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Understanding a Medical Narrative

A “Medical Narrative” is a comprehensive and cohesive report that provides a summary of all medical treatments conducted in an easy-to-read manner. This summary is a written downflow of events in a patient’s medical history. This document allows for an attorney to focus on important aspects of a case. This helps with evaluation, assistance in settling a case, and preparing for a trial if needed.  

Aspects in a Medical Narrative

Several components make up a medical narrative:

The flow of events= All the relevant events in a patient’s medical history:

  • A chronological sequence of events- This helps the attorneys to determine the cause of the event and give the full picture to give the best leverage possible for the client.
  • Test findings– Helps the attorney understand and establish the strength of the case. For example, the treatments that the patients have undergone. This will contain the list of all treatments that have been done in the past.
  • Previous and ongoing medical conditions– These documents will review any pre-existing conditions that the patient has experienced. This will help determine the validity of the case and event that occured. 
  • Demographic and vital information- This will state the patient’s personal information such as their age, gender, height, and weight, and any other underlying information to help paint the best picture for the attorney in building the most credible case possible. 

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