Car accidents are common within the United States of America. In 2018 alone, about 6.7 million car accidents were reported and 4.8 million have caused some type of property damage. When these damages occur, it can be difficult to figure out who is at fault, but there are a couple of ways of figuring out who is to blame. These accidents can also cause an injury, with 2.7 million of the reported cases above resulting in such, so care from no fault doctors in Smithtown would be needed. When it comes to no fault insurance, regardless of who ends up with the blame for the incident, any individual with no fault coverage will receive the medical coverage they need. 

Who is at Fault?

There are a couple of ways to figure out who is responsible for the accident. Some are short affairs with minimal conflict, while others can be long drawn out processes. Regardless, our no fault doctors in Smithtown can help you through this process. Some of these determining factors include:

  • The Drivers Determine It- This is likely the simplest of methods, with all involved drivers working out among themselves who is at fault. It can be friendly but depending on how violent the accident was, it could result in one or more parties being a bit more emotional. But regardless of the discussion, all necessary info should be taken down like insurance info, the car models, time and place, and more. When in doubt whether something is important, take down the information as there is a chance you might not get a second chance. 
  • The Police Determine It- Once they arrive at the site of the accident, they will attempt to determine who is at fault. They will question everyone involved and any witnesses to the accident and will try especially hard to figure out if there were any unique factors such as phone usage when making the case. A police report will be made and it’s important to read it when possible. While an officer has authority, they are still human so it is possible for them to not collect enough facts to make a solid judgment on what occurred and only provide an educated opinion on what occurred. 
  • Insurance Companies Determine ItThis one will depend very much on which company is involved. Some will want to have things settled as quickly and quietly as possible, only attempting to get what is owed towards the damaged party from the insurance company of the party at fault.  Some will result in drawn-out lawsuits. 
  • Jury Determines It- In the handful of situations that end up in lawsuits, a jury will be deciding where the blame lays. It’s not a common way of handling car accidents due to how long and costly the entire process is. It also has the risk of causing the damaged party to be considered partly responsible due to their actions, with some states prohibiting the damaged party from suing in those cases. There are many variations of this, with some states allowing only partial compensation if the damaged party is considered partially responsible for the accident. 

No fault doctors in Smithtown

In the state of New York, it’s required for there to be no-fault insurance for any car to be registered to the state, meaning that the medical coverage will be covered regardless of who is at fault. For those looking for no fault doctors in Smithtown, New York Injury Associates can help out. The fine team will make sure that the proper care is given, whether it be physical therapy, pain management, neurologic, etc. It’s not unheard of for medical testimonies to be needed in a car accident lawsuit, so the staff will make sure that the attorneys get organized reports on how the patient is progressing. If no fault doctors in Smithtown are needed, especially for those going through a lawsuit, contact New York Injury Associates as soon as possible at this link