no fault doctors in Lake Grove

Have you or someone you know been involved in an accident that has left you injured or crippled? Do you seek the most effective care? The associates of the New York State Injury Associates (NYIA) will pair you with the best no fault doctors in Lake Grove. The specialists at NYIA offer state of the art aid, and specialize in finding treatment for your on-the-job injuries.

Getting Hurt On The Job: No Fault Doctors in Lake Grove

Getting hurt on the job includes any injury inflicted while on the clock. This includes minor cuts and bruises or major injuries such as broken bones. With adequate documentation, an employer should pay all of your medical bills. Sadly, this is often not the case. Employers will usually do all they can to avoid expending the costs of necessary medical bills for their injured employers. Some employers even engage in deceiving techniques, such as lackluster training videos, as a defense against paying workers compensation. If you are injured and need no fault doctors in Lake Grove, NYIA, can help.

Car Accidents On The Job

Cars have always been one of the primary forms of transport for goods and services. Increasingly, they are also a means of employment for many workers. This includes: delivery drivers, couriers, and more. In Suffolk County alone, there can be as many as 30,000 car accidents in a single year. A car can be unpredictable, as can driving. Sometimes, another person can even be the sole cause of your injuries sustained while on the job (such as a drunk driver).

Types of Injuries On The Job

Usually, extremities are the first to be injured in a work-related injury. Specifically, arms, legs, and connecting body parts such as the neck or hips are injured. The head can also bear the brunt of a full-on collision, possibly even resulting in a concussion, coma, or brain death. Lastly, the spine can be severed, potentially paralyzing the patient altogether. All of these injuries are potentially life-threatening, making vehicle based jobs dangerous to undertake.

Worker’s Rights When Injured

Usually, an injured worker is entitled to payment of healthcare bills and back pay if put out of work. Healthcare bills include all the bills relating to the injury: from emergency bills to follow-ups to any enduring injury treatment (like physical therapy). Back pay is the payment the workers would have had, had they been at work. This could include payment for the entire day or even the entire time they are home. 

Healthcare Bills

A worker is entitled to all payments of their healthcare bills accumulated after the injury by their employer. We recommend visiting a no fault doctors in Lake Grove, such as NYIA, for proper treatment and assessment. Usually, a good rule of thumb is that adequate workers compensation will cover whatever injuries your insurance would typically cover. If an employer is unwilling to pay healthcare bills, seek an attorney.

Back Pay

Back pay is a simple concept to understand. Basically, workers are entitled to lost payment as if they were at work after being injured. However, workers must miss at least fourteen days of work to receive back pay for all days missed. The proper documentation must also be submitted in order to receive back pay. If an employer is being coy with your wages, seek litigation.

Getting injured on the job can be a multitude of things. From simple scratches and scrapes to major injuries, it’s any injury sustained at work. Whatever the injury may be, you deserve just compensation: payment of your healthcare bills and back pay for your lost wages. If you were injured on the job, we recommend visiting a no fault doctors in Lake Grove, such as NYIA, for immediate medical assistance.