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No Fault Doctor in Shirley

Our team at New York Injury Associates is here to give you the affordable quality care you can’t help but tell your loved ones about. The care we provide is contagious and spreads rapidly. We provide care for people from all walks of life. Whether you’re young, old, injured, or just curious about our practice, we’re here to provide assistance to our patrons every step of the way. Not only do we implore our clients to come in rights when something hurts, we implore patrons to get involved with us if they have any questions or concerns about our field. For more information about our No Fault Doctor in Shirley, our practice, or anything else we can provide we implore you to visit our website today.

No-Fault Accidents

Whether you’ve heard stories through friends, you or a loved one has been in one, or you’re just researching, no-fault accidents can be traumatic. The hassle they can cause not only disrupts the flow of life, but it also disrupts the body in incredibly serious ways. The body usually takes a few days to recover from the adrenaline rush of a serious car accident, so the diagnosis of serious injury after something like a no-fault accident is critical, but sadly, often overlooked. The top no-fault doctors in Brentwood, New York Injury Associates, recommend that you not only seek out a diagnosis of any slight pain after the accident, but you keep lifting and exercise light after the accidents as to avoid any unnecessary over-exertion. 

No-fault accidents are typically the kind to see that vehicle insurance is compensated for in their scenario. However, the next form of compensation or a no-fault accident on the medical side, taking care of expenses and accidental injuries that had happened. At New York Injury Associates, the top No Fault Doctor in Shirley, we strive to achieve every penny of compensation provided to the survivor of the no-fault incident. We care and treat every one of our patrons like they rely on us, we provide them quality service, and they leave with the critical tools they need to manage their pain.

No-Fault Accidents and Pain Management

Some parts of the body are extremely susceptible to injuries in car accidents and are even more susceptible to being overlooked in a diagnosis. The best way to combat this is to visit one of our No Fault Doctor in Shirley for a diagnosis right after the crash. Either way, it’s important to educate yourself on the top injuries involved with car accidents:

  • Herniated disc– the movements of discs located in the spine are often found due to the impact of the boy hitting the airbag, this causes disc movements that worsens over time as it pushes against the central nervous system.
  • Whiplash – the jarring sudden movement of  the neck and ligaments connecting the torso and neck cause whiplash to occur from the impact involved with any no-fault accident, this can be identified by the sudden stiffness in part or all of the neck at any given point and chronic pain riddling the neck.
  • Soft tissue damage – any given soft tissue located in either the back or torso is a concern when dealing with car accidents. Similar to the whiplash, soft tissue can tear and be injured easily from a sudden, jarring movement that causes a tear, this is identified by either stiffness or shooting pain from any pocket of soft tissue.
  • Lower-back injuries – With the awkward bend in the back that is forced from the impact of a car accident, most no-fault related injuries can have temporary or more permanent back injuries for the back muscle and tissue, shooting pains in the back muscles or lower chronic pain are cause for concern after this type of accident.

These parts of the body after typical in most cases of more serious no-fault car accidents. Compensation is mostly included throughout, but what can the top no-fault doctors do for pain management of these ailments?

No Fault Doctor in Shirley at NYIA

Pain management through physical therapy or other offshoots of pain management is the go-to with the specialists. There are a wide array of exercises to choose from that can help you go from a low point to a high point with the help of pain management. For more information on what the top No Fault Doctor in Shirley can do to help visit our website, today!


No Fault Doctor in Shirley

When you are injured in a car accident, your focus should be on receiving medical care. States that follow a no-fault system allow people to receive medical care without having to worry about how it will be paid. This system ensures people receive the care they need even if they were deemed at fault for the accident. Car accidents requiring No Fault Doctor in Shirley oftentimes affect people’s everyday lives. We want to get our patients back to living normally as they did before their accident. New York Injury Associates has many years of experience making treatment plans that ensure you recover quickly with minimal pain. 

What is No-Fault in a Car Accident?

Many states have not implemented a no-fault system and decided to use the traditional system called no-fault. No-fault insurance is for the medical bills that you receive for care related to your car accident. This insurance is provided to you by your car insurance company and is separate from your medical insurance and the other party’s car insurance. Aspects of much no-fault insurance coverages include:

  • Medical and hospital costs
  • Funeral costs
  • Income loss due to the accident

What Does No-Fault Car Insurance Cover?

While each state’s no-fault insurance varies slightly, it is generally the same between all states. No-fault doctors in Freeport can be utilized for your medical care if you have been injured in a car accident regardless of who caused the accident. No-fault car insurance can usually cover many things related to your medical treatments including:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Orthopedics
  • Surgeries
  • Lost wages for not being able to work

What Does No-Fault Insurance Not Cover?

No-fault insurance can not be used for certain things relating to your accident such as property damages. This is beneficial to motorists because it guarantees medical care to people who might not have medical insurance or who can not afford to pay for their medical bills after being involved in a car accident. Some major things no-fault insurance will not cover includes:

  • Medical bills after the limit are reached
  • Pain and suffering
  • Child care expenses
  • Damage to any property

What States Use No-Fault Insurance?

Only 12 states mandate no-fault insurance: Florida, Minnesota, Hawaii, New Jersey, Kansas, New York, Kentucky, North Dakota, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Utah. Puerto Rico also utilizes the no-fault system. All other states utilize an at-fault system where the person who is deemed responsible for the accident is also responsible for the medical bills the other party faces.  

No Fault Doctor in Shirley

New York Injury Associates offers many services to treat no-fault car accident injuries. Our offices are located all over Long Island and Queens. They are equipped to provide many different types of care including Chiropractic, Neurological, Pain Management, and Orthopedic care. Our practice is multidisciplinary and has a lot of experience providing assistance to attorneys and in legal proceedings. Our office is capable of providing a new diagnosis that either confirms or changes the previous diagnosis you might have received. We can also ensure our clients adhere to requirements to keep them in compliance with their no-fault claims.

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If you are searching for No Fault Doctor in Shirley, New York Injury Associates is a very experienced practice that knows how to work with no-fault insurance and injuries. We believe the only thing someone should have to worry about is getting better and not worrying about dealing with your insurance company. Our doctors will develop a treatment plan specifically for you. We know how car accident injuries can affect people’s everyday lives, so our treatment plans are made to ensure you make a fast recovery with minimal pain.

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