What is Classified as a Workers Comp Injury?

Workers comp is a type of insurance that compensates employees and also pays for their medical treatment for occupational injuries and illnesses. Almost every state requires employers to have workers’ compensation insurance, with Texas being the only state in America to not mandate it by law. New York Injury Associates is a workers comp doctor in Shirley, New York. We have many years of experience treating occupational injuries. 

Most injuries that happen while working would be covered by workers comp insurance such as:

  • Slipping or falling at work can be caused by a variety of things such as a wet floor, uneven flooring, unstable ladder, or a broken scissor lift. These claims would all be valid under workers’ compensation insurance.
  • Getting hit by a falling object could be caused by poorly stacked boxes from a delivery, loose ceiling fixtures, or loose shelving.
  • Accidents involving machinery can cover a huge range of injuries. Injury can result in having a sliced finger from a deli slicer, injury to a limb from a woodchipper, or compression from a hydraulic press.
  • Workplace violence can be a coworker causing a fight while at work, a client or customer causing harm to you while at work Public employees, police officers, and security guards, and healthcare workers have a high number of workplace violence claims.

There are some types of workplace injuries that may not be covered by workers’ compensation insurance, dependent on what state you are in. These injuries include:

  • Injuries in your commute to and from work such as a car accident. However, if you are traveling somewhere for work, this may be covered.
  • Injury due to horseplay and rough housing such as wrestling, throwing things, or running around.
  • Injuries due to working while intoxicated. You can be considered intoxicated if you consumed alcohol, illegal drugs, and sometimes even medications prescribed to you by your medical doctor.
  • Injuries caused by not following safety procedures such as proper use of chemicals, using a cut glove, or using non-slip shoes.

While accidents are almost impossible to predict, there are steps you can take to try to identify and prevent them from happening. To make sure that any claims you may have to file in the future are as valid as possible, make sure you are doing the following at work:

  • Following all safety procedures set out by your employer, local, state, and federal governments, as well as safety procedures set by the manufacturer of the equipment, chemicals, and tools you may use
  • Follow all rules, regulations, and procedures laid out by your employer
  • Do not engage in any unsafe activities, including horseplay, at work
  • Report any unsafe conditions to your supervisor
  • Inspect any equipment you will be using to make sure it is in working condition
  • FIle your claim as soon as possible, and make sure you file in the time frame set by your state

Workplace injuries can be overlooked, even by the employee. These injuries that are overlooked can still be used for a worker’s comp claim. These injuries and illnesses can be:

  • Eyes injuries and strain caused by continuous computer use. Looking at a monitor all day can cause irreversible eye damage, and you may be able to file with workers’ compensation.
  • Heart attacks caused by stress from your job, even though you are not at work, could possibly be used in your worker’s compensation case.
  • Back pain from the repeated lifting of heavy objects, or using improper lifting techniques for a long period of time.
  • Lung damage caused by inhaling chemicals and other foreign objects can have lifelong effects, and even death.
  • Arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome can be caused by repeated strain and the use of your joints. This condition may not be apparent until many years of employment.

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