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How Can I Avoid Being Injured At Work?

Unfortunately, depending on the job a person has, you may experience at work either yourself or a colleague get into an accident at the workplace. One way to prevent injuries is by keeping an orderly workplace. Failing to do so can cause serious hazards and put people in jeopardy of getting injured. Another thing every workplace should offer is a safety and wellness plan. The plan would cover all rules of employee safety and health and encourage employees to report hazardous issues and behaviors. This plan helps educate each employee and improves work safety. Our No Fault Doctors in Amityville at New York Injury Associates can help you.

How Can I Avoid Being Injured at Work?

Depending on the job, make sure all safety equipment is being worn as well. As an athlete, wear all required protective gear. If you are in construction, wear a hard hat, glasses and vest. If you work in a restaurant, wear heat gloves when possible to avoid burns, etc. There are so many jobs out there that want to keep their employees as safe as possible and they create many rules and ways we can try to avoid getting hurt at work. Some will help in the long run and some people may never experience an injury at work, but unfortunately, it’s still possible to get hurt in the workplace. 

The most important part is to remember, when an injury does occur, make sure your company, you and other employees are prepared to get them the care the injured person needs, immediately. After an injury, someone high up in the company will have to file a workers accident report, or workers comp claim. After, if necessary, you will be required to go to a workers compensation doctor.

What Does a No Fault Doctors in Amityville Do?

Our workers comp doctor at New York Injury Associates will give you a full body examination and ask you questions about a person’s accident at the workplace and also ask about a person’s overall medical history. The doctor will then assess the injury and see how severe these injuries truly are. From then, depending on the injury, your No Fault Doctors in Amityville has given you exams, X Rays, MRI’s etc. The doctor will go over the cause of the injury and go over what kind of steps are taken next to recover. 

How Does Workers Compensation Work?

The reason your job and insurance might require you to go to a specific doctor rather than just your usual primary care doctor is because a workers’ compensation doctor is authorized by the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board and plays a crucial role in the workers compensation claim process. Not all doctors are authorized to do this. All of your doctor’s paperwork is documented, sent to an workers compensation insurance company and also sent to the company the injury took place at and used to see if whatever treatment is needed can be fully covered and if the injured person can gain any other benefits. The benefits can include the costs of  all the needed doctor’s visits and also certain treatments like, prescription drugs, surgery, occupational therapy, physical therapy, medical supplies and  follow-up care. 

Also if an injury keeps you out of work for longer than two weeks you may be able to receive cash benefits. It is important to visit a workers comp doctor as soon as possible after the injury. Even if you’re not experiencing unbearable pain it is important to go because for some injuries it may take time to show symptoms and also the sooner you go the less likely you are to overdo the injured area and there is a less risk of injuring the area more. 

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A workers comp doctor can do his or her job better if they begin monitoring any injuries as soon as possible. It is essential to remember how important finding the right doctor is, the patient should have complete trust in their physician, should be extremely honest about the whole situation, report all injuries and also to keep all documentation their doctors give them. Our No Fault Doctors in Amityville wants to ensure the safety of all their patients and provide them with the best and appropriate care. Contact New York Injury Associates today to learn more! 

Neurodiagnostic Testing After a Car Accident

No Fault Doctors in Amityville

Our No Fault Doctors in Amityville at New York Injury Associates are prepared to help you in any situation you may encounter in our realm of practice. All of our staff seeks to help in any way they can, but what does that look like? We see it every day when our team puts a smile on our patron’s faces. It’s our dedication to the strengthening of the self. It’s the dedication to making sure you understand the ailments and conditions you may have, and it is the dedication to assessing your situation to optimize your treatment. Hence, you leave our center stronger than when you came in. For more information on how New York Injury Associates can help you or a loved one in need or assessment or pain management, we implore you to visit our website today!

What are Neurodiagnostics?

Neurodiagnostics are an important part of any injury assessment process and taken seriously when judged critically following an accident. Suppose you’re looking for a No-Fault Doctor who performs ideas such as Neurodiagnostics. In that case, there is no better place to go than New York Injury associates for quality and thorough assessment for neurodiagnostic or other bodily assessments. Neurodiagnostic testing ensures that the connections between the brain functioning the central nervous system are secure. This positive evaluation can make further pain management possible without a further diagnosis of any nerve damage or condition.

Now that we can understand what neurodiagnostic testing is, we can be better equipped to understand how it works and why someone might want to get the testing done after something like a car accident. Our No Fault Doctors in Amityville are more than equipped for taking on the testing procedures, so we’re more than capable of going further with the subject at hand. Firstly, testing like this starts by evaluating the strength and speed of the nerves’ conduction. This means that electrical impulses are sent throughout the nerves to test their reaction speed to your body’s typical control. This means that comparatively, if your nerves are up to par with a typical individual with healthy nerves, the test comes out positive, meaning nothing was found to prove nerve damage. However, if the testing proves that some of the nerves tested were not up to snuff, further testing and evaluation of the damage is the next step to diagnosing the ailment you possess. 

The procedures follow electrodes placed and used to stimulate the nerves closest to the skin and test their reaction. Other electrodes are also used comparatively to record and test against other nerves located within the body to compare. Further tests can yield different results based on their testing, such as the transcranial Doppler test, which tests the blood flow through brain vessels using ultrasounds technology to see the movement of blood through the brain. And a continuation of the first test mentioned would be the evoked potentials test to transmit electrical signals through the spinal cord and how strong those transmissions.

No Fault Doctors in Amityville

The nervous system functions are essential for the body and should be treated with care by one of our top no-fault doctors in Bed-Stay. There are many reasons you should be seeing a specialist like our own for a neurological exam after a car accident. The most important is to improve the nervous system’s condition and function to make sure it doesn’t go unchecked. If something wrong with the nervous system goes undiagnosed, then we’re leaving it up to chance to make sure that no central nervous system damage was caused during the event of an accident. We specialize in no-fault care to call our patients, so it’s crucial to come in when needing assistance from a professional after an accident. 

The next most important reason why someone wants to come into our center in the event of a car accident for a neurodiagnostic examination is for relief of symptoms. As stated previously, we wouldn’t want symptoms to go unchecked. Relief and management of any pain or discomfort are important for peace of mind in our field. For more information on how to receive great care at an affordable rate by one of our top-rated professionals, visit our website today!


No Fault Doctors in Amityville

Our team at New York Injury Associates is here to give you the affordable quality care you can’t help but tell your loved ones about. The care we provide is contagious and spreads rapidly. We provide care for people from all walks of life. Whether you’re young, old, injured, or just curious about our practice, we’re here to provide assistance to our patrons every step of the way. Not only do we implore our clients to come in rights when something hurts, we implore patrons to get involved with us if they have any questions or concerns about our field. For more information about our No Fault Doctors in Amityville, our practice, or anything else we can provide we implore you to visit our website today.

No-Fault Accidents

Whether you’ve heard stories through friends, you or a loved one has been in one, or you’re just researching, no-fault accidents can be traumatic. The hassle they can cause not only disrupts the flow of life, but it also disrupts the body in incredibly serious ways. The body usually takes a few days to recover from the adrenaline rush of a serious car accident, so the diagnosis of serious injury after something like a no-fault accident is critical, but sadly, often overlooked. The top No Fault Doctors in Amityville, New York Injury Associates, recommend that you not only seek out a diagnosis of any slight pain after the accident, but you keep lifting and exercise light after the accidents as to avoid any unnecessary over-exertion. 

No-fault accidents are typically the kind to see that vehicle insurance is compensated for in their scenario. However, the next form of compensation or a no-fault accident on the medical side, taking care of expenses and accidental injuries that had happened. At New York Injury Associates, the top No Fault Doctors in Amityville, we strive to achieve every penny of compensation provided to the survivor of the no-fault incident. We care and treat every one of our patrons like they rely on us, we provide them quality service, and they leave with the critical tools they need to manage their pain.

No-Fault Accidents and Pain Management

Some parts of the body are extremely susceptible to injuries in car accidents and are even more susceptible to being overlooked in a diagnosis. The best way to combat this is to visit one of our No Fault Doctors in Amityville for a diagnosis right after the crash. Either way, it’s important to educate yourself on the top injuries involved with car accidents:

  • Herniated disc– the movements of discs located in the spine are often found due to the impact of the boy hitting the airbag, this causes disc movements that worsens over time as it pushes against the central nervous system.
  • Whiplash – the jarring sudden movement of  the neck and ligaments connecting the torso and neck cause whiplash to occur from the impact involved with any no-fault accident, this can be identified by the sudden stiffness in part or all of the neck at any given point and chronic pain riddling the neck.
  • Soft tissue damage – any given soft tissue located in either the back or torso is a concern when dealing with car accidents. Similar to the whiplash, soft tissue can tear and be injured easily from a sudden, jarring movement that causes a tear, this is identified by either stiffness or shooting pain from any pocket of soft tissue.
  • Lower-back injuries – With the awkward bend in the back that is forced from the impact of a car accident, most no-fault related injuries can have temporary or more permanent back injuries for the back muscle and tissue, shooting pains in the back muscles or lower chronic pain are cause for concern after this type of accident.

These parts of the body after typical in most cases of more serious no-fault car accidents. Compensation is mostly included throughout, but what can the top no-fault doctors do for pain management of these ailments?

No Fault Doctors in Amityville at NYIA

Pain management through physical therapy or other offshoots of pain management is the go-to with the specialists. There are a wide array of exercises to choose from that can help you go from a low point to a high point with the help of pain management. For more information on what the top No Fault Doctors in Amityville can do to help visit our website, today!


What is Whiplash? 

No Fault Doctors in Amityville

According to Mayo Clinic, Whiplash is a neck injury due to forceful, rapid back-and-forth movement of the neck. Whiplash can be caused for many reasons, for example, rear-end car accidents or sports accidents. These are not the only reasons how whiplash can be caused there are others like, physical abuse and various types of traumas. Our No Fault Doctors in Amityville at New York Injury Associates can treat you when you become injured due to any of the reasons that may cause whiplash. Do not waste any time because the sooner you get treated the faster you will be able to heal.

What kind of symptoms develop during Whiplash? 

Having any type of symptom is horrible because they affect your body in various ways. The type of whiplash symptoms that a person may have been:

  • Neck stiffness 
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness 
  • Headaches 
  • Sleepless nights
  • Depression
  • Blurred vision 

To treat your medical condition with whiplash you must seek an No Fault Doctors in Amityville. The only person who will understand your medical condition is a certified doctor. Our No Fault Doctors in Amityville will understand your symptoms well and help you cure your pain. When you visit New York Injury Associates, we will ask you several questions before we begin with any further examinations of your whiplash. Our No Fault Doctors in Amityville may check your neck motion, the degree of motion that causes you pain, tenderness of your neck and shoulders. When you visit us we understand your health and we take the responsibility of meeting every end of your mobilization. 

How can whiplash be cured or what might your doctor refer to?

  • Rest- you might need some bed rest for a week that may recover you fast.
  • Medications- the doctor may prescribe you some medications that will improve your pain.
  • Heat or Cold- giving heat or coolness to your injured area for a specific time can help you sleep better with better blood flows.
  • Injections- if the medication does not work for you the doctor might give you an injection that may strengthen your weakened muscles.  

What happens if you leave Whiplash untreated? 

Whiplash does not heal by itself therefore, it is important to get treated on time. Just like other injuries, there can be many side effects to your body. For example, severe pain can cause a disc disease. Many elderly will not be able to do their daily activities that may lead to a lack of motion. Therefore, there will always be a risk of falling, which can cause more complications to elderlies. At New York Injury Associates, we are fully aware of COVID-19, and we are taking precautions to prevent this disease from spreading. To keep our clients protected, we have implemented new safety measures, which include:

  • Offering telehealth visits for patients uncomfortable with traveling.
  • Routine temperature checks of both patients and staff before any treatment. 
  • Staff members are required to wear N95 masks and gloves all the time while at the office.
  • Anyone coming from outside is also required to wear masks.
  • Sanitation is done every day.

Contact Our No Fault Doctors in Amityville!

During these tough times we know how difficult situations can be, and that is why we want you to stay in touch with us if you are suffering from whiplash. Do not wait because we will fully help you recover from your injury whether it is from an accident or a personal injury. Whiplash is a painful injury that may require a long time if you do not seek medical help quickly and on time. We are also happy to work closely with your attorneys to assist with any legal action that needs to be taken. To learn more about how we can help you please feel free to call us or email us!  

No-Fault Doctors in Amityville: Your Trusted Partners in Injury Recovery

In the aftermath of an accident, finding the right medical care can make all the difference in your recovery journey. At NY Injury Associates, we specialize in providing comprehensive care to those who have been injured in accidents, offering a wide range of services including injury treatment, physical therapy, chiropractic care, and more. If you’re in Amityville and looking for experienced and compassionate no-fault doctors, look no further. In this article, we’ll delve into the services offered by NY Injury Associates, highlighting our commitment to helping you get back on your feet. Schedule an appointment with our team and contact us today!

The Importance of Immediate Care After an Accident

Accidents, whether they’re car accidents, work-related incidents, or sports injuries, can lead to a wide range of physical issues. Immediate medical attention is crucial not only for diagnosing hidden injuries but also for starting the recovery process as soon as possible. NY Injury Associates understands the urgency of such situations, and our team of expert doctors and specialists is dedicated to providing you with the highest level of care.

Our Comprehensive Services

1. Personalized Treatment Plans

Every injury is unique, and our no-fault doctors recognize that fact. We take the time to understand the specifics of your injury, its severity, and how it affects your daily life. With this information, we create personalized treatment plans that address your individual needs. From diagnostic assessments to comprehensive treatment methods, our goal is to facilitate a smooth and effective recovery process.

2. Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy

Rehabilitation is a crucial aspect of the recovery journey. Our skilled physical therapists work closely with you to develop exercise routines and therapies that target your specific injury or condition. Whether you’re dealing with soft tissue damage, joint pain, or recovering from surgery, our physical therapy sessions are designed to improve mobility, strength, and overall function.

3. Chiropractic Care for Pain Relief

Chiropractic care plays a significant role in pain management and overall wellness. Our experienced chiropractors specialize in providing adjustments that can alleviate pain, improve spinal alignment, and enhance your body’s natural healing mechanisms. Whether you’re dealing with chronic pain, whiplash, or back injuries, chiropractic care can be an effective solution.

4. No-Fault Insurance Expertise

Navigating the world of no-fault insurance claims can be overwhelming, especially when you’re focused on your recovery. Our team has extensive experience in working with insurance carriers and can assist you with the necessary paperwork and documentation. We strive to make the process as seamless as possible, allowing you to focus on getting better.

Your Path to Recovery

NY Injury Associates is committed to providing the highest quality care to our patients in Amityville, Massapequa and beyond. Our no-fault doctors, along with our expert staff, are dedicated to helping you recover from your injuries and regain your quality of life. Whether you’ve been involved in a car accident, suffered a work-related injury, or are dealing with chronic pain, our comprehensive services are designed to address your specific needs.