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Unfortunately, most people experience pain at some point in their life. Pain varies in terms of severity. A child may feel pain after getting a splinter in their finger. While this pain may be minor in the severity of pain, it is still uncomfortable. More severe pain can include hitting your head in a car accident or breaking a bone. No matter what type of pain you feel, it is not normal. Pain that lasts for more than a day can indicate a problem, and we recommend that you visit a doctor. No one should have to live with chronic, untreated pain. Pain is a complex thing because it is different for everyone. New York Injury Associates recommend that you go to Car Accident Doctors in Port Jefferson to see us for your pain-needs. We specialize in pain management and getting you back to feeling like yourself! There are many different ways to treat pain, and it may take a combination of techniques to feel relief. 

Natural Pain Relief

Natural pain management treatments can vary from simply changing some aspects of your lifestyle to physical therapy and counseling. The main goal of natural pain relief is to relieve pain without adding things to the body and using the body’s capabilities to heal itself. Certain types of pain can be cured through natural techniques, while others require more such as injections or surgery. The following are an example of natural pain relief treatments: 

  • Lifestyle Changes: Depending on the type of pain you are experiencing, changing certain parts of your lifestyle may help alleviate pain. For example, sometimes, those with orthopedic pains may need to stop participating in sports for a while to prevent the pain from continuing. This requires a lifestyle change that will hopefully avert activity that causes pain. 
  • Physical Therapy: This treatment focuses on promoting strength in the surrounding areas of the pain. That way, the body won’t rely on the part of the body that is in pain as much. Increasing strength in the body area that is in pain is a natural way of enhancing your body to prevent pain ultimately. If you are in pain and think physical therapy may be a good option for you, we recommend that you go to Car Accident Doctors in Port Jefferson. 

Pain Medications

There are a few options regarding the medications recommended for pain management. There are over-the-counter medications and prescription medications (which tend to be stronger and must be prescribed by a doctor). Everyone’s pain and injuries are different. Therefore the recommended medications will differ depending on this. If the pain is severe and monitored by a doctor, pain medication may be helpful. The medicine you take must be taken with surveillance from a doctor as some drugs can cause side effects. A physician or surveyor should also handle over-the-counter medications, but they cause fewer side effects.  


Depending on how long you have had pain and how long you have seen a doctor for the pain, the doctor may recommend an injection to relieve the pain. Steroid injections can reduce inflammation of the injured/painful area. Also, a doctor may give a nerve block to help with the pain. A nerve block works to numb the nerve with the idea that this will alleviate pain. A doctor will only administer a nerve block if the injury/pain is related to a small group of nerves. Trigger point injections usually only help with muscle pain. This injection uses a local anesthetic to inactive the trigger point to alleviate the pain. If natural pain solutions and drugs are not helping with your pain, we recommend that you look for Car Accident Doctors in Port Jefferson to try something else.  

Surgery With Car Accident Doctors in Port Jefferson

Typically Car Accident Doctors in Port Jefferson will try the pain management treatments above before suggesting surgery. Surgery is associated with an extremely long recovery time that may immobilize you more than the initial pain. However, some injuries require surgery to fix the problem area. For example, if a ligament is torn in your knee (ACL), a surgeon will need to go in and repair the ligament to allow the patient to continue their physical activities or sports in the future. While there are options to help with the pain, surgery is the only long-term answer for something like this. 

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Pain can get in our daily activities and contribute to a lower quality of life. That is why New York Injury Associates wants to help you get a handle on your chronic pain. If you are experiencing severe pain that impacts your ability to complete your daily activities, check out Car Accidents Doctors in Port Jefferson. Give our office a call today!