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New York State is considered a “no-fault” state. This means when you get into an accident, your insurance covers certain costs, such as medical bills and lost wages. This rule applies no matter who was responsible for the accident. At New York Injury Associates, we have a team of staff and car accident doctors in Jericho able to provide medical assistance to patients and assist in no-fault car accident cases.

What Is Covered Under No-Fault Rules?

Your no-fault or Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage will apply to and pay the following losses that result after obtaining an injury after a car accident:

  • “Reasonable and necessary” medical bills related to the accident
  • “Reasonable and necessary” expenses that result from the accident, such as household help or transportation needed
  • Lost work income of up to $2,000 for up to three years from the accident
  • Death benefit to the estate of an individual killed in the accident

These expenses will only be covered if the car accident injury was incurred by:

  • You or anyone else driving your car
  • Any passenger riding in the car
  • Any pedestrian hit by the car

How To Step Outside No-Fault Car Insurance

To step outside the rules of the no-fault system, your injuries resulting from the accident must meet a specific “serious injury” threshold set by state law. When you step outside the no-fault system, you can directly pursue a claim against the driver who caused the accident. Injuries that are considered serious under this threshold and can be addressed by our car accident doctors in Jericho include:

  • Significant disfigurement
  • Bone fracture
  • A permanent or significant limitation of the body
  • Substantial disability for 90 days

Minimum Car Insurance Coverage Requirements

To legally drive a motor vehicle in New York State, vehicle owners must have a certain amount of insurance on their car. The minimum requirements include the following coverage:

  • $25,000 for bodily injury to one person
  • $50,000 total liability bodily injury coverage per accident you cause, no matter how many people are injured
  • $10,000 liability coverage for material damage per accident you cause
  • $50,000 for one fatality that results
  • $100,000 for two or more fatalities

Suppose you are found responsible for causing an accident, and the injured persons’ losses exceed the limits of your car insurance policy. In that case, you may find yourself personally responsible for making up the difference.

Will a No-Fault Accident Affect My Insurance?

In New York State, sometimes a no-fault accident can increase your insurance premium. However, insurance companies are forbidden from raising your monthly payments if the accident caused less than $2000 in material damages, no one was injured, and the claim is within your insurance policy limits. However, if these prerequisites are not met, then there is a highly likely chance your insurance rates will increase. This is because your insurance company will identify you as someone who poses a risk to them. After all, you have gotten in an accident. Our car accident doctors in Jericho can help you understand these requirements.

When Do Car Accident Insurance Premiums Not Go Up?

In some cases where the accident was out of your control, insurance rates will stay the same after the accident. Some specific examples of when your premiums are likely to stay the same include:

  • If you report a hit-and-run accident within 24 hours of it occurring.
  • If your car was legally parked and hit by another vehicle.
  • If you were reimbursed by the person responsible.
  • If the damage was caused by an animal or falling object.
  • If the other person was convicted of a moving traffic violation.
  • If your insurance company could recover more than 80% of the losses from the other driver.

Types of Injuries We See At Car Accident Doctors in Jericho

Multiple types of injuries can result from getting involved in a car accident. Our car accident doctors in Jericho can evaluate and treat these injuries. Some examples of car accident injuries include:

  • Soft tissue injuries such as sprains and strains
  • Scrapes and cuts from projected objects
  • Head injuries from unnatural head movement
  • Chest injuries from the steering wheel, seatbelt, or dashboard
  • Arm and leg injuries from hitting into the dashboard or other impacts

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