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Has your neck suffered from injury or soreness? One possible reason for neck pain is Whiplash. This injury occurs when the neck quickly moves in an irregular motion. Typically, whiplash occurs in auto accidents, but many actions like sports collisions can strain the neck. If you feel consistent soreness or pain in your neck from an auto collision, the no fault doctors in Calverton is willing to help! Below are some examples of symptoms of whiplash and possible treatment options that the New York Injury Associates offer.

Common Symptoms of Whiplash

  • Neck Pain and Stiffness – sometimes called “locked-neck” can feel like you cannot move your neck
  • pain neck movement – after experiencing whiplash, worsening pain can occur the more one tries to move their neck.
  • range of motion – loss of motion in the neck, pain in sudden movements
  • Headaches- most often starting at the base of the skull, developing from muscle tension
  • Tenderness- or pain in the shoulder, upper back, or arms
  • Tingling or numbness- in the arms or neck area, usually consistent since injury occurrence
  • Neck Fatigue- after moving the neck throughout the day, the neck becomes weak and tired
  • Dizziness- feeling lightheaded or of balance due to the rapid motion of the whiplash injury

If you feel that you are suffering from any of these symptoms after a car accident, the best option is to visit the no fault doctors in Calverton. It is important when dealing with a neck injury not to overlook the possibility of broken bones. Our specialists at New York Injury Associates will diagnose the injury and provide the best treatment that you deserve.

Chiropractic Treatment for Whiplash

The no fault doctors in Calverton provides Chiropractic treatment for all forms of neck pain. They help relieve pain by readjusting the neck and allowing the surrounding muscles, nerves, and bones to be restored to normal. The chiropractor will administer force to the area of the neck injury and help restore neck functionality.

What Should I Expect During a Chiropractic Adjustment?

A typical Chiropractic session includes multiple positions on a padded table that allows the patient to be comfortable and receive the best treatment. The chiropractor will use their hands to administer a jolt of force into areas where a patient suffers from pain. The sudden force moves the patient’s joints and releases any tension that was previously felt. The force that a Chiropractor is applying only moves the joints as they were intended to move. The only result of the sudden movement administered is a “cracking” sound of the patient’s joints.

What Results Does the Treatment Provide for My Neck Pain?

At the Auto Accident Doctor of Bed-Stuy, we offer quality service to each of our patients. We feel that each patient should get the treatment they deserve. Chiropractic treatment for whiplash is a great way to get professional help for your pain and see results quickly. Some examples of results after chiropractic care:

  • Pain Reduction– pain relief may take a day or two to see results, but after several sessions with a chiropractor, the pain will be noticeably reduced.
  • Range of Motion– many patients find that they gain mobility in their backs after treatment. Developing the movement of the back will help all injuries, including whiplash.
  • Ease of stiffness-Whiplash usually makes the neck stiff and hinders the ability to do daily activities. The chiropractic care at the auto accident doctor of Bed-Stuy will provide relief and restore neck functionality.

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If you are experiencing any of these symptoms and want to schedule an appointment with an no fault doctors in Calverton, contact us at New York Injury Associates. We want to make sure your injuries are treated with the best care. Chiropractic Care is an effective tool for recovery and will help you to get the relief you deserve.

no fault doctors in Calverton

No-fault cases can be confusing and stressful to deal with on your own. If you were injured in a car accident, determining suitable care can be a challenge when your main focus should be on recovery. If you need a no fault doctors in Calverton, New York Injury Associates is your best resource! Our focus is to provide you with medical assistance and support in legal cases when possible. Our main priority is to always help you reach the optimal outcome in your personal injury case.  

How it Works

In no-fault states, drivers are required to carry Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance. This car insurance coverage applies even if you were not driving during the accident. In the instance of a no-fault car accident, your insurance will cover some or all of your medical bills from a car accident regardless of who was at fault in the crash. This type of coverage can also cover lost wages from the time of the accident in some cases. 

Although no-fault insurance covers medical costs, the expenses incurred from damage to your vehicle are not covered by no-fault insurance. This expense would need to be covered by either the other driver’s liability policy or your collision insurance. In New York State, the no-fault system prevents victims from filing a claim for damages against the other driver to cover medical expenses.

New York Injury Associates

At New York Injury Associates, we specialize in connecting clients with a variety of services including, chiropractic, physical therapy, orthopedic, pain management, neurology, acupuncture, massage therapy, and digital range of motion care. In addition to medical support, our staff is also available to assist you if you’re looking to file a lawsuit. Our staff is experienced in securing the validity of any possible legal action. 

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At New York Injury Associates, our goal is to help you get back on your feet after suffering from a car crash, workers’ comp accident, or personal injury. Our no fault doctors in Freeport are specially trained to provide all of our clients with the best possible care and information. If you are searching for a no fault doctors in Calverton, contact New York Injury Associates today! To schedule an appointment, call or visit our website today!

Car accidents can be extremely traumatic experiences. Approximately 3 million people are involved in car accidents each year in the U.S. Car accidents can result in minor injuries, or worse, a fatality. At New York Injury Associates, we have the best no fault doctors in Calverton! Our multidisciplinary team will work with you to best coordinate your care and treat your injury.

What to Do After a Car Accident: No Fault Doctors In Calverton

It is crucial to seek out immediate medical treatment following a car accident, even if you believe that you are perfectly fine. This will give you the chance to undergo an X-ray and undergo tests to highlight any potential underlying issues. Some injuries may not be noticed immediately, and by delaying treatment, you may cause further damage. Some common car accident injuries include: 

  • Whiplash- This occurs when your neck muscles extend beyond their normal limits, causing them to tear, as a result of a sudden back and forth motion stemming from a rear-end collision.  You may experience symptoms such as pain, dizziness, and stiffness a few days after the  accident.
  • Concussion- This can occur as a result of whiplash or other blows to your head.  You may experience memory loss, blurred vision, or headaches immediately after the accident or months later.
  • Bruised sternum- You can bruise your sternum, or breastbone, by slamming it against your seat belt or steering wheel.   It may cause pain when breathing or coughing, bruising, or swelling.
  • Broken neck- This is a very serious injury that could possibly damage your spinal cord causing temporary or permanent paralysis.  Depending on the extent of the injury, you may experience severe pain, difficulty walking, or the inability to move your neck, arms, and legs.

At New York Injury Associates, we offer physical therapy, chiropractic care, pain management, etc… When you contact us, we will ask you to provide your location and ask you questions about your injury so that you could be directed to the appropriate site for the best possible treatment.  If you have already received medical care following your accident, our no fault doctors in Calverton can still conduct a full examination to ensure that you’ve received a proper diagnosis and will help you understand the full extent of your injuries.  Our team has extensive experience working with patients involved in legal cases and will provide treatment and documentation in a timely manner to help your claim.  

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If you have recently been involved in a car accident and are currently seeking treatment, then contact us at New York Injury Associates today to schedule your same day appointment!  We also offer telehealth visits for patients who are not yet comfortable traveling to our office.  If you would like additional information about our services, then feel free to visit our website.