Obtaining an injury while working is not uncommon, and if you or someone you know has been injured on the job, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation. Here at New York Injury Associates in Patchogue, we pride ourselves on getting our clients the compensation and justice they deserve. To find out more, visit our website to schedule a consultation today! You can trust our Workers’ Comp Doctor in Patchogue to provide you with the care you need.

What is Considered a Workers Compensation Injury?

Workers’ compensation injuries are very common and are usually explained in your employee handbook. Also, the Department of Labor has government programs to help assist government employees who suffer any work-related injuries or illnesses and are entitled to disability programs. The definition of a work-related injury is “an injury sustained while working on the job, such as accidents or illnesses caused by exposure to work activities, materials, and equipment.” Injuries sustained while working are covered by the employer’s worker’s compensation insurance. However, most businesses and employers require you to fill out an accident report immediately to start the process for worker compensation. This is because each state has different ordinances around worker compensation, and employers also have deadlines you have to meet to be entitled to workers’ compensation. That is why it is important to file claims and report for your injuries sustained at work to get the compensation you deserve. It can be beneficial to have an outside consultation with a lawyer to make sure that everything is being covered properly to ensure you get your compensation. This is because employers typically don’t want to have to compensate through insurance. 

What are Common Workers Compensation Injuries?Workers Comp Doctor in Patchogue

Here at New York Injury Associates in Patchogue, we have dealt with various worker’s compensation injuries. Some of them are severe injuries, and some of them are typical ones that are common in the job force. Some common worker compensation injuries are as followed; 

  • Overexertion: This is due to not having enough breaks within a shift and overheating and exerting your body to the point where you can faint and injure yourself or strain something in your body 
  • Slips, Trips, and Falls: This is probably the most common work-related injury because it is not unheard of to trip and fall over something in everyday life, let alone while you are working. Sometimes the areas you are working in can be slippery or dangerous and can cause you to fall and injure yourself badly, but since you are working while this happens, your employer is liable
  • Muscle Strains: This can be caused by a variety of different things such as operating some sort of machinery or lifting heavy objects, and this can cause this type of injury while working
  • Falling Object Indicidents: Depending on your work environment, if an object were to fall on you, it could lead to a severe injury; that is why it is essential to file a report if you sustain one of these injuries.
  • Inhaling Toxic Fumes: Inhaling and having exposure to toxic chemicals and fumes while working can lead to severe injuries and illnesses that could have long-lasting effects on the body.
  • Cuts and Lacerations: Depending on your work environment sustaining a cut or deep wound can be severe, and since it is sustained on the job, the employer is responsible 
  • Exposure to Loud Noises: This can lead to difficulty hearing and other severe issues since operating specific machinery or equipment on the job are to blame for these injuries 
  • Transportation Incidents: This can be when driving equipment or machinery or even driving a car with contents of work-related items while on the clock with your employer 

Making Sure, You Get the Compensation You Deserve | Workers’ Comp Doctor in Patchogue

Here at New York Injury Associates our trusted Workers’ Comp Doctor in Patchogue primary focus is making sure our clients get the compensation they deserve in their cases. So if you or someone you know is struggling with getting workers compensation and is facing difficulty with their employer to get their worker compensation contact us today. To schedule a consultation with us, click or call at 516-759-2032.

Unfortunately, depending on the job a person has, you may experience at work either yourself or a colleague get into an accident at the workplace. One way to prevent injuries is by keeping an orderly workplace. Failing to do so can cause serious hazards and put people in jeopardy of getting injured. Another thing every workplace should offer is a safety and wellness plan. The plan would cover all rules of employee safety and health and encourage employees to report hazardous issues and behaviors. This plan helps educate each employee and improves work safety. Our workers comp doctor in Patchogue at New York Injury Associates can help you.

How Can I Avoid Being Injured at Work?

Depending on the job, make sure all safety equipment is being worn as well. As an athlete, wear all required protective gear. If you are in construction, wear a hard hat, glasses and vest. If you work in a restaurant, wear heat gloves when possible to avoid burns, etc. There are so many jobs out there that want to keep their employees as safe as possible and they create many rules and ways we can try to avoid getting hurt at work. Some will help in the long run and some people may never experience an injury at work, but unfortunately, it’s still possible to get hurt in the workplace. 

The most important part is to remember, when an injury does occur, make sure your company, you and other employees are prepared to get them the care the injured person needs, immediately. After an injury, someone high up in the company will have to file a workers accident report, or workers comp claim. After, if necessary, you will be required to go to a workers compensation doctor.

What Does a Workers Comp Doctor in Patchogue Do?Workers Comp Doctor in Patchogue

Our workers comp doctor at New York Injury Associates will give you a full body examination and ask you questions about a person’s accident at the workplace and also ask about a person’s overall medical history. The doctor will then assess the injury and see how severe these injuries truly are. From then, depending on the injury, your workers comp doctor in Patchogue has given you exams, X Rays, MRI’s etc. The doctor will go over the cause of the injury and go over what kind of steps are taken next to recover. 

How Does Workers Compensation Work?

The reason your job and insurance might require you to go to a specific doctor rather than just your usual primary care doctor is because a workers’ compensation doctor is authorized by the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board and plays a crucial role in the workers compensation claim process. Not all doctors are authorized to do this. All of your doctor’s paperwork is documented, sent to an workers compensation insurance company and also sent to the company the injury took place at and used to see if whatever treatment is needed can be fully covered and if the injured person can gain any other benefits. The benefits can include the costs of  all the needed doctor’s visits and also certain treatments like, prescription drugs, surgery, occupational therapy, physical therapy, medical supplies and  follow-up care. 

Also if an injury keeps you out of work for longer than two weeks you may be able to receive cash benefits. It is important to visit a workers comp doctor as soon as possible after the injury. Even if you’re not experiencing unbearable pain it is important to go because for some injuries it may take time to show symptoms and also the sooner you go the less likely you are to overdo the injured area and there is a less risk of injuring the area more. 

Contact Our Workers Comp Doctor in Patchogue at New York Injury Associates

A workers comp doctor can do his or her job better if they begin monitoring any injuries as soon as possible. It is essential to remember how important finding the right doctor is, the patient should have complete trust in their physician, should be extremely honest about the whole situation, report all injuries and also to keep all documentation their doctors give them. Our Workers comp doctor in Patchogue wants to ensure the safety of all their patients and provide them with the best and appropriate care. Contact New York Injury Associates today to learn more!

It is common to experience muscle strains and sprains from exerting your body while working. That is why our workers comp doctor in Patchogue at New York Injury Associates pride themselves on getting our clients the best referrals to the care they need. To find out more visit our website to schedule a consultation today!

How to Treat Muscle Strains and Sprain from Work 

Muscle strains and sprains are a common occurrence for people who work jobs that require physical labor. For instance, muscle strains can be caused by a variety of different things such as operating some form of machinery or lifting heavy objects. Doing such things can lead to various injuries and ailments while working. Muscle strains result in pain and inflammation in the muscle. They can also cause the muscle to swell or suffer some stiffness as well as lack of mobility. Depending on the severity of the muscle strain and sprains obtained while working there are actions you can take at home to help heal. Some ways to treat muscle strains and sprains are as followed: 

  • RestWorkers Comp Doctor in Patchouge
  • Ice
  • Compression 
  • Elevation 
  • Anti-inflammatory medication 
  • Anti-inflammatory ointment 
  • Heating pad 
  • Stretching 

These at-home treatment methods are very effective in helping treat muscle strains and sprains that are obtained from working. However, if these treatment methods within a week don’t help subside any pain or increase mobility in the area of the injury seeking a medical professional is recommended.

How a Workers Comp Doctor in Patchogue Can Treat Strains and Sprains

If at-home treatment methods are ineffective in helping heal your muscle strain or sprain, seeking help from a medical professional can benefit you. Our workers comp doctor in Patchogue will be able to analyze the extent of your injuries and make a treatment plan tailored to your needs. For instance, physical therapy can help rebuild and strengthen muscles that are strained or sprained. This form of rehabilitation goes at your own pace and is based on the goals you want to achieve to feel healthy and pain-free again.

Making Sure You Get the Compensation You Deserve

Here at New York Injury Associates, the main focus of our workers comp doctor in Patchogue is making sure our clients get the treatment they need from expert medical professionals. So if you or someone you know is struggling with muscle strains and sprains that require a medical professional’s help, contact us today. To schedule a consultation with us click or call at 631-617-6001.