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Have you been hurt at work or in a car accident recently? If so, then you need to look into no fault doctors in Smithtown. After completing this search you will most definitely come across New York Injury Associates; where we excel in helping patients get back to their full strength as soon as possible.

Patient Compliance:  

When it comes to patient compliance, many people seem to ignore it. Patient compliance refers to how well a patient chooses to follow the medical advice given to them by a doctor. They are given these tips, medications, or treatment suggestions as a result of an injury, accident, or sickness. Those who comply with the medical advice will receive the highest quality outcome available. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why people chose not to comply such as:

  • Cost of treatment
  • Denial of problem
  • Difficult regimen 
  • Possibility of negative side-effects

Those who don’t abide by the suggestions given by no fault doctors in Smithtown and other professionals increase their chances of not getting over their sickness/injury, cause additional problems, and sometimes even result in death.

Noncompliance Hurts Everyone!

Not only does noncompliance hurt the patient themselves, but many others are involved as well. As stated above, those who don’t comply with professional suggestions often wind up in worse shape. Therefore, ending up in a hospital, nursing home, or rehabilitation center. As a result, costing the U.S. economy billions upon billions of dollars. Another area that is affected is the individual’s workplace. Those who are hurt and don’t show up to work; cause a decrease in a company’s productivity. A company that experiences a decrease in productivity will then suffer due to a loss of income as well. Overall, non-compliance negatively affects many people and companies.

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NYIA offers both same-day and advanced scheduled appointments for their patients. This allows our patients to receive care when it works best for them. Our NYIA team has offices in 14 different locations throughout the Long Island and Queens areas. Our no fault doctors in Smithtown provide treatment in the areas of: 

  • Chiropractic 
  • Orthopedic 
  • Neurological Care 
  • Physical Therapy 
  • Pain Management

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