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Our independently owned and operated group offers evaluations and treatment in Chiropractic, Orthopedic, Neurological Care, Physical Therapy, Pain Management, and many other specialties.

No Fault Doctors in Bed-Stuy

New York Injury Associates is a multi-disciplinary group focused on providing medical assistance to patients and assisting in legal cases when possible.  We operate out of 14 locations across Long Island and Queens, focusing on eight different medical specialties.  One of our primary goals is to help patients get back to full strength, which is why we offer both same day and advanced scheduled appointments.  


We also understand the importance of delivering on all legal requests in a timely fashion.  When your clients come to us for care, they become our responsibility.  Our staff is experienced in stewarding patient compliance, ensuring any potential negligence on their end does not jeopardize the validity of any possible legal action.  From providing medical attention for patients to organizing medical and legal documents for attorneys, our team will do everything in their power to help reach the optimal outcome.

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New York Injury Associates knows one of the most common injuries people may experience are automobile accidents. New York has many cars driving nowadays, which can make a car accident more probable to occur. There are many factors to consider when figuring out the cause of a car accident, but mostly it is caused due to an error made by a driver. Many injuries can vary from minor injuries to severe consequences. Several types of common injuries occur during an automobile accident. Our auto accident doctor in Richmond Hill has helped many patients with automobile accident-related injuries. Let’s take a look at some common injuries from an automobile accident and how they are caused. 

No Fault Doctors in Bed-Stuy

Causes of Auto Accidents

Driving safely and cautiously is the most important thing to do when driving an automobile. This, however, won’t always prevent a car accident. Other drivers on the road could be driving in an unsafe condition that can cause an accident. There are several common causes of car accidents occurring. One of the most common causes of a car accident is distracted driving. Distracted driving is considered the leading cause of car accidents. 

Examples of distracted driving are texting, eating, phone calls, and reading while driving. It’s extremely important to pay close attention when driving to prevent a distracted driving car accident. The second common cause is drunk driving. Drunk driving causes the most dangerous and deadliest car accident outcomes. Driving under the influence can have extremely serious consequences. If you have had an alcoholic beverage, consider taking an uber or taxi instead of driving to prevent any serious accident from occurring. Another cause of car accidents can be the weather. Certain weather conditions like heavy rain or snow can cause slippery roads and interfere with visibility. You should be very careful or try to avoid driving in dangerous weather conditions. Finally, speeding can also be a common factor in a car accident. Driving within the speed limit is important to prevent a car accident. Car accidents can be caused by several things and lead to many injuries. 

Common Injuries from an Auto Accident

Car accidents can lead to many different outcomes varying from minor to severe. Several common injuries are associated with a car accident:


    • Soft Tissue Injuries: These are connective tissue damage to the ligaments, muscles, or tendons caused by an automobile accident. Soft tissue injuries are the most common injuries to occur from a car accident. Whiplash is one of the most common soft tissue injuries from a car accident. Whiplash happens when your neck and head muscles stretch from the sudden motions of the car accident. 

    • Scrapes and Cuts: These injuries occur if there are loose objects in the car that can cause injury to that inside of the car during an accident.

    • Head Injuries: Head injuries caused during a car accident can range from minor to severe. Whiplash or a minor concussion are examples of minor injuries to occur during an accident. Closed head injuries can cause severe brain damage or skull injuries. People can lose their memory or change in personality from these injuries.

    •  Chest Injuries: Chest injuries can also vary from minor to severe. Minor chest injuries would be bruises or contusions. Severe chest injuries can cause internal organ damage or broken ribs.

    • Arm and Leg Injuries: Unnatural, sudden movements tend to be the main cause of arm and leg injuries. Some injuries can result in bruises or delay the symptoms to almost a month after the accident.

What is Whiplash? 


According to Mayo Clinic, Whiplash is a neck injury due to the neck’s forceful, rapid back-and-forth movement. Whiplash can be caused for many reasons, for example, rear-end car accidents or sports accidents. These are not the only reasons how whiplash can be caused there are others like, physical abuse and various types of traumas. Our no fault Doctors in Bed-Stuy at New York Injury Associates can treat you when you become injured due to any of the reasons that may cause whiplash. Do not waste any time because the sooner you get treated the faster you will be able to heal.

What kind of symptoms develop during Whiplash? 

Having any type of symptom is horrible because they affect your body in various ways. The type of whiplash symptoms that a person may have been:


    • Neck stiffness 

    • Fatigue

    • Dizziness 

    • Headaches 

    • Sleepless nights

    • Depression

    • Blurred vision 

To treat your medical condition with whiplash you must seek an no fault Doctors in Bed-Stuy. The only person who will understand your medical condition is a certified doctor. No fault doctors in Bed-Stuy will understand your symptoms well and help you cure your pain. When you visit New York Injury Associates, we will ask you several questions before we begin with any further examinations of your whiplash. Our no fault Doctors in Bed-Stuy may check your neck motion, the degree of motion that causes you pain, tenderness of your neck and shoulders. When you visit us we understand your health and we take the responsibility of meeting every end of your mobilization. 

How can whiplash be cured or what might your doctor refer to?


    • Rest- you might need some bed rest for a week that may recover you fast.

    • Medications- the doctor may prescribe some medications that improve your pain.

    • Heat or Cold- giving heat or coolness to your injured area for a specific time can help you sleep better with better blood flows.

    • Injections- if the medication does not work for you the doctor might give you an injection that may strengthen your weakened muscles.  

What happens if you leave Whiplash untreated? 

Whiplash does not heal by itself therefore, it is important to get treated on time. Just like other injuries, there can be many side effects to your body. For example, severe pain can cause a disc disease. Many elderly will not be able to do their daily activities that may lead to a lack of motion. Therefore, there will always be a risk of falling, which can cause more complications to elderlies. At New York Injury Associates, we are fully aware of COVID-19 and taking precautions to prevent this disease from spreading. To keep our clients protected, we have implemented new safety measures, which include:


    • Offering telehealth visits for patients uncomfortable with traveling.

    • Routine temperature checks of both patients and staff before any treatment. 

    • Staff members are required to wear N95 masks and gloves all the time while at the office.

    • Anyone coming from outside is also required to wear masks.

    • Sanitation is done every day



Chiropractic Treatment For Neck Injuries

Chiropractors are some of the best specialists to find solutions to your neck pain and help foster your pain management goals. When it comes to what Chiropractors can offer, there is a lot of variety in the ways and attempts that can be made when experiencing chronic or severe neck pain. These can range from neck adjustment called cervical manipulation and vertebrae alignment. This vertebrae alignment allows the discs in the top areas of the spine to refocus and manage the inflammation being caused in the nerves. This, combined with cervical manipulation, which is the adjustment of joints, making them looser and less tense, can lead to a better sense of relief and pain management when using a chiropractor for solutions pertaining to neck pain.


When thinking about treatments for neck injuries, the most important thing is to first understand the causes of neck injuries. These causes can range from pinched nerves in any part of the neck, to severely herniated discs that can cause serious inflammation in the nerve. That is why when our patrons coming in from car accidents complain about neck pain, our no fault doctors in Bed-Stuy at New York Injury Associates typically recommends a multitude of common procedures to help manage and reduce the pain stemming from the neck after a serious auto accident.


If you or a loved one has recently been involved in an auto accident and is complaining of chronic or severe neck pain, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our excellent no fault doctors in Bed-Stuy. Our professionals are highly-rated and push for the best care and pain management for some of the most affordable prices on the island. For more information on how you or a loved one can get in contact with one of our professionals, visit our website and contact us, today!

Chiropractic Treatment for Neck Injuries

Chiropractors are some of the best specialists to find solutions to your neck pain and help foster your pain management goals. When it comes to what Chiropractors can offer, there is a lot of variety in the ways and attempts that can be made when experiencing chronic or severe neck pain. These can range from neck adjustment called cervical manipulation and vertebrae alignment. This vertebrae alignment allows the discs in the top areas of the spine to refocus and manage the inflammation being caused in the nerves. This, combined with cervical manipulation, which is the adjustment of joints, making them looser and less tense, can lead to a better sense of relief and pain management when using a chiropractor for solutions pertaining to neck pain.

Can Neurological Damage Occur From an Auto Accident?

Automobile accidents are one of the main causes for experiencing neurological damage. Head-on collisions are often the reason for someone experiencing a brain injury. If you have experienced any head or neck trauma, be sure to get checked out by our no fault doctors in Bed-Stuyas soon as possible. When getting into a car accident, it can be possible to not even know you have neurological damage. Symptoms you may experience if you have neurological damage are:


    • Headaches 

    • Migraines 

    • Numbness 

    • Blurred vision

    • Difficulty speaking 

    • Memory problems 


How Can An Auto Accident Doctor in Bed-Stuy Help Treat You?

It is often found that people will think they are ok after an accident, but that may not be the case. This is why it is important to see an auto accident doctor after a car accident to get checked out.  If you have experienced brain damage, doctors can quickly figure out what part of the brain is injured due to your symptoms. 

Each of the four lobes is responsible for different things. The four lobes of the brain are Temporal, occipital, parietal, and frontal. The Temporal lobe is responsible for speaking and making judgments, the occipital is responsible for vision, the parietal is responsible for your five senses, and the frontal lobe is responsible for memory. If you think you are experiencing any issues in regards to speaking, memory, or vision after an auto accident, come see our no fault doctors in Bed-Stuy.   


Methods Of Testing and Treatment

Nerve damage can be diagnosed depending on the symptom you experience and getting tests done. Doctors will first ask how your injury was obtained and the symptoms you experience. Once they get a better understanding of your injury, they will then move to the next step that is testing. There are various tests that can be done to determine the type of injury. The test you may have to get done are:


    • May include CT scans or MRI’s to determine any injury or possible bleeding in the brain.

    • Blood Test

    • Image testing

    • Used to test for any possible infections that could potentially be a cause for injury

    • A test is used to target areas in the brain that focus on memory and concentration

    • Brain evaluations

Once the doctor has determined your type of injury, they will discuss treatment options. Treatment options can vary depending on the injury and the severity of the injury. If you have experienced a severe brain injury, you may need surgery but if the injury is minor, you may be recommended to some therapy treatments. 

Some therapy options can be occupational therapy, physical therapy, psychotherapy, and speech/language therapy. Brain injuries can take time to completely recover. Sometimes people can never fully recover, but getting the proper treatment will ensure your recovery goes as best as possible. It is important to remember that everyone is different and recovery takes a lot of time and effort. 

What Should You Do in a Car Accident

Car accidents can happen at any time, regardless of how careful you are while driving. Even minor collisions can cause injuries that require medical attention. That’s why it’s essential to know what to do in case you’re involved in a car accident. In this article, we’ll discuss what steps to take after an accident and the importance of seeking medical care, including no-fault doctors in bedford-stuyvesant NY.

Importance of Seeking Medical Care After a Car Accident

The first thing you should do after you been involved in car accidents is to ensure that everyone involved is safe. If anyone is injured, call for emergency medical services immediately. Even if no one appears to be hurt, it’s still important to exchange insurance information with the other driver and call the police to report the accident. Once the immediate safety concerns are addressed, seek medical attention for any injuries sustained in the accident. Even if you feel fine, some injuries, such as chronic pain or swelling, may not present themselves until later. It’s essential to see a physician, surgeon or physical therapist especially if you experience any discomfort or disorder.

If you have no-fault insurance, you may be able to see a no-fault doctor in Bed Stuy or a physician who specializes in treating injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents. These doctors can diagnose and treat injuries such as knee or elbow dislocation, bone fractures, and overuse injuries. They may also provide rehabilitation and treatment plans to prevent long-term complications.

No-Fault Doctors in Bed-Stuy: Specialized Medical Care for Car Accident Injuries

It’s essential to verify that your insurance coverage will compensate you for medical services provided by these physicians. Some insurance companies may deny claims for medical care from doctors in Brooklyn or Bed-Stuy, so it’s crucial to confirm your right amount of coverage. Your primary care physician or a diagnostic specialist may also be able to diagnose and treat any injuries sustained in the accident. However, they may not specialize in treating injuries resulting from car accidents. In some cases, they may not be able to bill your car insurance company directly, so you may need to pay out of pocket and submit a claim with your insurance company. Book an appointment with our provider for treatment with your no fault insurance today!

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