No Fault Doctors in Aquebogue

No Fault Doctors in Aquebogue

New York State is considered a “no-fault” state. This means when you get into an accident, your insurance covers certain costs, such as medical bills and lost wages. This rule applies no matter who was responsible for the accident. At New York Injury Associates, we have a team of staff and No Fault Doctors in Aquebogue able to provide medical assistance to patients and assist in no-fault car accident cases.

What Is Covered Under No-Fault Rules?

Your no-fault or Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage will apply to and pay the following losses that result after obtaining an injury after a car accident:

These expenses will only be covered if the car accident injury was incurred by:

How To Step Outside No-Fault Car Insurance

To step outside the rules of the no-fault system, your injuries resulting from the accident must meet a specific “serious injury” threshold set by state law. When you step outside the no-fault system, you can directly pursue a claim against the driver who caused the accident. Injuries that are considered serious under this threshold and can be addressed by our No Fault Doctors in Aquebogue include:

Minimum Car Insurance Coverage Requirements

To legally drive a motor vehicle in New York State, vehicle owners must have a certain amount of insurance on their car. The minimum requirements include the following coverage:

Suppose you are found responsible for causing an accident, and the injured persons’ losses exceed the limits of your car insurance policy. In that case, you may find yourself personally responsible for making up the difference.

Will a No-Fault Accident Affect My Insurance?

In New York State, sometimes a no-fault accident can increase your insurance premium. However, insurance companies are forbidden from raising your monthly payments if the accident caused less than $2000 in material damages, no one was injured, and the claim is within your insurance policy limits. However, if these prerequisites are not met, then there is a highly likely chance your insurance rates will increase. This is because your insurance company will identify you as someone who poses a risk to them. After all, you have gotten in an accident. Our No Fault Doctors in Aquebogue can help you understand these requirements.

When Do Car Accident Insurance Premiums Not Go Up?

In some cases where the accident was out of your control, insurance rates will stay the same after the accident. Some specific examples of when your premiums are likely to stay the same include:

Types of Injuries We See At No Fault Doctors in Aquebogue

Multiple types of injuries can result from getting involved in a car accident. Our No Fault Doctors in Aquebogue can evaluate and treat these injuries. Some examples of car accident injuries include:

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Consider our team if you need legal help with your car accident case or medical attention from our No Fault Doctors in Aquebogue. At New York Injury Associates, we help patients get back to full strength after an accident. Contact us today if you were affected by a car accident and seek medical attention for your injury. 

    There are around 2 million injuries resulting from car accidents in the United States each year. You may be a smart and safe driver, but an accident can, unfortunately, still occur. It is best to be prepared and know the types of injuries and the various injuries that can result. If you become injured from a car accident, our No Fault Doctors in Aquebogue can assist. At New York Injury Associates, we can offer you an evaluation and proper treatment.

    Types of Car Accidents

    Accidents happen, and car damage and injuries may result when they do. It is wise to be informed about the type of accidents to be aware of what can happen. Some types of car accidents include:

    No Fault Doctors in Aquebogue

    How To Avoid an Accident

    To avoid an accident and prevent the chance of injury or damage occurring, follow these tips:

    Soft Tissue Injuries Resulting From a Car Accident That We See At No Fault Doctors in Aquebogue

    The most common type of injury resulting from a collision with another vehicle is a soft tissue injury. A soft tissue injury involves damage to the body’s connective tissues, such as the muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Soft tissue injuries can take on many forms, such as whiplash or a back injury. Whiplash occurs when the neck and upper back muscles are stretched due to a sudden movement, causing pain and stiffness. Car accidents can also cause mid or low-back muscle sprains due to the impact against the spine. If you experienced whiplash or a back injury due to a car accident, contact our No Fault Doctors in Aquebogue.

    Scrapes and Cuts

    Scrapes and cuts can also occur during a car accident because loose objects in the car can be projected. Most cuts and scrapes are minor and don’t need serious attention, but if it is a deeper cut, then stitches can be necessary. Airbags can also cause scrapes and cuts if they deploy during a collision.

    Head Injuries

    Minor or severe head injuries can result from a car accident. The heads of the driver or its passengers can be moved in unnatural ways, resulting in injury to the neck or back. The head can also be injured if it is hit by something, like a window or the steering wheel. Some examples of injuries to the head include:

    Chest Injuries

    Various chest injuries can also be common after a car accident. Painful bruises, broken ribs, and internal injuries are some chest injuries that may occur. Chest injuries most often occur due to the chest colliding with an object like the steering wheel, seatbelt, or dashboard. See our No Fault Doctors in Aquebogue if you receive a chest injury from a car accident.

    Arm, Knee, and Leg Injuries

    Your arms and legs can be hit against the door during a collision. The knees can also face injuries if they hit the dashboard or the seats in front of them. Some specific injuries the arms, knees, and legs can face include:

    No Fault Doctors in Aquebogue- What Happens to Your Body After a Car Accident?

    You may not always be able to detect an injury right after a car accident due to adrenaline. That is why it is essential to be aware of symptoms after the accident occurs. Depending on the type and severity of the injury, it may take days or weeks for pain and discomfort to appear. If you face an injury after a car accident, seek medical treatment from our No Fault Doctors in Aquebogue. 

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    At New York Injury Associates, we can provide medical assistance to car accident victims and can assist in legal cases when possible. OurNo Fault Doctors in Aquebogue are prepared to diagnose you and help you recover from an injury resulting from a collision. Contact our team to get started on your road to recovery.

    No Fault Doctors in Aquebogue

    Accidents occur when you least expect them to and can be costly and stressful for all parties involved. The stress, not only in the moment but also in the aftermath, while dealing with any injuries that may have occurred can be very overwhelming. In most states, financial responsibility is placed upon the person who caused the accident to occur. However, twelve states, including New York, require drivers to have no-fault insurance, but exactly what this means can become confusing. If you or a loved one are looking for No Fault Doctors in Aquebogue, New York Injury Associates can help.

    What is No-Fault Insurance?

    Having no-fault insurance means that if one is injured due to a car accident, their car insurance will cover the costs. This is the biggest difference between a no-fault and a fault-based insurance system. In states that do not have a no-fault policy, you can normally file a claim for compensation against the at-fault driver through their insurance. However, to do this, you need to prove that it was the other person’s fault and not your own to the insurance company, which can be a long, complicated process. No-fault claims are much simpler and are made through provisions of a car insurance policy called “personal injury protection” (PIP). PIP is required, on top of basic liability insurance, by no-fault states to legally drive, however, the rules differ from state to state. If you are located in a state that does not require PIP, you can usually add the coverage to your insurance. The purpose of no-fault insurance is to save time and money while also reducing the likelihood of lawsuits. You also do not need to worry about your claim being denied by the insurance company if they feel there is no proper evidence of it being the other party’s fault. If you require medical assistance after an accident, a PIP payout can help you to pay for any treatment you may need. If you have been involved in an accident and need No Fault Doctors in Aquebogue, contact New York Injury Associates. 

    ​​Claims You Can Make

    A no-fault insurance claim is also frequently called a PIP claim. It covers a wide range of financial burdens that may have occurred due to an accident. The following list includes different claims that can be made under no-fault insurance:

    It is important to understand that while you can file a claim for all of the above reasons, you cannot file a claim to get compensation for pain and suffering.