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What Are Your Rights After Getting Hurt On The Job?

Workers Comp Doctor in Queens

Have you or someone you know been involved in an accident that has left you injured or crippled? Do you seek the most effective care? The associates of the New York State Injury Associates (NYIA) will pair you with the best Workers Comp Doctor in Queens. The specialists at NYIA offer state of the art aid, and specialize in finding treatment for your on-the-job injuries.

Getting Hurt On The Job: Workers Comp Doctor in Queens

Getting hurt on the job includes any injury inflicted while on the clock. This includes minor cuts and bruises or major injuries such as broken bones. With adequate documentation, an employer should pay all of your medical bills. Sadly, this is often not the case. Employers will usually do all they can to avoid expending the costs of necessary medical bills for their injured employers. Some employers even engage in deceiving techniques, such as lackluster training videos, as a defense against paying workers compensation. If you are injured and need Workers Comp Doctor in Queens, NYIA, can help.

Car Accidents On The Job

Cars have always been one of the primary forms of transport for goods and services. Increasingly, they are also a means of employment for many workers. This includes: delivery drivers, couriers, and more. In Suffolk County alone, there can be as many as 30,000 car accidents in a single year. A car can be unpredictable, as can driving. Sometimes, another person can even be the sole cause of your injuries sustained while on the job (such as a drunk driver).

Types of Injuries On The Job

Usually, extremities are the first to be injured in a work-related injury. Specifically, arms, legs, and connecting body parts such as the neck or hips are injured. The head can also bear the brunt of a full-on collision, possibly even resulting in a concussion, coma, or brain death. Lastly, the spine can be severed, potentially paralyzing the patient altogether. All of these injuries are potentially life-threatening, making vehicle based jobs dangerous to undertake.

Worker’s Rights When Injured

Usually, an injured worker is entitled to payment of healthcare bills and back pay if put out of work. Healthcare bills include all the bills relating to the injury: from emergency bills to follow-ups to any enduring injury treatment (like physical therapy). Back pay is the payment the workers would have had, had they been at work. This could include payment for the entire day or even the entire time they are home. 

Healthcare Bills

A worker is entitled to all payments of their healthcare bills accumulated after the injury by their employer. We recommend visiting a Workers Comp Doctor in Queens, such as NYIA, for proper treatment and assessment. Usually, a good rule of thumb is that adequate workers compensation will cover whatever injuries your insurance would typically cover. If an employer is unwilling to pay healthcare bills, seek an attorney.

Back Pay

Back pay is a simple concept to understand. Basically, workers are entitled to lost payment as if they were at work after being injured. However, workers must miss at least fourteen days of work to receive back pay for all days missed. The proper documentation must also be submitted in order to receive back pay. If an employer is being coy with your wages, seek litigation.

Getting injured on the job can be a multitude of things. From simple scratches and scrapes to major injuries, it’s any injury sustained at work. Whatever the injury may be, you deserve just compensation: payment of your healthcare bills and back pay for your lost wages. If you were injured on the job, we recommend visiting a Workers Comp Doctor in Queens, such as NYIA, for immediate medical assistance.

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    How Long Does Back Pain Last After An Accident? 

    Workers Comp Doctor in Queens

    The most common injuries involving car accidents are back injuries. The common ailment can be detrimental, or simply heal itself within a reasonable time. Depending on your specific injury, back pain after a car accident needs to be properly treated and taken care of before it gets worse. Workers Comp Doctor in Queens can diagnose and treat your specific back pain and injuries. 

    Back injuries are so common following car accidents because the back absorbs most of the force and pressure from collisions. It is one of the most delicate and important parts of the body, leaving the back with lots of responsibility in the human body. It is important to understand and treat your back pain from an accident accordingly. 

    How Long Does A Workers Comp Doctor in Queens Say Back Pain Will Last? 

    After enduring a vehicle accident, you likely have received some type of damage to your back. When the head forcefully flings backward or forwards after colliding with another vehicle or object, your back is likely to suffer an injury. 

    In auto injury patients, back pain usually subsides within six weeks of the accident. However, the timeline of your specific pain will depend on the injury you sustained and the severity of it. Additionally, it depends on the care you give it. Back and neck pain that extends the average six weeks can be alarming. It may indicate a potentially serious situation due to the proximity to nerves and blood flow. 

    Back pain after an accident can indicate several different injuries. It is important to visit Workers Comp Doctor in Queens to properly diagnose your injury for the best route of treatment. There are many common back injuries resulting from car accidents, as well as how long each injury typically lasts. 

    Types of Back Injuries From Accidents: Workers Comp Doctor in Queens

    The human back consists of a complex system of bones, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves. It contains the spinal cord – one of the most delicate and vulnerable parts of the body. Back pain from an accident can indicate several different types of injuries. 

    Herniated Disc 

    The vertebrae in your back are separated by discs. These discs serve as shock absorbers that cushion your spine. When your back is hit and encounters the intense stress from an accident, you may end up with a herniated disc, referring to a problem with one of those discs between the bones that stack to make your spine. A herniated disc can occur in any part of the spine, but most often occurs in the lower back. 

    The pain from a herniated disc may subside within a few weeks. Typically, it could go away entirely after about six weeks. In some cases, a herniated disc may require medical treatment or even surgery. If the pain is severe, you should seek a medical evaluation immediately. Many people do not experience painful symptoms from a herniated disc. For those who do, the symptoms tend to improve over time. Otherwise, medical advice should be taken. 

    Strains or Sprains 

    After accidents, back sprains and strains are common because of the twisting and turning that your back undergoes during the collision. This causes stretching in tendons or muscles beyond their capacity. For those with back strains or sprains, pain often worsens when moving. Range of motion is likely to be impaired by this type of injury. 

    Back strains and sprains are likely to go away within two weeks. In some severe cases, if the pain lasts longer, additional treatment is required. 


    Whiplash may cause pain in the upper back or neck. It is a neck injury that occurs due to forceful, rapid back-and-forth movement of the neck. This injury usually involves muscles, discs, tendons, and nerves in the neck. One who is suffering from whiplash will often experience symptoms of blurred vision, ringing in the ears, numbness in the arm or hand, neck pain or stiffness, shoulder pain, dizziness, and more. 

    Pain from whiplash will often last no more than a few days. All symptoms will likely fully disappear within three months. If the pain does not subside, there may be issues with discs or joints, requiring a visit to Workers Comp Doctor in Queens.

    Facet Joint Pains 

    Facet joints connect the bones of the spine. Nerve roots travel through them to several areas of the body, such as the arms and the legs. Facet joints allow for bending and twisting without enduring a spinal injury. When these joints are damaged, it causes pain by interfering with the nerves. 

    Pain from facet joints should last no longer than two weeks. For pain that lasts longer, it will usually not go away on its own and requires medical treatment. 

    Workers Comp Doctor in Queens

    If you were involved in an accident that left you with pain, it is your right to seek compensation for your injuries. New York Injury Associates specializes in cases involving vehicle accidents. Attorneys and medical care for their accident-involved clients go hand in hand. That’s why we focus on providing medical assistance to patients while assisting in legal cases. From providing medical attention for patients to organizing medical and legal documents for attorneys, our team does everything in their power to help reach the optimal outcome. Contact us today to learn more. 

    Common Injuries on a Construction Site

    workers comp doctor in queens

    Unfortunately, accidents and injuries occur to workers on a construction site often. These injuries can be addressed by our doctors at New York Injury Associates. We comply with our patients and give them the proper attention. Our workers’ comp doctor in queens focuses on construction site injuries and carrying out treatment. 

    Causes of Construction Site Injuries Seen At A Workers Comp Doctor in Queens

    There are various causes for injury occurring on a construction site. Becoming familiar with the types of injuries that can occur on a construction site may help you avoid injury.


    The most common injury to occur on a construction site is falling. Some of the possible heights a construction worker can fall off of include:

    • Scaffolding
    • Cranes
    • Roofs
    • Ladders

    If you’re injured due to a fall on a construction site and are seeking justice, see our workers comp doctor in queens.

    Falling Objects

    Construction workers can be at risk of being hit by a falling object. For example, a tool or construction material from a higher floor can fall if not properly secured. A brain or spinal injury can result if the falling object hits your head. That is why it is advised to wear the proper hard hat and safety equipment.

    Equipment Related Accidents

    Heavy and dangerous machinery used on construction sites can fail. For example, a large forklift can stop working, a heavy dumpster can unexpectedly fall, or a nail gun can misfire. If unsafe or faulty equipment caused your injury, you could reach out to an attorney to discuss product liability. Product liability reveals who is responsible for dangerous or defective products.

    Getting Crushed

    Construction workers who work with large trucks and heavy machinery can constantly be at risk of getting run over or crushed. It can be difficult for workers driving trucks to see what’s around them due to the size and nature of the truck. It is also possible for workers to become crushed between two large vehicles or walls. That is why supervisors must be aware of the work site at all times.

    Fires and Explosions

    Fires and explosions can happen as a result of untreated hazardous conditions. The following circumstances can result in a fire or explosion:

    • Exposed wiring
    • Leaking pipes
    • Flammable chemicals

    Building Collapses

    Unfortunately, a trench being built can collapse on the workers inside if it is not sturdy. Also, a building that is being demolished or is under construction can unexpectedly collapse. If a trench or building collapses, it can kill or seriously injure the workers inside. 


    Construction workers do a lot of physical labor, resulting in overexertion. Some of the injuries associated with pushing the body too hard include:

    • Repetitive motion injuries
    • Muscle and joint damage
    • Heatstroke
    • Hypothermia or frostbite

    Workers Comp Doctor in Queens: Medical Conditions Caused by Construction Injuries

    The construction injuries above can lead to medical problems. It is recommended to see our workers’ comp doctor in queens to help take care of the following medical conditions that could happen from working on a construction site:

    • Amputation of a body part
    • Broken or fractured bones
    • Burned body part
    • Cuts or lacerations
    • Eye injuries or loss of vision 
    • Sprains or overuse damage
    • Loss of hearing
    • Paralysis and other spinal cord injuries
    • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) 
    • Toxic exposure to chemicals
    • Head or traumatic brain injuries (TBI) 

    Contact New York Injury Associates: Workers Comp Doctor in Queens

    If you have been injured on the job, it is essential to consult with a construction accident attorney and see our workers comp doctor in queens. Our doctors will give you the medical attention you need and organize medical and legal documents for attorneys. Contact our team at New York Injury Associates to get a consultation from our doctors.



    When you or your client contacts our team for help, there are various aspects that one should expect. Should your client call, we will first ask for their location and the nature of their injury. After gathering the necessary information, we will direct them to the location that will offer the most benefits. In most cases, we can provide patients with same-day appointments, but we’re also happy to work around their schedule. When an attorney is the one to contact us for legal assistance, we’ll ask similar questions regarding your client’s health and will need to coordinate an appointment time for further evaluation before committing to helping with your case.


    Absolutely. One of the essential tools in the medical community is the second opinion. Sometimes, previously done x-rays and other imaging tests do not paint a complete picture of the injury at hand. At New York Injury Associates, we’ll perform a full assessment of your client to either confirm or overrule the diagnosis that was previously provided to them.


    Attorneys and patients dealing with a no-fault injury shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to our team. Our network members specialize in medical issues of this nature and also understand the expertise they can bring to subsequent legal proceedings. By accepting no-fault patients, we save your clients money when they need it most.


    Once your client has decided to contact us for care, what they do next tends to be out of your hands. It can be disheartening for attorneys on no-fault cases to have their work delegitimized due to their client’s compliance failures. Patients who blow off their appointments or do not work to make a full recovery won’t have substantial legal grounds to stand on. Our staff works diligently to prevent issues such as this from occurring. We will stay on top of patients to ensure they are coming in for their scheduling appointments and meeting all their needs to remain in compliance with their no-fault issue.


    There are undoubtedly numerous medical teams attorneys can consider working with when dealing with no-fault injury cases. However, working with the wrong group will cause legal headaches and hurdles. At New York Injury Associates, we know that we must deliver when attorneys entrust us with their cases. From IME results to diagnostic files, we will organize all medical information regarding your client’s case or claim, and send it back in an easy to read report, simplifying your case building process.