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No-fault insurance is so-called because it eliminates the need to assign blame or fault to the insurer to cover a claim. This means that regardless of who is at fault for an accident, an injured person’s medical bills and other costs will be covered by their insurance policy. No-fault insurance also helps to speed up the claims process as no time needs to be spent determining whose fault it was. This can reduce delayed payments and help insured people get back on their feet sooner after an accident. In states with no-fault insurance laws, drivers must purchase specific types of coverage, such as personal injury protection (PIP) coverage or medical payment (MedPay) coverage, to meet their insurance requirements. This coverage is used to pay for medical bills and other damages regardless of who caused the accident. Contact New York Injury Associates if you have been in an accident and need injury doctors in Northville.

What is a No-Fault Doctor?

A No-Fault doctor is a physician that specializes in treating injuries sustained from no-fault accidents and understands the specifics of how to submit claims for insurance reimbursement. Typically, a No-fault doctor is approved by an insurer and can act as your treating physician and file paperwork with the company on your behalf. This helps streamline the entire process of filing claims for injury coverage and ensures you receive all the compensation you are entitled to under your policy. In addition, many no-fault doctors provide services such as physical therapy, rehabilitation, or medical equipment rentals, so they can help ensure that you are getting all the care you need after an accident. To learn more about injury doctors in Northville, visit our website

Why Choose New York Injury Associates as your No-Fault Doctor?

At New York Injury Associates, we are dedicated to providing our patients with the highest quality medical care and helping them navigate the complex world of no-fault insurance. Our team of experienced injury doctors in Northville have a comprehensive understanding of the no-fault system and can help guide you through all aspects of filing your claim efficiently. We also treat motor vehicle accident injuries such as whiplash, neck pain, back pain, shoulder injuries, and headaches. Whether you need guidance throughout the claims process or want someone who understands how to file paperwork correctly, New York Injury Associates and our injury doctors in Northville are here for you!