It is common to experience muscle strains and sprains from exerting your body while working. That is why our workers comp doctor in Brentwood at New York Injury Associates pride themselves on getting our clients the best referrals to the care they need. To find out more visit our website to schedule a consultation today!

How to Treat Muscle Strains and Sprain from Work 

Muscle strains and sprains are a common occurrence for people who work jobs that require physical labor. For instance, muscle strains can be caused by a variety of different things such as operating some form of machinery or lifting heavy objects. Doing such things can lead to various injuries and ailments while working. Muscle strains result in pain and inflammation in the muscle. They can also cause the muscle to swell or suffer some stiffness as well as lack of mobility. Depending on the severity of the muscle strain and sprains obtained while working there are actions you can take at home to help heal. Some ways to treat muscle strains and sprains are as followed: 

  • Rest
  • Ice
  • Compression 
  • Elevation 
  • Anti-inflammatory medication 
  • Anti-inflammatory ointment 
  • Heating pad 
  • Stretching 

These at-home treatment methods are very effective in helping treat muscle strains and sprains that are obtained from working. However, if these treatment methods within a week don’t help subside any pain or increase mobility in the area of the injury seeking a medical professional is recommended.

How a Workers Comp Doctor in Brentwood Can Treat Strains and Sprains

If at-home treatment methods are ineffective in helping heal your muscle strain or sprain, seeking help from a medical professional can benefit you. Our workers comp doctor in Brentwood will be able to analyze the extent of your injuries and make a treatment plan tailored to your needs. For instance, physical therapy can help rebuild and strengthen muscles that are strained or sprained. This form of rehabilitation goes at your own pace and is based on the goals you want to achieve to feel healthy and pain-free again.

Making Sure You Get the Compensation You Deserve

Here at New York Injury Associates, the main focus of our workers comp doctor in Brentwood is making sure our clients get the treatment they need from expert medical professionals. So if you or someone you know is struggling with muscle strains and sprains that require a medical professional’s help, contact us today. To schedule a consultation with us click or call at 631-617-6001.