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Unfortunately, injuries on the job happen quite often. On-the-job injuries are very common in jobs that require their employees to operate or work with automobiles or trucks. If the injury was not your fault and simply an accident, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation and No-fault Benefits. If you are injured on the job, it is critical to visit a doctor and seek legal help. New York Injury Associates injury doctors in Bayville can help you get the Compensation you deserve. Continue reading below to find out what you should do if you are injured in an auto or truck accident while working.

Common injuries sustained from auto and truck accidents:

It is unfortunately very common for workers who operate automobiles or trucks as a daily task in their job to be injured. Some of the most common types of injuries from these accidents are:

  • Amputations
  • Burn injuries
  • Head and brain injuries
  • Spinal injuries
  • Orthopedic injuries

These types of injuries are very serious and can cause long-term damage, depending on the severity and whether they are treated properly or not. For amputations, if there is intense trauma sustained to a limb, sometimes the damage is too much to save the limb, and it has to be amputated. Burn injuries can come from chemicals being transported by trucks or from fires in an automobile, for example. Additionally, head and brain injuries are also very serious because they can be caused by trauma to the head during a crash, through whiplash, or by hitting one’s head on a hard surface. Spinal injuries are also serious injuries because if there is a crash and damage to the spinal cord, it can cause paralysis and loss of muscle function. Lastly, orthopedic injuries, like broken bones, can happen during a crash, being stuck under a vehicle, etc. These injuries are also serious because they can affect our whole body and how we move. If you experience an injury due to an auto or truck accident while working, contact the injury doctors in Bayville at New York Injury Associates for help. 

What if I am injured in an auto or truck accident?

The first thing you should always do if you are injured is to seek medical attention. The injuries listed above are very serious and can cause long-term damage if they are not treated properly and promptly. Workers’ compensation is an insurance benefit provided by your workplace which pays the injured worker medical and lost wage benefits. Workers compensation, however, only pays 2/3 of what your average pay is. Therefore, even though you are being paid while you recover, it is not your full paycheck. Therefore, you should also look into your No-Fault benefits. If the vehicle that you were in at the time of injury, or if the vehicle injured you, was owned by your employer, you are eligible for No-Fault Benefits under New York State. These benefits mean that your employer has to cover a maximum of $50,000 of medical expenses and lost wages. The No-Fault Benefits essentially cover the remaining 1/3 of your wages and medical expenses. Therefore, if you are injured due to your employer’s automobiles, the majority of your lost wages and medical bills will be covered. If you were injured and want more information on your entitled benefits, contact New York Injury Associates injury doctors in Bayville for legal help. 

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Workplace injuries due to auto or truck accidents can be painful, stressful, and expensive. As a worker, you are eligible for workers’ compensation for your injuries, and if the automobile or truck was under your employer’s insurance, you are also eligible for No-Fault Benefits. Visit our injury doctors in Bayville for medical assistance, and then the lawyers at New York Injury Associates can provide you with legal advice to make sure you are getting the Compensation and benefits you deserve! To book an appointment, contact us today!