When you get injured on the job, it’s essential to treat it right away. Whether it’s through first aid or seeking a worker’s compensation doctor, treating an injury is the first step to getting back to work in full health. Sometimes, if the injury is severe enough, you may need to get care for the injury right away. If you or someone you know is looking for a workers comp doctor in Selden, the New York Injury Associates are here for you.

What to Do for Job Injuries

Different injuries require different kinds of care. Knowing what to do when you’re on the job helps prevent the injury from becoming any worse before, if necessary, seeking proper medical attention for it. If you are concerned about getting hurt on the job, you may be wondering what you can do to treat many different kinds of injuries. Here are some workplace injuries and what you can do to treat them:

  • Soreness/Pain: Identifying the cause of your pain or soreness and removing it is the best immediate step to take in this case. Poor ergonomics is a common cause of pain on the job. You can mitigate pain from poor ergonomics by getting the right equipment, correcting your posture, and more. If the problem persists, you may want to consider going to a therapist.
  • Sprains/Strains/Muscle Tears: The first thing you should do is immobilize the injury. Ice, elevation, and compression can reduce swelling after the injury. If your injury causes weakness in the body or severe pain, going to a medical professional may be necessary. In less severe injuries, ice, pain medication, and rest can resolve the injury.
  • Bruises/Contusions: Rolling a bottle of lukewarm water over the injury site allows blood to re-enter the system more quickly and subside the pain. If pain from the injury is severe, you can take pain medication.
  • Cuts/Lacerations/Punctures: Wash the injury site with soap and water, and apply an antiseptic solution. Afterward, you should apply sterile gauze to the wound with tape, and if the wound is bleeding, apply pressure to it. Do not remove shards of glass or other embedded objects from the injury.
  • Broken Bones/Fractures: You should immobilize the site immediately to prevent the broken bone from severing a blood vessel or a nerve. Going to the hospital afterward is necessary for further treatment.
  • Amputations: The first thing you should do is to apply pressure to reduce the bleeding. You can use a tourniquet to help mitigate the bleeding as well. Going to the hospital afterward is necessary for further treatment.
  • Burns: Run cool water under a mild or moderate for up to 15 minutes, then apply gauze to the wound to prevent infection. If the burn is severe, elevate the burn and lay a damp, sterile bandage on it. Do not remove burned clothing.
  • Chemical Burns: These are treated differently from regular burns. The chemical must be removed immediately before it causes much corrosion. Run the burn under cool water or brush it off, then apply a cool, damp bandage and cover the wound with a clean cloth.

Workers Comp Doctor in Selden

Getting an injury on the job can be stressful or even panic-inducing. However, with the tips above, you can treat a worker’s injury, no matter what it is! Should you need a doctor that takes worker’s compensation, the New York Injury Associates is here for you. Please visit our website to learn more. Contact us to make an appointment today!