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Have you suffered from a work related injury? If so, consider contacting our team at New York Injury Associates; we will direct you with a professional who will work to get you back to your full strength.Workers’ compensation is payment assistance for those who have received an injury at their place of work. If you have suffered an injury at work that was of no fault of your own or have gotten sick from work, then you will be entitled to workers’ compensation. If you are looking for a workers comp doctor in Springfield Gardens, then contact us at the New York injury Associates.

Workers’ Compensation Doctor

A workers comp doctor in Springfield Gardens is not a typical doctor. Unlike an ordinary doctor, workers’ comp doctors do not treat or deal with your injuries. Their job is to perform an IME, Independent Medical Examination, and give their expert opinion about your case. Their response will  include a discussion on whether it is worth pursuing your case or not. When it comes to a workers’ comp case, a persons’ company will try to avoid paying for any medical expenses. That is why it is a workers’ comp doctor’s job to determine the person’s injury and if they will be able to win a case against their employer or not. 

Who Is Required To Pay?

The objective of a workers comp doctor in Springfield Gardens is for the victim, the employee, to have the burden of medical payments lifted off of their shoulders. If a case is won the medical payments will be the company’s responsibility and not the employee’s. The company will usually choose which IME, or workers compensation, doctor the worker filing the claim will be required to see. 

What Is Workers’ Compensation

When a person receives workers’ compensation, their medical expenses will be paid for by the company’s insurance and their wages will be paid while they are unable to work. The rehabilitation that they will receive will be taken care of as well. Workers’ compensation takes all financial burden away from the employee who is suffering from an injury.

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