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Work injuries can happen to any employee in any industry. They are oftentimes unavoidable, even with safety and protocols in place at the workplace. Workers’ comp is an insurance that helps the hurt employee and takes some of the burden off the employer. When one is out of work due to a work injury, they see no fault doctors in Glendale NY, then have workers’ compensation which usually covers accidental or careless damage to an employee’s health. 

Common Types of Workers’ Comp Injuries 


A strain can occur when a tendon or muscle is torn or stretched. This type of workplace injury can happen when an employee performs repetitive tasks at work, such as lifting and pushing heavy items or working in an awkward posture that causes strains. 


A contusion occurs after a bump to the body or after a fall. These might look like bruises or marks on the skin that are caused by blood trapped under the surface. It crushes small blood vessels but doesn’t open the skin, so it appears as a bruise. This injury often happens when employees drop objects because of improper lifting or when they run into things. 


Puncture wounds can occur when working with sharp tools like knives, scissors, nails, glass, or splintered surfaces. Working with tools that have dull blades can also increase the risk of a puncture wound. Improperly handling sharp items like broken glass might lead to this injury as well. 


A sprain happens when a ligament is torn or stretched. Just like strains, sprains can result from repetitive tasks and awkward body movements. No fault doctors in Glendale NY can treat your sprains and strains from workplace injuries. 


A laceration refers to a skin wound, like a cut. It can occur when a worker uses an inappropriate tool or one that has been kept in poor condition. Lacerations might also happen when a worker rushes to finish a job, loses concentration, or doesn’t wear the proper safety gear. 


Burns are injuries to tissues caused by heat, chemicals, electricity, steam, sunlight, or radiation. Burns can also occur internally through things like inhaling smoke or chemical fumes. 


A fracture is a break in the bone due to force trauma or overuse. Broken bones are common in workplaces that require manual lifting and heavy equipment, but can happen in any industry. 

Causes of Workplace Injuries 

While work-related injuries can happen at any time to any person, there are several common causes for them. With so many injuries reported each year, there have been a number of predetermined causes that are common among them. 

One of the most common causes of workplace injury is overexertion. This can happen with lifting, pulling, pushing, and other types of manual labor. Another common cause is same-level falls. These accidents can often be attributed to loose wires, wet floors, and many other accidental causes. No fault doctors in Glendale NY are able to diagnose and treat your injury. 

Being struck by an object or piece of equipment can cause a workplace injury. Additionally, slipping or tripping often occurs with employees who don’t have enough traction between their shoe and the walking surface, or when there’s an uneven surface or unexpected change in flooring. 

What To Do If You Are Injured At Work 

If you experience a workplace injury, the first and most important thing to do is report the injury. Some states require that the notice be made in writing, while others allow a verbal notice. See a no fault doctors in Glendale NY and get ready to file your workers’ compensation claim. 

Filing this claim is similar to filing any other insurance claim. It is not a lawsuit against the employer, but instead a request for benefits. The complexity of your case will determine if you need a lawyer. If you are not sure, be sure to contact a workers’ compensation lawyer for assistance. 

What is Considered a Workplace Injury? 

Most injuries that occur on the job at work are covered by workers’ comp insurance. This includes accidents and illnesses caused by exposure to work activities and equipment. 

On the other hand, workers’ comp generally does not cover things such as stress or other psychiatric disorders, self-inflicted injuries, injuries caused by fighting or horseplay, injuries incurred while committing a crime, while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or while violating company policies, and more. 

Finding a Workers’ Comp Lawyer 

If you are not sure where to start with your workers’ compensation case, call the New York Injury Associates, No fault doctors in Glendale NY, today. Our office specializes in workers’ comp cases and serves a wide variety of New York areas. With a wide range of professionals who make up our practice, our team is ready to serve your personalized needs. Contact us today to set up an appointment.