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Who Are The New York Injury Associates?

At New York Injury Associates, we take no-fault insurance to better help patients like you make a full recovery.  However, taking this type of insurance means patients need to meet specific standards to remain covered.  Showing up for all scheduled appointments and playing an active role in recovery is imperative.  Additionally, if you are looking to file a lawsuit against the person or company who caused you harm, you’ll need expert medical testimonies to receive a favorable outcome in court.  Our staff will work diligently to ensure you meet all the requirements for this to happen and keep all medical files neatly organized to send to an attorney on your behalf. So if you’ve been searching for no fault doctors near me, you can rest assured that your search is over!



When you or your client contacts our team for help, there are various aspects that one should expect. Should your client call, we will first ask for their location and the nature of their injury. After gathering the necessary information, we will direct them to the location that will offer the most benefits. In most cases, we can provide patients with same-day appointments, but we’re also happy to work around their schedule. When an attorney is the one to contact us for legal assistance, we’ll ask similar questions regarding your client’s health and will need to coordinate an appointment time for further evaluation before committing to helping with your case.


Absolutely. One of the essential tools in the medical community is the second opinion. Sometimes, previously done x-rays and other imaging tests do not paint a complete picture of the injury at hand. At New York Injury Associates, we’ll perform a full assessment of your client to either confirm or overrule the diagnosis that was previously provided to them.


The COVID-19 pandemic has made it seem like parts of everyday life have been put on hold for the foreseeable future. However, the need for medical attention never rests. To keep your clients protected, we’ve implemented new safety protocols, which include:

  • Offering telehealth visits for patients uncomfortable with traveling.
  • Routine temperature checks of both patients and staff before administering treatment.
  • Staff members are required to wear N95 masks and gloves during all procedures.
  • Anyone who enters our facility must be wearing a mask or facial covering.
  • Enhanced sanitation requirements.

Attorneys and patients dealing with a no-fault injury shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to our team. Our network members specialize in medical issues of this nature and also understand the expertise they can bring to subsequent legal proceedings. By accepting no-fault patients, we save your clients money when they need it most.  


Once your client has decided to contact us for care, what they do next tends to be out of your hands.  It can be disheartening for attorneys on no-fault cases to have their work delegitimized due to their client’s compliance failures.  Patients who blow off their appointments or do not work to make a full recovery won’t have substantial legal grounds to stand on.  Our staff works diligently to prevent issues such as this from occurring.  We will stay on top of patients to ensure they are coming in for their scheduling appointments and meeting all their needs to remain in compliance with their no-fault issue.   


There are undoubtedly numerous medical teams attorneys can consider working with when dealing with no-fault injury cases.  However, working with the wrong group will cause legal headaches and hurdles.  At New York Injury Associates, we know that we must deliver when attorneys entrust us with their cases.  From IME results to diagnostic files, we will organize all medical information regarding your client’s case or claim, and send it back in an easy to read report, simplifying your case building process.  


Car insurance is critical when owning a car since it can help your case if you were involved in an accident. In the case that you’re involved in a car accident, your insurance company can help pay for covered losses and damage that may have occurred. New York Injury Associates’ no fault doctors near me can help determine if you may be eligible for no-fault insurance. Contact us with same-day appointments today!

What is No-Fault Insurance?

No-Fault Insurance is a type of auto car insurance covering your medical bills or incidents no matter who was at fault. This is a very safeguard option because they’re many people who try to blame you, even though you had nothing to do with it in the first place. People involved in the accident will try to do everything they can to get the upper leverage on you to increase their rates. This type of insurance is very beneficial because you never know what will happen with no-fault insurance. The insurance company will cover either some or all of your medical bills, depending on the cost. Insurance can be costly, and no-fault doctors near me are here to help you.

What Does No-Fault Insurance Cover?

No-fault injury insurance is closely associated with personal injury protection (PIP). This helps determine that all drivers who are at injury can get care for their injuries. Also, they’re able to compensate for the cost no matter who was involved in the accident. Here is what No-fault insurance covers:

  • Medical expenses
  • Funeral expenses
  • Lost income
  • Child care expenses
  • Survivors loss
  • Household services

The majority of U.S. states don’t offer no-fault insurance, so check to see which states offer it here.

Under most insurance policies, No-Fault car insurance includes:

  • Reasonable and necessary accident-related medical expenses.
  • You may be entitled to a maximum payment of $2,000 per month. 
  • You may receive up to $25 a day for up to a year from the date of the accident. This will allow you to be reimbursed for other reasonable and necessary expenses (household help and transportation expenses)
  • Also, a $2,000 death benefit (in addition to the $50,000 basic No-Fault limit), payable, died in a motor vehicle accident.

Those who may be ineligible for No-fault benefits are those who:

  • It was driving while intoxicated or impaired by the use of a drug that contributes to the accident.
  • Intentionally causing injury.
  • Operating a motorcycle or riding an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) or as a passenger.
  • They were injured while in a car known to be stolen.
  • They were an owner of an uninsured vehicle.

New York Injury Associates no fault doctors near me can help determine if you may be eligible for no-fault insurance.

Why should I get No-Fault Insurance?

No-Fault auto insurance should be considered because it can help eliminate the ligation cost of any incident type. With no-fault insurance, the insurance company would allow you to receive money faster for any necessary treatments. At any given moment in time, something can happen to you that may not have been your fault. This allows self-protection against other insurance companies that may be coming after you for something that wasn’t you to blame. It’s better to be safe than sorry because you could be saving thousands of dollars in the long run. New York Injury Associates no fault doctors near me can help determine if you may be eligible to receive no-fault insurance benefits.

How much will No-Fault Insurance cost?

Every insurance company is different regarding which factors are included in the total cost. Some of the including factors that go into determining what the price of No-fault will be are:

  • Location or state you’re operating in
  • Age
  • How long you been covered with that company
  • Driving report history

The pricing of how much this will cost is based on these factors. When determining the price, every person will be quoted at different prices because it goes off on your history under the insurance. This is an additional cost to what your current rate will be. It’s best to get pricing from different insurance companies to see which one will give you the best rate. New York Injury Associates’ no fault doctors can help determine if you may be eligible for no-fault insurance.

Contact Our No Fault Doctors Near Me

At New York Injury Associates, we take no-fault insurance to help patients like you make a full recovery. This type of insurance requires patients to follow and meet specific standards. New York Injury Associates no fault doctors in near me are here to help determine if you may be eligible for no-fault insurance. Contact us with same-day appointments today and get help with your case.


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New York Injury Associates offers evaluation and treatment such as orthopedic, neurological, and chiropractic care and pain management, physical therapy.

And many other specialties. As a multi-disciplinary group of No-Fault doctors near me, New York Injury Associates are focused on providing the best medical assistance to patients and assist in legal cases whenever possible. 

  • With 14 locations spread out from Queens to Long Island, New York Injury Associates has a team of No-Fault doctors focussed on eight different medical specialties. 
  • Helping patients get back to full strength is one of New York Injury Associates’ primary goals. They offer both same-day and advanced scheduled appointments.
  • New York Injury Associates has a dedicated and experienced staff who cherish the importance of delivering on all legal requests promptly.
  • Their team of No-Fault doctors provides an understanding and compliance to avoid any potential negligence on the Patient while also avoiding any possibility of legal action.
  • When contacting New York Injury Associates, they will ask you a few questions, such as the location of where the injury occurred and how it happened.
  • Once all necessary information is needed is gathered their will direct you to the office’s location that is of most benefit to you
  • Those suffering from a No-Fault injury should not hesitate to contact New York Injury Associates and their team of No-Fault Doctors near me. They specialize in medical issues of this manner of nature.

Patients should be aware of the following:

  • New York Injury Associates have several practices with an experienced team of No-Fault Doctors near me who will assist the Patient to the best of their ability.
  • At New York Injury Associates, the professionalism and dedication of their group No-Fault Doctors near me will assist in finding the Patient a practitioner best equipped in fulfilling the patient’s medical needs through their skillful and multi-disciplinary methods.
  • Any legal and medical documentation is carefully monitored by their trusted team of No-Fault Doctors near me, who will address any concerns regarding the patient well being and no-fault requirements

What the Patient should expect:

  • Patients who have already received medical care will receive a full assessment to confirm or overrule the previous diagnosis of the client.
  • X-rays and other imaging tests do not provide a complete understanding of the issue at hand; hence a full assessment is in order.
  • The professional No-Fault Doctors in Huntington medical experts at New York Injury Associates offer a second opinion, one of the essential tools in the medical community.
  • Same-day appointments can be provided in most cases. Still, the team at New York Injury Associates can work around a patient’s schedule to whatever best suits them, and questions regarding the patient’s health will be asked before committing to the case at hand. 

Benefits the Patient may receive:

  • By Accepting No-Fault Patient, the client saves money at a time when it is needed most.
  • Employees and staff members of New York Injury Associates and the No-Fault Doctors in Huntington are aware they must deliver when entrusted with a case.
  • All medical information is filed and accounted for everything from diagnostic files to IME reports.
  • Once all files are organized, the client’s information is then sent back to them in a simplified and easy-to-read report informing the Patient of their case-building process.

If you’d like to contact New York Injury Associates, please visit our appointments page by clicking here.


no fault car accident

When you are injured in a car accident, your focus should be on receiving medical care. States that follow a no-fault system allow people to receive medical care without having to worry about how it will be paid. This system ensures people receive the care they need even if they were deemed at fault for the accident. Car accidents requiring no fault doctors near me oftentimes affect people’s everyday lives. We want to get our patients back to living normally as they did before their accident. New York Injury Associates has many years of experience making treatment plans that ensure you recover quickly with minimal pain. 

What is No-Fault in a Car Accident?

Many states have not implemented a no-fault system and decided to use the traditional system called no-fault. No-fault insurance is for the medical bills that you receive for care related to your car accident. This insurance is provided to you by your car insurance company and is separate from your medical insurance and the other party’s car insurance. Aspects of much no-fault insurance coverages include:

  • Medical and hospital costs
  • Funeral costs
  • Income loss due to the accident
What Does No-Fault Car Insurance Cover?

While each state’s no-fault insurance varies slightly, it is generally the same between all states. No-fault doctors near me can be utilized for your medical care if you have been injured in a car accident regardless of who caused the accident. No-fault car insurance can usually cover many things related to your medical treatments including:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Orthopedics
  • Surgeries
  • Lost wages for not being able to work
What Does No-Fault Insurance Not Cover?

No-fault insurance can not be used for certain things relating to your accident such as property damages. This is beneficial to motorists because it guarantees medical care to people who might not have medical insurance or who can not afford to pay for their medical bills after being involved in a car accident. Some major things no-fault insurance will not cover includes:

  • Medical bills after the limit are reached
  • Pain and suffering
  • Child care expenses
  • Damage to any property
What States Use No-Fault Insurance?

Only 12 states mandate no-fault insurance: Florida, Minnesota, Hawaii, New Jersey, Kansas, New York, Kentucky, North Dakota, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Utah. Puerto Rico also utilizes the no-fault system. All other states utilize an at-fault system where the person who is deemed responsible for the accident is also responsible for the medical bills the other party faces.  

The Best No Fault Doctors Near Me

New York Injury Associates offers many services to treat no-fault car accident injuries. Our offices are located all over Long Island and Queens. They are equipped to provide many different types of care including Chiropractic, Neurological, Pain Management, and Orthopedic care. Our practice is multidisciplinary and has a lot of experience providing assistance to attorneys and in legal proceedings. Our office is capable of providing a new diagnosis that either confirms or changes the previous diagnosis you might have received. We can also ensure our clients adhere to requirements to keep them in compliance with their no-fault claims.

Contact New York Injury Associates Today!

If you are searching for no fault doctors near me, New York Injury Associates is a very experienced practice that knows how to work with no-fault insurance and injuries. We believe the only thing someone should have to worry about is getting better and not worrying about dealing with your insurance company. Our doctors will develop a treatment plan specifically for you. We know how car accident injuries can affect people’s everyday lives, so our treatment plans are made to ensure you make a fast recovery with minimal pain.

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