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Despite the known risks, many people continue to drive cars. They are convenient and commonly used, and society continues encouraging the automobile industry. It makes sense, and driving a car is not a bad thing. However, public awareness of car safety and potential risks needs to increase. Thousands upon thousands of car accidents occur due to a lack of awareness and care, which is unacceptable. Our auto accident doctor in Astoria and our team at New York Injury Associates understand this and would like to make the roads incredibly safer.

When Most Auto Accidents OccurAuto Accident Doctor In Astoria

When it comes to car accidents, many factors come into play. Whether it be the weather, the state of one’s vehicle, the driver’s condition, or some combination of these and countless other possibilities, car accidents are complex. To better understand the main risks, here are some of the most common factors that play into car accidents:

Impaired Driving

  • Three in five people will be in a car crash due to impaired driving
  • Consumption of drugs or alcohol multiplies crash rates by 36 times

Distracted Driving

  • 15 percent of U.S. police-reported vehicle accidents were caused by distracted driving
  • The risk of crashing by 12 times by dialing a phone number while driving
  • Texting while driving increases the risk of crashing by 23 times
  • Child passengers could be more distracting than talking on the phone while driving

Fatigued Driving

  • Over eight percent of vehicle crashes are due to fatigued driving
  • Missing only two or three hours of sleep can multiply the risk of crashing by four times
  • Staying awake for eighteen hours can have the same negative impact on driving as a blood alcohol concentration of 0.05 percent


  • Winter conditions cause seventeen percent of vehicle crashes
  • Snow and ice require ten times more stopping time than dry pavement
  • 21 percent of vehicle crashes are related to the weather
  • Of weather-related crashes:
    • 70 percent occur on wet pavement
    • 46 percent occur in rain
    • 18 percent occur in snow or sleet
    • 13 percent are on icy roads
    • Three percent occur in fog


  • Half of motor vehicle fatalities occur in rural areas
  • 79 percent of cyclist deaths occur in urban areas
  • 81 percent of pedestrian deaths occur in urban areas
  • 37 percent of cyclist deaths occur at intersections

Time of Day

  • 74 percent of pedestrian fatalities occur at night

It is important to note that these are not the only factors of auto accidents. One should keep these in mind, always be cautious, and immediately see an auto doctor in Astoria if an accident occurs because some injuries are not obvious.

Automobile Safety From Auto Accident Doctor In Astoria

Unfortunately, automobile accidents cannot be entirely prevented. It just takes one bad driver or one second of poor judgment to cause an accident. Even the safest and most vigilant drivers cannot always save themselves from getting involved in crashes. However, taking safety precautions can help you avoid accidents and stay safer if one occurs. Here are some vehicle safety tips:

  • The driver and all passengers must all wear their seatbelts
  • Never drive while impaired
  • Never drive when tired
  • Never drive while distracted
  • Stay focused and look for pedestrians, cyclists, and other vehicles
  • Follow all rules for car seats for children and keep children in car seats for as long as possible
  • Immediately report impaired or aggressive drivers to the police
  • Always drive defensively
  • Pay attention to changes in road conditions
  • Be aware of work zones

New York Injury Associates: Auto Accident Doctor In Astoria

Despite the number of driving regulations and safety measures that exist, car accidents still happen. While complete safety would be ideal, when an accident does occur, it is essential to get immediate medical care. Our team and auto accident doctor in Astoria at New York Injury Associates have assisted patients in their recovery following accidents. Contact us to book an appointment today.