What is Classified as a Workers Comp Injury?

What is Classified as a Workers Comp Injury?

Workers comp is a type of insurance that compensates employees and also pays for their medical treatment for occupational injuries and illnesses. Almost every state requires employers to have workers’ compensation insurance, with Texas being the only state in America to not mandate it by law. New York Injury Associates is a workers comp doctor in Shirley, New York. We have many years of experience treating occupational injuries. 

Most injuries that happen while working would be covered by workers comp insurance such as:

There are some types of workplace injuries that may not be covered by workers’ compensation insurance, dependent on what state you are in. These injuries include:

While accidents are almost impossible to predict, there are steps you can take to try to identify and prevent them from happening. To make sure that any claims you may have to file in the future are as valid as possible, make sure you are doing the following at work:

Workplace injuries can be overlooked, even by the employee. These injuries that are overlooked can still be used for a worker’s comp claim. These injuries and illnesses can be:

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