What Are NY’s Workers’ Comp Laws?

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New York has several laws that govern workers’ compensation in the state. The New York Workers’ Compensation law is a no-fault system, meaning an injured worker does not have to prove that their employer was negligent in order to receive benefits for their injuries. Injured employees are entitled to receive wage replacement and medical benefits under the law, regardless of who was at fault for the accident that caused their injuries.

The Workers’ Compensation Board governs no fault accidents.

To receive benefits for a personal injury, you must first report the accident to your employer. Employers are required to investigate and document all claims of injuries or accidents that occur on their premises. After the initial claim is filed, your employers’ workers’ comp insurance provider will pay for any medical care you need to correct the effects of your injuries.

The insurance company will investigate workers’ comp eligibility, which may take three months or more if the claim is contested. Disability payments are awarded based on two factors: the degree of your injury and your average weekly wage. If you are hurt at work, either your employer or their insurance company should provide you with a no fault doctor Bed-Stuy and physical therapists that work for the insurer, called network providers.

A no fault doctor Bed-Stuy and physical therapists who are part of your workers’ comp provider’s network typically offer lower rates than those outside the network.

The Workers’ Compensation Board oversees the system and notices employers, employees, attorneys, and a no fault doctor Bed-Stuy about how claims are adjudicated. An employee can choose to have their case heard in front of a judge or any administrative law judges employed by New York State.

Employees do not need to file a lawsuit against their employer to receive disability benefits. Injured workers can ask for a trial by judge, jury, or arbitration. If you have decided that you would prefer a legal remedy, you need to hire an experienced attorney who understands the procedures and rules of the Workers’ Compensation Board.

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