Workplace injuries are always a thing to keep in mind. They are simply unavoidable. Studies show that there are over 4.5 million workplace injuries every year.  If you need help with a workers’ comp case, our team at New York Injury Associates are here to help. Contact us today for information and book a consultation with the best workers comp doctor in Bed-Stuy! New York Injury Associates proudly serves all patients in the Long Island/Queens/Brooklyn area.

What is a Treating Doctor in a Workers’ Compensation Case?

In your workers’ compensation situation, the opinion of your treating doctor would be very important. Your treating doctor, unlike a doctor who only tests you once, keeps track of your progress over time. This helps your treating doctor understand your conditions, the need for further attention, the ongoing physical difficulties, and the chances of a complete recovery.

What is a Worker’s Comp Doctor?

A workers comp doctor in Bed-Stuy is a physician who treats a work-related injury. They have experience in understanding the injury, the extent of the injury, and the restrictions of the injury. They work for the insurance company and determine the status of your health and ability to go back to work.  They perform an IME which is an Independent Medical Examination to evaluate the extent of your workplace injury. These are requested when:

  • The insurance company disagrees with your own doctor’s opinion 
  • Negotiations with the claims adjuster are taking too long or becoming expensive
  • Your treating physician determines total or partial disability 

Mistakes to Avoid 

Workers’ comp doctors are sent by the insurance companies’ to evaluate further and come to a conclusion. These doctors are closely examining you for physical signs of pain, discomfort, and so forth. they ask you questions about your medical history, the accident, your daily life, and practically anything they can come up with. Always remember, the workers’ comp doctor assigned has you under close surveillance. They are looking for anything that suggests your condition is not as bad as you may portray it to be. Here are the top five tips to communicate accurate information to the assigned doctor:

  • Don’t Exaggerate Your Symptoms 
    • Yes, pain and its symptoms are noticeable but these doctors are trained to figure out real vs fake. They go off medical records, doctors’ notations, tests, and exams. Exaggerating your pain may just not play out in your favor. So, play it cool and simple because you don’t want to deny a claim and not to mention your credibility as an employee at work.
  • Don’t Speak Negatively About Your Employer 
    • It is very possible to feel a negative type of way towards your employer especially if the injury was due to an unsafe or negligent workplace environment. It is normal to feel this way but try not to show these emotions and feelings during the workers’ comp examination. Things can go south and lead to doubting your whole case and reputation. Also, remember this information goes right back to your employer and the insurance company. 
  • Don’t Lie
    • Honesty is the best policy and is a golden rule in life. Stick to the facts and it will play itself out. These doctors are highly trained, experienced, and intuitive. Just simply tell the truth as it is.  
  • Don’t leave out prior injuries 
    • You may think hiding prior injuries may be the reason for denial but that is not the case. As doctors, they understand every injury is different and has different outcomes. You should just be able to portray and explain the level of pain and the severity of the new injury is different from the prior ones. 
  • Don’t Omit Details 
    • You must have a consistent story and explanation as to what happens. It is highly important to always tell the doctor everything from end to finish. They are trained to spot inconsistency and false truths. Tell them everything, even the embarrassing details. 

Workers Comp Doctor in Bed-Stuy

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