No Fault Insurance Doctors In Franklin Square

While insurance companies are not allowed to charge a higher rate due to a pre-existing condition, they can consider denying a no-fault insurance claim due to a pre-existing injury. You’ll ultimately need to see a doctor, so if you’re seeking no-fault insurance doctors in franklin square, our team at New York Injury Associates can provide professional care.

What Is No-Fault Insurance?

No-fault insurance, otherwise known as Personal Injury Protection Insurance (PIP), helps cover medical expenses and loss of income no matter who may be at fault. The only requirement for no-fault insurance to be an option after an accident is that it must be covered within the terms of your policy. Once the claim is made, searching for no-fault insurance doctors in franklin square will take little time as we can provide the necessary care!

How Pre-Existing Conditions Could Impact A Claim?

Pre-existing conditions do not automatically deny you coverage through no-fault insurance. However, it does make it more difficult to have the claim accepted. While the law does allow for compensation if a pre-existing condition is aggravated by the accident, insurance companies often use loopholes to deny coverage for that injury. If a new injury occurs due to the accident, the insurance company may claim that the pre-existing injury caused the accident and the new injury.

How To Combat Refusal For Coverage?

In the case where you are faced with this situation, you should do the following for the best claim results:

  • Medical Attention: See a provider immediately so a professional can document your current injuries and how the accident and pre-existing injury may or may not have played a role.
  • Retain Medical Records: Medical records can show when the pre-existing injury occurred and what caused it. You will also need evidence of what happened to cause the accident to show they’re unrelated.
  • File Your Claim: It is recommended to file with an attorney with extensive experience in this field. They will assist you in gathering the necessary evidence to showcase that you could do your job even with the pre-existing injury.

No-Fault Insurance Doctors in Franklin Square

It is not impossible despite a pre-existing condition playing an impactful role in gaining coverage on your no-fault insurance claim. If you’re seeking no-fault insurance doctors in franklin square, we at New York Injury Associates can provide the care you need, so contact our office now!