurance so they can help you file a claim.
  8. Get a copy of the police report
    • The police report can help you with your insurance claim and also helo you in the future if you decide to sue.
  9. Always seek medical care 
    • It is important to go seek medical care after a car accident even if you feel fine because things can be going on beneath the surface. You also may have some minor soreness and pain that can be treated by a doctor.
  10. Keep a file
    • Keep a file with everything about the accident in one place. Include all the information you have gathered along the way about the other driver, pictures you took, and the police report.

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If you are looking for No Fault Doctor in Queens check out New York Injury Associates. New York Injury Associates doctors can work with your attorney after a car accident if you plan on suing. Our doctors can help monitor you and provide all necessary documentation to deal with your no-fault injury case. New York Injury Associates has multiple locations throughout Queens and Long Island that all offer top-of-the-line care for all types of injuries. So if you’re suffering, then contact us and make an appointment today.

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    What Are The Most Common Types Of Personal Injury Cases?

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    Personal Injury cases are always a headache for the people involved. It is a dragged-out process, and it slowly becomes a nuisance. Our team of doctors at New York Injury Associates is ready to make that process as easy as possible for everyone. For the victims, the lawyers, the doctors, and the families involved. When you become injured due to an accident, knowing where to turn will help save you from recovery and financial hassles. Thanks to our team’s multidisciplinary nature, we can work to pair you with the practitioner who can best meet your healing needs. If you need a No Fault Doctor in Queens, visit our website today. 

    What is a Personal Injury Case? 

    A personal injury case refers to the event when somebody gets injured, and it was not their fault. The one who caused the injury compensates the one injured. This law is designed to protect you or your property from somebody else’s mishap or neglect. If you need a personal injury chiropractor, schedule an appointment today. 

    Most Common Personal Injury Cases At A No Fault Doctor in Queens

    Tons of people wonder what the most common personal injury cases are. The five most common are: 

    • Auto Accident Injuries 
    • Medical Malpractice 
    • Slip and Fall Accidents 
    • Product Liability 
    • Wrongful Death

    If you or a family member experienced any of the events listed above, contact us immediately, you may be entitled to financial compensation. We are the premier No Fault Doctor in Queens, so do not hesitate. We would love to help you. 

    New York Injury Associates: No Fault Doctor in Queens

    Our team is full of doctors who have passion when they step into work each day. Our team is intelligent, experienced, and caring. We are tentative in the questions we ask and responsive in the answers we give. Clarity is important, and we understand that. Doing our job in a timely manner is also very relevant to the entire process. We are very familiar with the work that needs to be done on the legal side and are happy to assist lawyers in any way we can. So please, if you need a No Fault Doctor in Queens, contact us today. We are ready to help you. 

    What Are The 4 Main Causes Of Injury In The Workplace?

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    Have you recently been injured in the workplace? Are you looking for No Fault Doctor in Queens? New York Injury Associates can help! NYIA has 16 separate locations across Long Island and Queens. NYIA is an independent group that offers evaluations and treatment to those injured in the workplace. Their evaluations and treatment extend to chiropractic, orthopedic, neurological care, physical therapy, pain management, and more. NYIA understands the importance of being evaluated and treated as soon as possible, and that is why they offer same-day appointments as well as advanced scheduled appointments. 

    The NYIA provides you with the best selection of No Fault Doctor in Queens. The doctors at NYIA are happy to comply and work alongside your attorneys if you choose to take legal action. Trusting NYIA will alleviate the stress around your recovery and free you of any financial hassles. Continue reading below to learn more about injuries in the workplace.

    Four main causes of injury in the workplace

    The four main causes of injury in the workplace are complacency, frustration, fatigue, and laziness. For complacency, it is the “it won’t happen to me” mentality that ends up causing most accidents and injuries. There are many reasons workers get frustrated on the job, and you cannot alleviate every factor that contributes to frustration, but you can diminish the levels of frustration by making sure employees have the tools they need to do their job and that they have functioning equipment. A worker who is fatigued or sleep-deprived is more likely to be injured. At work, employees should be reminded and encouraged to take breaks and rotate tasks. A lazy employee who takes shortcuts or the easy way out, especially when working with dangerous equipment, is more likely to get injured.

    Most common workplace injuries 

    • Slips, trips, and falls
    • Overexertion and muscle strains
    • Struck by workers, equipment, or falling objects
    • Crashes or collisions
    • Exposure to harmful substances or environments
    • Fire and explosions
    • Violence and other injuries by persons or animals

    Facts about workplace injuries 

    • In the United States, a worker is injured on the job every seven seconds. This equates to 540 work injuries per hour, 12,900 work injuries per day, 90,4000 work injuries per week, and 7 million work injuries per year.
    • The 7 million work injuries per year result in 99 million days of lost productivity on an annual basis.
    • On average, each work injury results in 21 days of disability.

    Tips to avoid workplace injuries with an No Fault Doctor in Queens

    There are several tips you should follow to prevent workplace injuries. As a company, you should create a safety and wellness plan. You should require a pre-employment physical for demanding positions. You should hold regular training sessions to educate your employees on potential safety hazards and proper workplace procedures. Identify any and all safety concerns by completing a safety evaluation of your business. Provide protective equipment to all your employees. Address staffing need because by being adequately staffed, you can prevent by preventing burnout, reduce the need for overtime, and allow employees to take more breaks. Always keep workspaces clean and organized. Train employees to dress for the weather and job conditions. Install proper lighting in all work areas. Perform regular inspections. Lastly, you should consider hiring a safety officer to maintain safety and accident prevention.

    Steps to take after your workplace injury

    After being injured in the workplace often you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits to pay medical bills and lost wages. You should report your injury to your employer as soon as it happens. After reporting it to your boss, you should fill out a workplace injury report. You should then seek medical treatment for your injury. After seeking the medical treatment, you should submit a claim for workers’ compensation benefits as soon as possible after your accident. You should also hire an attorney to protect yourself and ensure you receive all the benefits you are entitled to.


    Contact NYIA: No Fault Doctor in Queens

    Regardless of the type of injury you sustained from a car accident, New York Injury Associates can help. If you recently got injured at work and are looking for an No Fault Doctor in Queens, contact New York Injury Associates today via phone or email at [email protected].



    When you or your client contacts our team for help, there are various aspects that one should expect. Should your client call, we will first ask for their location and the nature of their injury. After gathering the necessary information, we will direct them to the location that will offer the most benefits. In most cases, we can provide patients with same-day appointments, but we’re also happy to work around their schedule. When an attorney is the one to contact us for legal assistance, we’ll ask similar questions regarding your client’s health and will need to coordinate an appointment time for further evaluation before committing to helping with your case.


    Absolutely. One of the essential tools in the medical community is the second opinion. Sometimes, previously done x-rays and other imaging tests do not paint a complete picture of the injury at hand. At New York Injury Associates, we’ll perform a full assessment of your client to either confirm or overrule the diagnosis that was previously provided to them.


    Attorneys and patients dealing with a no-fault injury shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to our team. Our network members specialize in medical issues of this nature and also understand the expertise they can bring to subsequent legal proceedings. By accepting no-fault patients, we save your clients money when they need it most.


    Once your client has decided to contact us for care, what they do next tends to be out of your hands. It can be disheartening for attorneys on no-fault cases to have their work delegitimized due to their client’s compliance failures. Patients who blow off their appointments or do not work to make a full recovery won’t have substantial legal grounds to stand on. Our staff works diligently to prevent issues such as this from occurring. We will stay on top of patients to ensure they are coming in for their scheduling appointments and meeting all their needs to remain in compliance with their no-fault issue.


    There are undoubtedly numerous medical teams attorneys can consider working with when dealing with no-fault injury cases. However, working with the wrong group will cause legal headaches and hurdles. At New York Injury Associates, we know that we must deliver when attorneys entrust us with their cases. From IME results to diagnostic files, we will organize all medical information regarding your client’s case or claim, and send it back in an easy to read report, simplifying your case building process.