If you have ever been injured at your workplace, you may have heard the term “narrative report” used. When seeking out a Workers Comp Doctor in Patchogue, you will want to have them create this for you. In short, the document is created to get a better picture of what happened and how you were injured or fell ill, and New York Injury Associates is here to help you understand just what you need.

Medical Terms

People reading the narrative report may not have a medical background which is why your doctor must explain any information not already in layman’s terms within the narrative report. Therefore, explaining in better detail what happened to cause the injury or illness will help your case. However, seeing a doctor to create this report must mean that there is a medical cause for concern and must therefore be included but understood by all.


When speaking with a Workers Comp Doctor in Patchogue, providing any evidence you may have to them will help them write a better report. One of the objectives of the report is for the doctor to provide impartial reasoning for how the injury or illness was caused by your workplace. Details of the physical exam should be included here as well as any of your subjective complaints (symptoms) that contribute to the injury or illness; something as simple as pain on a scale of one through ten can be critical to the case.

Currently Working

It may also be important for your doctor to include whether or not you are currently working. If an injury has hindered your ability to work in any capacity, then this will give more credence to why a report was necessary. If an illness occurred in the workplace, chances are that you may have been in bed or resting and unable to work.

Finding the Information

It is also important that you speak with your doctor about including where they or yourself obtained the information. Our team at New York Injury Associates knows to include things like a patient’s medical history, laboratory, or test results within the narrative report. If you have pre-existing conditions, your doctor will want to include these in your report to further show a condition has been aggravated by the event. Prior surgeries should also be included in this section and how the event may have caused damage to a previously affected area of the body.

Absence of the Event

It is also important that your Workers Comp Doctor in Patchogue includes that without the event occurring due to your work, you would not have the injury or illness. This will make the report’s argument more clear in how the event must be related to your ailments.

Submitting the Report

Once the report is completed, it must be submitted to several places. The first being the Worker’s Compensation Board which will review the report and provide authorization when it is approved. The second will be the insurance carrier; naturally, the insurance company will need to handle the finances of the medical coverage. The third will be your attorney representing your case. Whilst having an attorney is optional, it is important that if you choose to hire one that they know the full extent of what occurred to prove the injury or illness was due to your place of work.


A Workers Comp Doctor in Patchogue will wrap up your narrative report by summarizing all of the above information in a concise ending. The conclusion should draw upon each point made, previous evidence, and an explanation of medical reasonings for the injury or illness. Book your appointment now!