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Whether you are an employee or an employer, understanding worker’s compensation is essential in the case of an emergency. Every employee deserves safety at their workplace, and if that is put into jeopardy, they should also have the reassurance that the situation will be dealt with appropriately. And while worker’s compensation is government-mandated, it is a bit more difficult to understand than Social Security benefits, for example. At New York Injury Associates, our team of no fault insurance doctors in Garden City can help you understand worker’s compensation and how it affects you.

What Does Worker’s Compensation Do?

Required by the United States government for all states, except Texas, worker’s compensation is a program that helps employees who have been injured or become sick due to their job. It helps them by providing cash benefits, healthcare benefits, or both. In most cases, employers will pay private insurers to pay for their compensation programs. If you or one of your employees is injured due to their job, connect with no fault insurance doctors in Garden City to further discuss what you can get out of your program.

What Are The Benefits?

Following an injury or the development of an illness, an employee should apply for worker’s compensation. Based on their situation and the requirements for compensation for their state, they may be eligible for benefits. Here are the main benefits that may be offered:

  • Replacement of Salary: as an injury or illness may require a worker to take some time off to recover, they may receive wage replacement during this time. This replacement is usually less than their typical salary, but it is rarely taxed.
  • Reimbursement of Healthcare Fees: only covering the costs associated with injuries or illnesses derived from the employee’s job, many programs will pay for healthcare. It is also possible for employees to receive payment while on medical leave.
  • Survivor Benefits: the dependents of an employee may receive compensation if the employee passes away due to their work

What Are The Types Of Compensation?

There are two kinds of compensation coverage. The standard of these is “Coverage A.” This is going to be the basic, state-mandated coverage offered by an employer’s insurance. Coverage A includes salary reimbursement and the payment of medical care, rehabilitation, and death benefits if any of those are necessary to a case. Moving past these basic payments goes into “Coverage B”. Coverage B includes any payments that surpass the minimum requirements and are usually only offered following a successful lawsuit. An example would be an employee suing their employer for negligence.

It is important to note that suing cannot always occur. When an employee accepts worker’s compensation, they usually waive the right to sue.

How Do I Apply For Compensation With No Fault Insurance Doctors in Garden City?

If a worker has been injured or developed an illness due to work done at their job, there is a general process for applying for worker’s compensation. This may vary from state to state, but it includes:

  • Writing down the details of the incident
    • Be as specific as possible. Include any relevant photographs and names of witnesses to the incident.
  • Report the incident
    • Reporting the incident to the employer will allow them to take the case to the insurer. They should be filing a claim.

Once the claim is filed, it may be denied. If this occurs, every state has a worker’s compensation board that can be seen to appeal the decision.

What Are The Exceptions?

While these programs are in place to keep employees protected at work, some incidents occur where the system may be taken advantage of. Whether it be by the employee or the employer, it is important to watch out for dishonest or fraudulent behavior. Here are common examples of situations that may require extra steps:

  • Employer Disagreement
    • If an employer feels that they are not liable for the injury or illness of their employee, they may dispute the claim. The respective state’s worker’s compensation board may then step in to resolve the dispute.
  • Employee Fraud
    • Possibly the most known type of dishonesty used by employees in these cases is insurance fraud. Here, employees may report an injury that does not exist or is worse than the actual injury in an attempt to receive benefits.

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Dealing with a potentially fine line between assisting hurt employees and watching out for fraud, understanding worker’s compensation can be quite difficult. Our team of no fault insurance doctors in Garden City at New York Injury Associates can provide you with professional answers and help you better comprehend the legal specifics of these programs. To learn more about worker’s compensation, contact us today!