Did you know that physical injuries aren’t the only things you should be aware of in car accidents? On top of physical injuries, it’s also possible to develop mental illnesses due to the stresses of the car crash and the resulting consequences. NY Injury Associates can help. We have no-fault insurance doctors in Lindenwood and a prepared legal team to help wherever you require to reduce stress. Read below to learn more about mental health risks in car accidents.

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Mental Health Problems Resulting from Auto Accidents

Mental health is a significant risk during a car accident. Mental health risks occur for many reasons, but the main one is the resulting stress from the consequences and self-doubt from getting into the accident in the first place. Here are a few of the common resulting mental complications:

  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Depression

As stated previously, the specific factors that lead to developing these illnesses vary, but there are a few common threads that you may want to be aware of. Anxiety and PTSD often end up paired together. There’s the paperwork and stress from getting in the accident, but also the fact that the accident will need to be recounted numerous times to lawyers and insurers, forcing victims to relive the traumatic event multiple times. As for depression, this is mainly due to self-doubt from getting into an accident in the first place and getting injured, leading to the realization that the accident was potentially fatal. If you suffer from any of these symptoms after an accident, please get in touch with our no-fault insurance doctors in Lindenwood.

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