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If you have been involved in a car accident, it is important to seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Even if you are not experiencing any physical pain or discomfort after the accident, it is still essential to be evaluated by a medical professional so that any potential injuries can be treated. New York Injury Associates have the best injury doctors in Baldwin ready to help you feel safe and comfortable after an accident. Contact us today.

Common Treatments

  • Physical therapy
  • Medications to reduce pain and inflammation
  • Massage therapy
  • Chiropractic care

Your physician may also recommend that you get additional tests such as MRI or X-ray scans if they suspect any internal injuries. Contact us today if you have recently been in an accident and need injury doctors in Baldwin.

Follow your doctor’s advice when it comes to the treatment of car accident injuries. This includes tracking the recommended course of therapy, taking prescribed medications as directed, attending follow-up appointments, and engaging in any physical therapy or rehabilitation exercises. The New York Injury Associates team has decades of experience and knows how to handle even the most unique situations. We create tailored treatment plans that best fit your lifestyle. Visit our website if you have been looking for injury doctors in Baldwin.

It is also essential to document all medical treatment you receive for your car accident injuries, including a list of symptoms, diagnosis, medicines such as physical therapy and medications, follow-up appointments, and other relevant information. This documentation can support your compensation claim if you pursue a personal injury case.

Why Choose New York Injury Associates- Injury Doctors in Baldwin

At New York Injury Associates, we understand how stressful the aftermath of a car accident can be. Our team comprises highly trained injury doctors in Baldwin who are dedicated to providing individualized and comprehensive care. We specialize in evaluating and treating car accident injuries, from neck pain to soft tissue damage. Contact us today for more information about our services or to book an appointment.

Let us help you get to peak health. Call New York Injury Associates today for the best injury doctors in Baldwin. We look forward to giving you the best treatment plan possible. Contact us now!